Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 72

Published at 5th of March 2021 03:05:04 PM

Chapter 72: 72

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Chapter 72: Gege, Hold Onto Me

“So, Gege, can you take me in?”

The young woman blinked her almond eyes and stammered. Her dark eyes were moist and she appeared as though she was ready to cry at any moment if he disagreed.


Huo Yunque turned around. “I’ll take you to the hotel.”

But this was such a good opportunity. If Song Yaoyao let him slip out of her hands, then she wouldn’t be Song Yaoyao.

So, she quickly chased after Huo Yunque and grabbed his hand.

Her voice was soft and her expression was pitiful.

“But I’ll be scared in the hotel on my own!”

“People suicide in hotels every year. What if I go to the toilet in the middle of the night and I see something terrifying in the bathroom mirror?”

“Also! I read in the news that a girl was harassed by a drunkard in the hotel. I’m so pretty; I will definitely become a target for the bad guys! Gege, can you bear to leave me alone?”

“Huhuhu…if that’s the case, then I’d rather return to the fast-food restaurant and sit there all night. Huhuhu…”

Huo Yunque pressed his lips together. It was hard not to laugh at Song Yaoyao’s words.

His eyebrows twitched. The hand holding his was very strong. It appeared as though she was afraid of being abandoned. As her words became more and more ridiculous, Huo Yunque sighed.

“Stop crying.”

“Huhuhu…I’m so pitiful… Even Gege won’t take me in.”

She lowered her head while she grabbed onto Huo Yunque with one hand and wiped her face with the other, her shoulder quivering.

Passersby looked at them with curiosity.

Eventually, Huo Yunque’s head hurt from the crying and his heart was a mess.

“Fine, I’ll take you in. Stop crying…”

“Oh? Really?!”

If he didn’t agree, then she would continue crying on the street.


“Yay!! That’s great!!”

The crying girl quickly lifted her head and her dark eyes sparkled like stars. She was so happy that there was no trace of tears left on her face.

“I love Gege the most!!”

Ignoring the rain, she happily pounced into Huo Yunque’s arms.

Caught by surprise, Huo Yunque stumbled back a little. He had no choice but to place his arms around her shoulders and frown.

“Song Yaoyao—” his throat twitched and his phoenix eyes narrowed.

A dangerous vibe filled the air.

All of a sudden, Song Yaoyao lifted her head. A bright smile appeared on her delicate face as she made hearts with her hands. “I love Gege the most~ Saranghae[1]~”

Her dimples were deep as she smiled sweetly, and the night lights reflected in her eyes, looking more dazzling than the Milky Way.

In an instant, Huo Yunque forgot what he wanted to say.

Forget it…

He sighed. “Song Yaoyao, walk properly.”

Song Yaoyao’s eyes curved. “OK~ Gege, hold onto me!”

She stretched her hand out of the long sleeves of the coat and tried to grab his finger. Seeing that he didn’t reject her, she secretly covered her mouth as she smiled like a kitten that had just stolen a fish.

The night was endless and cold.

As the petite girl covered herself with the big coat and followed the broad-shouldered man, the night didn’t feel so cold anymore.

The Huo Family Home was a European-styled manor with a huge land size. At the main entrance, it had an exquisitely embossed and carved black gate. As soon as they entered the courtyard, there was plenty of greenery and an angel water fountain.

As it was a place where the Huo Family had lived for many generations, the architectural style was still from decades ago. But this was exactly the reason why the manor looked so luxurious and grand.

[1] “I love you” in Korean.