Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 5

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:02:12 AM

Chapter 5

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Song Yaoyao lifted her head. The man was much taller than she was, so tall that she only reached the height of his chest. Earlier on, she had been so focused on crying that she didn’t notice his appearance until now. He had handsome features, black hair, and a pair of long narrow phoenix eyes that made him look amorous. On his body, he wore a long moon-colored Chinese-style robe, and he had a cold and prestigious presence that made him appear as though he had walked straight out of a painting.

Song Yaoyao’s mouth opened slightly and she subconsciously touched the red mole on her wrist. Only those that were familiar with her knew that she did this when she spotted something that she wanted.


Seeing that she was in a daze, Huo Yunque shook his head. “No answer? Then I’m leaving,” he said as he turned to leave.

Song Yaoyao immediately snapped back to reality. As she grabbed onto the man, she carefully stood on her tiptoes and leaned toward him.

In a soft voice, she said, “If you don’t want to apologize, you don’t have to… Instead, you can blow on it for me.”

This young lady was flirtatious, capricious, and narcissistic.

Huo Qi rolled his eyes and closed them. He couldn’t bear to watch what was to become of her.

Will Master Huo lose his patience and snap her neck? Huo Qi sighed. What a shame…

Huo Yunque glanced down. This girl sure knows how to take advantage of the situation and push her luck. He couldn’t be bothered playing along with her; her personality was too strange.

But just as he was about to pull himself away, he noticed the girl’s toes were beginning to shake. He could see right through her big watery eyes and saw her pitiful yet hopeful expression.

He pursed his lips gently. Before he realized what he was doing, he leaned forward and blew. One puff was all it took…


Song Yaoyao was satisfied. As she blushed, she lifted her hand to carefully touch her forehead. The spot where the man blew was numb and tingly.

It didn’t seem to hurt anymore.

Huo Yunque looked at the happy girl questioningly. Did he just go soft on her?

“I’m leaving.” Huo Yunque turned around coldly and strode away.

Just as he was about to disappear from her line of sight, Song Yaoyao suddenly remembered that she hadn’t introduced herself yet. “By the way! My name is Song Yaoyao! Gege1, you need to remember me~”


Huo Qi stumbled a little and almost pounced at the girl.

The corners of Huo Yunque’s lips twitched a little. In an indifferent manner, he glanced at Huo Qi and said, “If you’re tired, go swap with Huo Wu.”

Huo Qi suddenly looked sad, but he did not make a sound.

The two men walked upstairs quietly, one after the other. But Huo Qi happened to glance downstairs at the right time and was dumbfounded by what he saw. “Sir, what’s that girl doing? Is she lost?”

Huo Yunque glanced over lazily.

Downstairs, Song Yaoyao was scurrying down a small path that crisscrossed with another path. Down the sides, every path had the same greenery. Each time she felt she was walking the wrong way, she would walk down another path. After some time, even she didn’t realize that she was going in circles.

Huo Qi covered his eyes. He couldn’t bear to watch the girl.

He had met people with a bad sense of direction in the past — but never to this extent!



Huo Yunque clenched his fist and held it up to his lips. As his mouth curved upwards slightly, he instructed, “Show her the way out.”


Judging by her bad sense of direction, he was afraid that she’d still be starving the next day.

Huo Qi was surprised, but he bowed and said with respect, “Yes, I will do it right away!”

As soon as he was done speaking, he immediately ran downstairs. All of a sudden, he heard Huo Yunque’s voice behind him again, “Forget it, show her all the way to the restaurant.”

Thinking about the way that she wandered into his area, he had a feeling she wouldn’t know where the restaurant was even if they showed her the way out.

“Yes, I understand.”

Huo Qi’s response was calm, but inside, his mind was overwhelmed. When had Master Huo been this kind and caring?