Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 77

Published at 10th of March 2021 02:35:10 PM

Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Quite Good At Enduring

Jiang Tao clenched her fists and took a deep breath as she maintained her smile. “Yes, Miss Song.”

Song Yaoyao curved her eyes and went in to enjoy a half-hour long hot water bath. One hour later, she finished applying body lotion and came out. When she saw Jiang Tao standing in the same spot, she smiled sweetly.

“Jiang Tao, help me dry my hair~~ My arm gets tired when I raise it for too long~”

“Okay, Miss Song.”

No matter what Song Yaoyao requested, Jiang Tao did not reveal any trace of displeasure, making Song Yaoyao appear like an unreasonable and arrogant miss.

After her hair was dry, Song Yaoyao brushed her hair and suddenly said, “Oh, that’s right, I haven’t tidied up the bathroom yet. Before you leave, can you clean it? The floor is still wet, if I use the bathroom in the middle of the night, I might slip~”

She turned her head and stared straight at Jiang Tao with her dark eyes.

They were clear, pure, and switched-on.

Jiang Tao suddenly discarded her displeasure and nodded her head.

But, as soon as she entered the bathroom, her gaze immediately turned cold.

Did this little brat really think she was Mrs. Huo?

She was unhappy deep down, but she had no choice but to listen to Song Yaoyao.

The bathroom was really big. It was unclear how, but Song Yaoyao somehow managed to cover the entire bathroom in water and soapsuds.

As someone that normally took care of a high-class family, Jiang Tao had never done anything this laborious.

She mopped the floor, cleaned the bathtub, and wiped the walls. By the time she came back out, half an hour had already passed.

The light in the bedroom was dim, and the girl was lying in the middle of the big soft bed. Her face was rosy from the heater, and she was sleeping soundly.

For a brief moment, Jiang Tao had a frightening thought.

If she covered her face with a quilt while she was sleeping, what would happen?

She quickly dismissed it; she scared herself with this thought. Pursing her lip, she quickly left the room.

After she closed the bedroom door, the sleeping Song Yaoyao slowly opened her eyes.

Her empty and misty eyes did not look sleepy at all.

“You’re quite good at enduring…”

Song Yaoyao let out a laugh and buried herself deeper in the quilt.

If she set her eyes on someone, she would never let anyone else covet them, even if she didn’t want them anymore.

The night was peaceful. The phone in Song Yaoyao’s backpack had automatically shut off and she was lying in bed quietly.

Inside one of the VIP rooms at the hospital, Song Rui was furious.

“Zhou Manli! You are really out of your mind! Children may not understand, but you should know better!”

No matter how much he disliked the depressing girl, he never considered kicking her out; they could still afford to feed her.

Not to mention now that she had changed quite a lot…

“Who knows where she went. It’s not like she doesn’t have money. She probably ran off to book a hotel room. What’s there to worry about?” Zhou Manli’s face was pale as she lay in bed.

She had visited the bathroom between 10-20 times and she was completely exhausted.

Her body was in pain and her mind was buzzing.


The door opened and Song Wenchuan walked in unhappily.

“I’ve asked around, no hotel in the city has any information regarding Yaoyao.”


Song Rui’s expression changed. “Hurry and send more people to look for her. If something embarrassing happens to her, the Song Family will be humiliated.”


Song Wenchuan looked at Song Rui and the unfazed Zhou Manli in disappointment, shook his head and sneered.

“At a time like this, all you think about is the Song Family’s image. Aren’t you worried that a petite little girl may have encountered some kind of problem this late at night? What if she’s being harassed by gangsters?!”