Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 62

Published at 28th of February 2021 03:15:08 PM

Chapter 62: 62

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The autumn rain made the temperature colder.

After school, it was storming and most of the students were trapped inside.

Before leaving home earlier, Song Yaoyao had brought a knitted cardigan, but even with it on, it was still cold.

She shivered like a cat that was afraid of the cold and tried to retract her head into her collar.

“Oh…I hate rainy days!”

Tang Xinrou lay on her desk listlessly and looked out at the stormy weather in a daze. The raindrops fell against the window, creating a loud noise.

Song Yaoyao rubbed her arms and turned around to look at Shen Xun. She then stood up and walked out.

The weather was too cold, so there was no one in the corridor outside. Students who were waiting for the rain to lighten were staying inside the classroom to avoid the cold; no one was stupid enough to go outside and endure it.

The classroom was a mess. Some were playing games, some were gossiping, and some were playing with their phones. No one noticed that the two people were missing.


Shen Xun grabbed his hair and smirked as he glanced over. “Song Yaoyao, it’s not too late to plead for mercy. After all, I can’t hit my girlfriend, right?”

Song Yaoyao gave him a look, “Little underling, stop talking.”

In her mind, Shen Xun was already a defeated opponent.

“Ha…are you being serious? Are you really crazy or pretending to be crazy? Your petite figure can’t handle even one punch from—”

“Hello? Yes, you don’t have to pick me up. I brought an umbrella and will be down when the rain is lighter.”

Before Shen Xun finished speaking, he was interrupted by a voice behind him.

Huo Ningxi put away his phone and his gaze fell upon the two people standing in the corridor.

Shen Xun was roughly 1.8m tall and he had his hands lazily in his pockets. When he saw Huo Ningxi, he raised his eyebrows.

“What are you doing here?”

Huo Ningxi ignored him as he leaned against the handrail and asked Song Yaoyao, “Are you fighting now? Do you mind having an extra spectator?”

The girl was only 1.6m tall. Next to the tall Shen Xun, she was like a fragile porcelain doll. Her neck was shrunk due to the cold and the tip of her nose was red, making her look comical and adorable.

Song Yaoyao slowly clenched her fists. “You can even join if you want. I don’t mind.”

“Wow! Song Yaoyao, that’s too much!” Shen Xun pretended to be aggrieved as he pointed at Huo Ningxi. “How can you let him join something that’s meant to be between the two of us?”

Huo Ningxi’s back was still a little painful. With a sneer, he said, “No, thanks. I’m not interested in your quarrel.”

He just wanted to be a spectator in peace.

Of course, the main reason why he was here was to see Song Yaoyao being humiliated. How dare she provoke Shen Xun? She was bound to beg for mercy.

“But I’m interested in your fiancee.” Shen Xun stretched his lips in amusement. “If I win, then she will be mine.”

This guy was so persistent…

Song Yaoyao’s expression sunk. “I never agreed.”

Huo Ningxi glanced at Song Yaoyao in ridicule. “Song Yaoyao, I’ve certainly underestimated you. You sure have your tricks. In that case, I wish you a long and lasting relationship!”

This was better than her ruining his Small Uncle’s life.

Initially, Huo Ningxi didn’t care what Song Yaoyao did around his Small Uncle because he was sure no woman would ever be worthy of him and he would never be interested in any of them.

But his Small Uncle’s recent actions had him confused.

Shen Xun grinned, “Thanks!”

But as soon as he spoke, everything in front of him turned into a blur.

Song Yaoyao had already rushed toward him like a cannon. Before Shen Xun could react, Song Yaoyao had knocked him to the ground and her punches fell like the rain.

Without holding back at all, her every hit aimed for his face!