Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 74

Published at 10th of March 2021 02:35:13 PM

Chapter 74

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But he had no idea that the current Song Yaoyao was no longer the pitiful Song Yaoyao that no one loved and cared about.

Hidden underneath her seemingly delicate, weak, and dopey appearance, was an unscrupulous soul that had been spoiled all her life!

She slowly approached Huo Ningxi, and in front of the domestic helpers, she reached out and grabbed his collar.

She raised her leg, bent her knee, and ruthlessly kicked him…


Huo Ningxi’s face immediately swelled and turned red like a pig liver. He stared at Song Yaoyao in disbelief and reached out to cover his stomach, “Song Yaoyao, how dare you…”

Song Yaoyao smiled slightly, looking really sweet.

“There may be things in this world that I can’t do, but there is absolutely nothing I dare not do.”

She bent her knees slightly, rested her hands on her knees, and looked down at Huo Ningxi who was squatting on the ground, and her lips lightly hooked, “Besides, I repeat, I don’t like you. I don’t like you at all. If you dare to overestimate yourself again next time, please remember…”—she gently patted his shoulder with her hand—”I will hit you every time I see you.”


And I won’t show mercy.

“OK, that’s great! You said it!” Huo Ningxi gritted his teeth and looked into Song Yaoyao’s calm eyes as though he had lost something. Was this still the same girl that brought him an umbrella when it rained, handed him water when he played sports, and blushed whenever he took the slightest glance at her?

He sneered. “How dare you provoke my Small Uncle then? Aren’t you afraid of dying without a trace?”

Song Yaoyao stood up and gently patted her skirt.

She looked at Huo Ningxi and smiled. “Actually, death isn’t that scary.”

With the beep from a heart monitor, all senses would be lost immediately, and the body would become very light. After that, it would begin to drift away…

The girl’s skin was pale without any life, yet her eyes were big and her lips were red. When her lips curved upward and she looked at him with amusement, Huo Ningxi felt his head go numb.


Did he run into a ghost?!

One was the Master’s special guest, and the other was the family’s Young Master.

As the two argued, the domestic helpers, who were practically at the bottom of the food chain, looked at each other. They didn’t know whether to step in and stop them, or watch without doing anything.

While they were still hesitating, Uncle Zhang entered with a beautiful woman. She was dressed in a suit and a pair of 3cm black high heels.

It was the typical appearance for an office worker, but due to the attractive curves on her body, she looked unmistakenly mature.

“What’s wrong?”

A man’s voice sounded from upstairs. He had changed into a set of loungewear and his coldness had faded quite a bit. The lights even made him appear gentle.

Just as he finished talking, a delicate girl pounced into his arms.

She held back her tears and looked aggrieved as she pointed at Huo Ningxi.

“Gege, he tried to harass me!”

“F*ck off! No one would want to harass you!”

Huo Ningxi’s eyes opened wide and he jumped up in shock. Ignoring the pain around his stomach, he looked at Song Yaoyao helplessly.

“Can you get any faker, Song Yaoyao? Why would I harass a malnourished body that resembles a bean sprout?”

“What about verbal harassment? Gege~”

Song Yaoyao tugged on Huo Yunque’s sleeve and humphed. “He said I got close to you because I like him and I was using you to get together with him. Is that something that a human would say?”

“Were you, though?”