Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 55

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:00:58 AM

Chapter 55: Earth’s Ideal

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Late at night, inside a high-end residential estate.

Luo Xinguang buried himself in his sofa after a long day of work. His makeup-free face looked clearly pale and exhausted.

He rolled up on the sofa, casually logged onto Weibo, and accidentally clicked on a post.

#Earth’sIdealLuoXinguang #FlourishingBeautyLuoXinguang New photos from the stage are up~ Come enjoy 365 degrees of our Gege’s flawless beauty! I’m about to faint! He’s too amazing onstage! I’m completely speechless! [Album attached]

Luo Xinguang laughed. Just as he lowered his eyes and planned to click out of the post, his gaze fell upon the photos.

Countless dazzling lights fell upon his body as the lens pierced through tens of thousands of figures and focused on him while he concentrated on his dance.

As he danced, hair and flying beads of sweat were frozen in the frame, and it appeared as though there was fire in his eyes.

From a motionless photo, he actually felt the passion and emotions.

Outsiders were drawn to the crowd, but those from within the industry were drawn to skills.

Luo Xinguang, who had almost been in the entertainment industry for 5 years, had long developed his own standards for beauty. These photos used the same filter, but they had a real yet dreamy effect; the photos weren’t casually retouched and filtered to the point where one’s jawline was just a blur.

“The retoucher has decent skills…”

He raised an eyebrow. By the time he realized what was happening, he had already clicked the download button.

The next day, the weather was rainy, so the temperature dropped.

Song Yaoyao put down her backpack and sat at the dining table.

After last night, Song Rui and Zhou Manli’s attitude became a little strange. Song Yaoyao could see the hatred in Zhou Manli’s eyes, but the strange thing was, she was actually suppressing it.

“Good morning, Yaoyao!” Song Jingwan said gently.

After a good night’s sleep, Song Yaoyao was refreshed.

She turned her head and grinned at Song Jingwan. “Good morning, Big Sis~”

Crack! Song Yaoyao couldn’t control her strength and crushed an egg in her hand.

“Oh…I’m sorry, I was too strong,” Song Yaoyao apologized sincerely as her lips curved upwards.

Song Jingwan’s eyelids twitched. She pursed her lips and shook her head. “That’s fine.”

Zhou Manli scanned her eyes across the crushed egg that was returned to its plate and took a deep breath.

Song Rui glanced at her.

“Clumsy,” Song Wenchuan said coldly as he casually placed a freshly peeled boiled egg on Song Yaoyao’s plate.

When Song Jingwan saw this, she bit her lower lip and whined unhappily, “Brother, you’re so biased! I want you to peel me one too~”

“Come, Wanwan, don’t be unhappy. I’ll peel you one.”

Seeing that her precious daughter was unhappy, Zhou Manli quickly tried to comfort her.

Song Wenchuan raised his eyebrows. He casually picked up an egg, peeled it, and placed it on Song Jingwan’s plate.

“Eat more. You need nutrients to grow taller.”

He then grabbed two tissues to wipe his hands and looked at the sullen Song Yaoyao. When he saw her biting her egg like she had a huge grudge against it, amusement appeared in his eyes and he stood up.

“I’m going to go to the office first. You two be nice to each other.” As he lowered his head, he happened to gaze into Song Jingwan’s eyes. “Okay? Jingwan?”

The man’s charming eyes looked at her questioningly. Song Jingwan quickly revealed a smile. “Of course, you can go to work without any worries. I will behave.”

Song Wenchuan’s lips curved upwards, but it wasn’t clear what he was thinking. “I trust you,” he said.

He then raised his hand. When she saw this, Song Jingwan’s smiled increased. Just as she was about to lean in, Song Wenchuan’s hand fell upon Song Yaoyao’s head and he rubbed it hard…