Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 53

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:02 AM

Chapter 53: Fooling Around

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Chapter 53: Fooling Around

After speaking, he looked at Song Yaoyao’s sunken expression in satisfaction and left coolly.

Oh, what a good reaction~

Song Yaoyao held onto the container and ground her teeth.

Stupid Gege! He went too far!

Song Rui’s eyes twinkled. Adjusting his glasses, he asked, “Yaoyao, are you familiar with Master Huo?”

Song Wenchuan, who was just walking downstairs, paused.

All he heard was the girl’s sweet voice. “In what way?”

Zhou Manli wrapped herself in her shawl and analyzed Song Yaoyao carefully as though she didn’t recognize her own daughter.

“What’s going on between you and Ningxi? How did you get involved with Master Huo? Also, tonight, were you with Master Huo?”

Song Yaoyao did not like the self-confident tone she used when she questioned her.

She let out a laugh and curved her eyes, pretending to be innocent. “Yes, he’s the hooligan you were talking about. In other words, I didn’t come straight home after school because I was fooling around with Master Huo. Are you satisfied with this answer?”

Her voice was high-pitched at the end and she deliberately emphasized the two words, ‘fooling around’.

Zhou Manli glared at Song Yaoyao angrily, but when she saw the container in her hands, she quickly suppressed the fire burning inside of her.

Her cheeks were heating up like an invisible hand had slapped her on both sides, and they were burning in pain.

Song Jingwan saw everything and secretly bit her lower lip.

“Hooligan? Fooling around?”

Song Rui clearly furrowed his brows, and his face was frighteningly dark as he looked at Zhou Manli coldly.

“I…had no idea that she was with Master Huo.” Zhou Manli panicked and took a sneaky glance at Song Yaoyao. “Moreover, she returned without saying a word like she had done something guilty!”

Who knew she went to visit Elder Huo at the hospital with Master Huo!

Zhou Manli felt as though her head was filled with a paste and her brain was a coil of messy wires; it was a complete blur.

Seeing the awkward atmosphere, Song Wenchuan sneered, his eyes full of ridicule.

It was hard not to admit that his parents were truly frightening.

Song Yaoyao’s heart was clear; it was naturally impossible for her to develop any feelings of affection for them.

Her tone was indifferent. As she turned around with her container, she said, “You could have asked me. Didn’t you start scolding me as soon as you saw me? It was as though you didn’t give birth to me and I was your enemy. Since you already convicted me from the start, there was no reason for me to waste my breath explaining. After all, in your hearts, everything I do is wrong anyway. If that’s the case…”

Song Yaoyao turned around and her lips curved. Her eyes were empty and misty, but they gave off a sense of aggressiveness.

“…it’s none of your business what I do.”

“You… Stop right there, brat! How dare you speak to me like that? I…”

“Shut up!” Song Rui warned Zhou Manli fiercely as he furrowed his brows and watched Song Yaoyao disappear up the stairs and around the corner.

He lifted his hand to massage between his eyebrows. His temples seemed to be pulsing in pain.

“Fooling around with a hooligan? Is that something that a mother would say? If word got out about this, do you think she would be the embarrassed one? No! The entire Song Family would be embarrassed! So stupid; extremely stupid!”

He scolded a few words before his gaze swept across Song Yaoyao’s room on the second floor.

“I…” Zhou Manli had never been this embarrassed. As a result, her eyes turned red from the scolding. “Yes, yes, yes, I was stupid! But don’t assume that I don’t know what you’re thinking! Is that man someone that she can actually get close to? Aren’t you afraid that the entire Song Family will have to pay?”