Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 49

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:07 AM

Chapter 49: I'm So Sour

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Chapter 49: I’m So Sour

Song Yaoyao was surprised that Song Wenchuan would oppose Huo Yunque because of her.

When she looked at Song Wenchuan again, she looked a little uncomfortable. Furrowing her brows, she asked in confusion, “Why are your thoughts so strange? Is Huo Ningxi that good? Would I go around in such a big circle just to pursue him?”

“Oh? You wouldn’t?”

Song Wenchuan sneered. Clearly, he assumed Song Yaoyao was making an excuse.

How could she stop liking someone just like that?

Even when she was timid, she bravely fought with Song Jingwan for Huo Ningxi, let alone now that her personality had changed.

“You can believe me if you want. Either way, I don’t like him.” Huo Ningxi couldn’t even fight against a girl; how was he supposed to protect his girlfriend?

He was complete trash!

Song Yaoyao rolled her eyes and walked off.


Song Wenchuan was furious. As he followed behind her, he asked, “If you don’t like him, then who do you like? His uncle? Song Yaoyao, you’re certainly brave. Each person you like is getting more difficult to pursue!”

“Oh?” Song Yaoyao paused and turned around in a dumbfounded manner. “Didn’t you hear him agree to go on a date with me?

“A date?”

Song Wenchuan stumbled. “Didn’t you trick him into agreeing?!”

“It worked. It’s none of your business what method I used?” Song Yaoyao said proudly as she held her head high.

Underneath the night sky, she was lively and full of vigor.

Song Wenchuan blinked and tightened the fist in his pocket. “I am your brother. How is it not my business? He is much older than you. If you are together, you will definitely get hurt.”

Song Yaoyao froze and lifted her gaze.

Song Wenchuan’s gaze was complex; it contained emotions that Song Yaoyao could not understand. Strangely, it made her think of her brother from her previous life. All of a sudden, her nose hurt a little.

She breathed in and turned to leave.

In an unhappy voice, she said, “But I like him. What can I do about it?

Was she supposed to push away the person she liked rather than pursue him? This was not her style.

“Your feelings certainly changed quickly.” Hearing her response, Song Wenchuan continued to question her, “By the way, you’re not from the same generation. How can you call him Gege when you won’t even call me by my name?”

His voice sounded sour. He was upset on the inside.

Initially, he was happy that she had grown tougher and she would no longer be bullied. But in the blink of an eye, what happened?

Song Wenchuan could not accept this sudden change!

Without turning back, Song Yaoyao was already walking up the stairs and waving her hand.

“You’re so silly. How does a lover compare to a brother?”

They’re different, of course~

Song Wenchuan: “…”

F*ck! I hate this!

Song Yaoyao and Song Wenchuan entered the mansion one after the other.

By now, the maids were already tidying the dining table.

Song Jingwan approached and asked worriedly, “Yaoyao, why are you home so late? Did you catch a taxi? Or—” She blinked and pretended to accidentally look outside.

The courtyard was empty so she breathed a sigh of relief.

Holding onto her cake, Song Yaoyao replied, “It’s exactly what you’re thinking.”

Her lips curved slightly and her voice was sweet.

When she noticed Song Jingwan tense up, her smiled increased.

She quickly looked at Song Wenchuan who had already passed them and walked inside.

“Auntie Liu, cook some more food for Yaoyao.”

“You’re not allowed!” Zhou Manli scoffed and turned her head as she held onto the television remote. “From now on, if you don’t come straight home after school, you can starve!”