Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 51

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:04 AM

Chapter 51: Not This Miss Song

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Chapter 51: Not This Miss Song

Song Wenchuan quickly realized that if he ignored them then he wouldn’t be annoyed by them. “You guys chat. I’m going back to my room to rest.”

He then turned around and opened a food ordering app on his phone.

As soon as Song Yaoyao returned to her room, the first thing she did was have a hot shower. When she came out of the bathroom, she turned on her computer and sat down at her desk.

The lights caged her in, causing her to appear petite.

Just as she picked up her cake, her Penguin Chat vibrated.

She bit her lip and puffed up her cheeks as she looked at her screen.

Meng Qiqi: Babe! The quality of the photos last time was great! I was live on the scene this time and captured a decent amount. Do you have time? Can you help me retouch some?

Song Yaoyao narrowed her eyes and typed three words.

It’s Yaoyao: Send them over.

Meng Qiqi: Okay!

Song Yaoyao downloaded the file, opened it up, and had a quick look like last time.

It’s Yaoyao: 200/photo, minimum 10. Send me half the amount as a deposit first.

Meng Qiqi: [Roll eyes] Babe, am I the type to run off without paying? Besides, when did you become a miser?

Meng Qiqi was famous for being rich in their fan club. Back when Luo Xinguang first debuted, she invested several hundreds of thousands on a billboard in Times Square and got them to play his dance video throughout the day.

It’s Yaoyao: I’m making money to support my lover. [serious.jpg]

Meng Qiqi: Wow! Understood!

After saying this, she quickly transferred half her payment.

Thus, Song Yaoyao began to retouch photos as she ate her cake.

She was very quick and particularly experienced at retouching photos as her fingers flew across the keyboard. Only every now and then, did she use the mouse to carefully draw a few strands of hair and eyebrows.

Meanwhile, downstairs…

It was cold at night so Zhou Manli had a shawl on her shoulders as she sat on the sofa and watched television.

At this time every night, Song Jingwan would accompany her mother without fail, even though she was not interested.

Ding dong—

The doorbell rang. Auntie Liu wiped her hands and poked her head out to have a look.

Zhou Manli was surprised. “It’s so late. Auntie Liu, see who’s outside.”

“Okay!” Auntie Liu replied before she stepped outside.

Song Jingwan’s eyes glowed and she felt a bit unsettled.

When Auntie Liu entered with the familiar face, her discomfort immediately increased.

She stood up with a swish, looked at Huo Qi in front of her, and her throat dried up.

At first, even though Song Yaoyao was close to Mr. Huo, Song Jingwan did not have high hopes for her. Their statuses were miles apart. In Song Jingwan’s mind, Mr. Huo would have to have really bad taste for him to be interested in Song Yaoyao.

But she was dumbfounded now.

“Hello, you are?”

Huo Qi smiled slightly. From the moment he stepped in, he had already analyzed the situation in the living room.

“Hi, Mrs. Song, my surname is Huo, Huo Qi. Because Miss Song went to the hospital to visit Elder Huo with Master Huo today, her dinnertime was delayed. The Master was worried that Miss Song would be hungry so he sent me here to deliver some food.”

As soon as she heard the surname Huo, Zhou Manli’s eyes lit up and she smiled. “Master Huo? Is it Ningxi? But visiting the hospital—” She looked at Song Jingwan questioningly. Her precious daughter returned home on time today.

Huo Qi smirked. “Not this Miss Song. The other one.”

Zhou Manli’s smile immediately disappeared. “Are you talking about Song Yaoyao?” she asked in shock.

In that case, which Master Huo was he referring to? Did the brat go on a date behind everyone’s back?

How could that be? She was planning to let Wanwan marry Ningxi!

“Yes,” Huo Qi nodded. “Has Miss Song had her dinner yet? This…”

He lifted the container and gestured that it was for Song Yaoyao.