Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 78

Published at 8th of March 2021 02:40:06 PM

Chapter 78: 78

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Song Jingwan’s eyes were swollen from all her crying. Sobbing, she apologized, “If you want to blame someone, then blame me. I didn’t stop Yaoyao, that’s why she is in danger. Sorry… I’m really sorry, huhu…”

“Wanwan, don’t cry. That brat wanted to leave on her own accord. We couldn’t stop her. What does that have to do with you?” Zhou Manli quickly held onto her hand and patted it.

Song Wenchuan tugged off his tie and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

Laughing in anger, he said, “If something actually happens to her, do you think you’ll get off scot-free? Jingwan, I always thought a girl with evil intentions couldn’t possibly be that bad. Don’t forget that Yaoyao is your sister.”

After saying this, he turned around, threw open the door, and left.

“Brother…” Song Jingwan chased after him anxiously. But as the door shut in her face, a sinister look appeared in her eyes.

She sniffed and began to sob quietly.

It rained for an entire night and remained gloomy the next day, causing the weather to get colder and colder.

Knock knock knock—

“Miss Song, are you awake?”

The door opened and the neatly-dressed Song Yaoyao greeted Jiang Tao with a smile. “Good morning, Sister Jiang Tao~”

Hearing her suddenly soften her voice and greet her sister politely, Jiang Tao was slightly taken aback.

Without changing her expression, she nodded her head gently. “Good morning.”

“Is Gege awake?” Song Yaoyao quickly started running downstairs.

“The Master usually wakes up early, but only the Young Master is in the dining room at the moment. The Master doesn’t like eating breakfast. At this time of day, he should be in the greenhouse,” Jiang Tao explained gently as though she was really familiar with Huo Yunque.

Song Yaoyao tilted her head. “Oh? Really? Then can you call him for me? I want to eat breakfast with him!”

The young lady had a beautiful appearance like a blooming flower, and when she smiled, it was dazzling.

Jiang Tao’s eyes darted as she said with doubt, “But the Master never eats breakf—”

“That’s because the right person hasn’t appeared”—Song Yaoyao smiled—”but things are different now.”

“Please notify Gege that I am waiting in the dining room and tell him to hurry~ Remember, if he doesn’t come, then I won’t eat!” the girl’s pleasant voice danced like a musical note as her slim figure disappeared down the spiral staircase.

How childish and spoiled.

Jiang Tao clenched her fists. After some time, she finally walked downstairs and headed outside.

Even from a far distance, Jiang Tao could already see the peerless figure among the rare flowers.

The man was dressed in a turtleneck sweater, and the moist air created a mist around his eyes that made him appear extra handsome and attractive, like a gentle breeze under the clear moon.

Who could believe that the Master of the Huo Household—a man that could cause global economic unrest with just a stomp of his feet—was so young.

Her heart raced and she tried to control her fluctuating emotions as she headed toward the greenhouse.

“Sir…” Her voice contained an inconcealable sense of anticipation as she hoped for him to turn and look at her.

However, the result was destined to disappoint her.


The man was extremely cold. It was as though all his patience was already given to the flowers in the greenhouse as he leaned over and pruned some leaves.

Her fingers curled. “Miss Song is awake.”


In the corner of the greenhouse, a Chinese rose was blooming, and the petals from one flower were cascading and wilting.

He casually cut it off, lowered his head, and played with it in his hand.

“She asked you to have breakfast with her. If you don’t go, then she won’t eat…”

After saying this, Jiang Tao’s lips curved upward inconspicuously.

The Master hated people that were spoiled and took advantage of others.