Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 56

Published at 27th of February 2021 09:00:57 AM

Chapter 56: Classmate, You’re So Delicate

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“Hey!” Song Yaoyao glared at him with puffed-up cheeks, “You’re so annoying!”

Her soft, fluffy hair was nice to touch, but Song Wenchuan messed it up until it looked like a chicken’s nest.

Paired with her big, dark, complaining eyes, Song Wenchuan was overloaded with cuteness.

“Be good~”

Song Yaoyao ignored his gentle tone as she rolled her eyes with annoyance.

She appeared to be annoyed, but their method of interaction actually made Song Jingwan grit her teeth.

When did Song Yaoyao and Song Wenchuan become so close?

At that time, she looked at the plate of boiled eggs again and felt a complex mix of emotions. Even towards Song Wenchuan, she now felt a sense of resentment.

When Song Wenchuan turned his head, he happened to notice her gaze.

He pulled his hand back and looked down.

“I’m going to work.”

After Song Wenchuan left, Song Yaoyao finished the last bite of her breakfast, lifted her glass of milk, and drank it in one go. She then grabbed her backpack and headed toward the door.

“I’m done. You guys can continue to eat slowly.”

Song Jingwan bit her lip. As she watched Song Yaoyao follow Song Wenchuan out, she stood up and chased after her.

“I’m also done. Mom, Dad, bye.”

“Stay safe!” Zhou Manli reminded as she ran after her.

Song Jingwan waved her hand and followed Song Yaoyao out.

A helper was already waiting outside with an umbrella. A thick fog covered the sky and it was still a little dark like it was still 4-5am in the morning.

On the way to school, Song Jingwan frowned and did not say a word. Meanwhile, Song Yaoyao was relaxed and happy.

After they arrived, they separated and went to their respective classrooms.

“Precious Yaoyao~ Good morning!”

As soon as Song Yaoyao walked through the door, her eyes fell upon a beautifully dazzling face. When she smiled, it seemed to light up the room.

“Good morning~” She waved her hand and smiled at Tang Xinrou.

“Quick! Explain yourself!”

The moment that Song Yaoyao sat down, Tang Xinrou immediately grabbed onto her and started chatting with her.

“I heard you beat up Huo Ningxi outside the school gates yesterday.”

“Uh huh.”

Song Yaoyao nodded calmly as she pulled out her textbook.

“F*ck…” Tang Xinrou was shocked. She had left early the previous day and she regretted it at this moment. If she had known, she would have stayed back to watch the show.

“Why did you hit him? What was the reason? Didn’t he retaliate? Were you hurt?”

As Tang Xinrou spoke, she was a bit handsy, and this made Song Yaoyao a little uncomfortable.

Like a frightened bunny, she leaned back in her chair and covered her chest, “Stop being so handsy. I’m scared!”

As Tang Xinrou looked into her big round eyes, the evilness in her gaze grew and she rubbed her hands together. “Hehe, we’re both girls. What are you afraid of? Come, let me give you a hug!”

“No! You female hooligan!”

Song Yaoyao glared at her and retreated. Her back pressed against the edge of the desk behind her and she couldn’t retreat any further.

At this time, someone pulled back the desk behind her. Caught by surprise, she tumbled backward.


Her back hit the hard desk and tears of pain immediately poured out.

It was extremely painful!

“You b*st*rd!”

She held back her tears, turned around fiercely, clenched her fists, and glared at the culprit as she gritted her teeth.

A youth with hostility in his eyes leaned lazily against the wall and looked at Song Yaoyao sleepily.

When he saw her tears, he burst into laughter and said in a roguish tone, “Classmate, you’re so delicate…”

The structure of this sentence was really familiar.

Han Jun rolled his eyes and looked at the frivolous Shen Xun.

Is Brother Xun lowering himself to the point of bullying a girl?