Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 68

Published at 3rd of March 2021 03:05:04 PM

Chapter 68: 68

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“Oh my God…Madam, Big Miss, how are you?!”

Auntie Liu immediately rushed over, “Someone come! Help the Madam and the Big Miss up!”

“Oh…my hip…”

Zhou Manli scrunched her face as she hissed and held her hip in pain. It was so painful that her eyes became teary.

“Wanwan, my baby, are you okay?” She glanced at Song Jingwan. There was a bruise on her forehead and her entire body was soaking wet.

Song Jingwan trembled in pain and burst into tears. “Mom…it hurts…”

“Auntie Liu! Hurry and call Dr. Liu!”

Zhou Manli ignored her own pain as she comforted Song Jingwan and glanced at the unscathed Song Yaoyao. Immediately, her expression sank.

“You jinx! Nothing good you say ever comes true, only the bad stuff. I must be enduring 8 lifetimes of unluckiness to have given birth to you!”

Song Yaoyao paused, turned her head, and laughed in ridicule. “What a joke. Didn’t I already warn you?”

Neither of them wore anti-slip shoes and the helpers cleaned this area until it was spotless every day. After the rain, it was only normal for it to be slippery; it had nothing to do with what Song Yaoyao said.

All her life, she had been praised countless times for being lucky, and people often told her that she was blessed by buddha.

This was the first time someone called her a jinx.

“How dare you argue back! You’re eating my food and living under my roof. If you’re so good, then get lost…”

Song Jingwan’s eyes darkened and she looked at Song Yaoyao.

Song Yaoyao looked in ridicule at Zhou Manli as she pointed at the gate. She curved her eyes and shrugged casually.


After she was done speaking, she carried her backpack and walked out the front gate, right in front of Song Jingwan’s fiery gaze. Without turning back, she said casually, “If I’m really a jinx, then I hope everyone that dislikes me will disappear from this world. I wonder if that will come true…”

Her voice rose in the end and she let out a laugh as soon as she was done talking.

Zhou Manli’s expression was dark and gloomy. She gritted her teeth and watched as Song Yaoyao disappeared out the front gate. She scoffed and commanded her domestic helpers to support Song Jingwan into the house.

“Mom…Yaoyao…” Song Yaoyao carefully tugged on her.

“You don’t have to worry about this. As for you guys…”—Zhou Manli looked at the helpers—”if someone goes to look for her, they can leave as well!”

How dare she argue with her?

She fed her, clothed her, and supported her. Wasn’t she allowed to criticize her a little?

Zhou Manli did not think she was wrong at all. Did she give birth to Song Yaoyao so she could argue with her?

“But Mom, Yaoyao’s outside and she has nowhere to go… What will happen if she encounters a problem…?” Song Jingwan curved her lips secretly, but she had a worried tone and her gaze was timid.

“Don’t worry about her. How far can she get without money? When she comes back, I’m going to make her kneel and apologize! If I don’t teach her a lesson, she will forget who she’s depended on to survive!”

Song Jingwan furrowed her brows and gently nodded. “O-okay…”

“You’re always so merciful. Lucky I have you, or I would eventually die from anger.”

Zhou Manli limped into the house in an extremely bad mood as she wondered why Song Yaoyao wasn’t the one that had fallen instead of her precious Wanwan…

Just as she thought this, she suddenly panicked. Before she had the time to react, she slipped and slammed into the door frame.