Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 54

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:01:01 AM

Chapter 54: Garbage Picker

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Being exposed ruthlessly by his wife, Song Rui felt a little embarrassed.

Lowering his voice, he said, “Just remember to minimize such words in the future! If Master Huo hears these words, will you be able to handle the consequences?”

Zhou Manli’s face turned pale as she thought of this frightening outcome. She bit her lip and resisted saying anything else.


“Huh? What? Dad, did you call me?”

Song Jingwan, who was in a daze, lifted her head. Her face was pale as she smiled.

“You’re normally quite close to Yaoyao. Do you know when she got to know Master Huo?”

Faced with Song Rui’s interrogative gaze, Song Jingwan dug her nails into her palms. Looking as blank as usual, she shook her head. “I just remember that she was clinging to Master Huo at the mountain resort. I don’t know anything else. Also…” —she smiled bitterly— “Dad, Yaoyao has a lot of misunderstandings toward me so we’ve clearly drifted apart..”

With just a few words, she distanced herself from Song Yaoyao.

Of course, Song Rui believed his consistently outstanding daughter

He nodded his head and furrowed his brows. “Okay. Keep an eye on her from now on. If she meets with Master Huo again—”


Song Jingwan bit her lip and said quietly, “I think Mom has a point. How could Master Huo be interested in a girl that’s so much younger than him? Besides…Ningxi already knows about this and he had a huge argument with Yaoyao over it. If word gets out…”

Song Yaoyao was meant to marry the nephew. If she ended up with the uncle, then it would be a complete joke.

Song Rui consciously considered this point as well. He furrowed his brows and said, “Let me think this over.”

After saying this, he turned around and returned to his study room.

At this time, Auntie Liu entered with a delicately packaged paper bag. She looked at the three people in the dining room and asked curiously, “Who ordered takeaway?”

Zhou Manli’s gaze fell upon Song Wenchuan with a whoosh. “Great! You appear to be complying on the surface, but you’re actually opposing me on the inside! I’ve raised you for nothing!”

Song Wenchuan glanced indifferently at the paper bag in Auntie Liu’s hands. He then headed straight upstairs.

“Leave it there. Mom and Jingwan, if you want to eat it, you can give it a try.”

His indifferent gaze made Zhou Manli furious.

Meanwhile, Auntie Liu held onto the paper bag helplessly. “Madam, this—”

“What about that?!” Zhou Manli asked as she wrapped herself in her shawl. “I’m full from anger. How could I be in the mood to eat? Throw it out! I feel frustrated looking at it!”

Why was it so hard to deal with Song Yaoyao?

This brat was indeed born to jinx her. Not only did she have an unlucky appearance, she didn’t do anything she liked!

After she returned to her bedroom, Song Jingwan was the only person left in the living room.

Auntie Liu felt that throwing out the food would be a waste, so she asked, “Big Miss, do you want to eat some?”


As soon as she spoke, the girl broke into laughter.

Auntie Liu lifted her eyes in confusion and met Song Jingwan’s amused gaze. Her lips curved upwards and she said in ridicule, “Auntie Liu, didn’t you hear what Mom said? Eating this kind of garbage will make me fat…”

After saying this, she left casually.

Why should she eat something that Song Yaoyao wasn’t eating? She wasn’t a garbage picker!

The wind from the front door was cold. Inside the empty living room, Auntie Liu shivered.

Why did the Big Miss seem different?