Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 52

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:03 AM

Chapter 52: You Need To Eat Properly To Grow Taller

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“Oh, that one…” Zhou Manli’s lips twitched, “she’s upstairs.”

Song Jingwan gripped onto the hem of her shirt and quickly interrupted, “Mom, I’ll go call Song Yaoyao to come down!”

As soon as she said this, she smiled at Huo Qi and ran upstairs.

“That child…” Zhou Manli smiled dotingly. “Don’t mind her. So…the reason why Yaoyao was so late was because she was with Ningxi? Then, I don’t have to worry.”

Huo Ningxi?

Huo Qi raised an eyebrow and smiled. “It wasn’t Young Master Ningxi.” There was only one official Master Huo in the Huo Family. Had Mrs. Song not realized who he was referring to?

In that case, he didn’t mind making things clear for her. “She was with the master of our household, Young Master Ningxi’s Small Uncle.”

That was the true Master Huo! Huo Ningxi was not qualified to be compared to their Master.

“Oh, so it was… Wait! What did you say?”

Zhou Manli didn’t realize what was going on at first. As she smiled, her expression suddenly stiffened.

Master Huo? Huo Ningxi’s Small Uncle?

“That…” She smiled awkwardly as she looked at the man in disbelief. “Why would Master Huo and our Song Yaoyao—”

“That’s our Master’s private matter. As a subordinate, I have no idea,” Huo Qi replied casually. “Of course, if you’re really curious, you can always ask him yourself.”

This truly made Zhou Manli awkward. However, Huo Qi had been friendly and well-mannered from the start. So even though she had been faceslapped, she could only respond with a smile.

As soon as Song Jingwan reached the top of the stairs, her smile disappeared. She lifted her hand and knocked on Song Yaoyao’s door.

There was no response.

Whenever Song Yaoyao was immersed in something, it was hard for her to be disturbed by the outside world.

Only after she retouched all the photos and completed her deal by sending the files to Meng Qiqi did she finally breathe out and massage her tired fingers.

Knock knock! Knock knock knock—

Song Yaoyao rolled her eyes in annoyance. She then stood up and walked over to open the door.

Song Jingwan’s hand was met with emptiness, and she almost hit Song Yaoyao on the face.

“Song Jingwan, you better give me a good reason why you’re disturbing my rest.”

As she said this, she narrowed her eyes, moved her head to the side, and avoided Song Jingwan’s hand.

The bright light fell upon her small face, and there was a dark gloominess in her eyes.

When she was in a good mood, she didn’t mind teasing Song Jingwan. But right now, she simply wanted some quiet time to herself.

“Tch, someone brought you food. Is that a good enough reason?”

Song Jingwan glared at Song Yaoyao unhappily. Grinding her teeth, she walked past Song Yaoyao and said in a lowered voice, “Song Yaoyao, you’re certainly lucky!”

Someone brought her food?

Song Yaoyao’s eyes lit up and the gloominess on her face disappeared. Suddenly, she brushed past Song Jingwan and happily ran downstairs.

When she didn’t see Huo Yunque, Song Yaoyao was not disappointed.

She knew he wouldn’t personally come. But just seeing Huo Qi was enough to make her pleasantly surprised.

“Huo Qi! Did Gege tell you to come?~”

“Miss Song.”

Huo Qi nodded and handed the container to her.

“This is for you. I need to hurry back to the Huo Mansion, so I won’t stay for much longer.”

Song Yaoyao accepted the container. It was quite heavy.

She watched as Huo Qi nodded at Zhou Manli and Song Rui who had just come downstairs. He then turned and left. “Hey, didn’t Gege leave a message?” she asked as she pouted her lips.

When he heard this, Huo Qi actually stopped.

Tapping himself on the back of the head, he turned around and smiled, “I almost forgot. The Master told you that you need to eat properly to grow taller!”