Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 79

Published at 9th of March 2021 02:35:10 AM

Chapter 79: 79

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Jiang Tao assumed that Song Yaoyao was bound to be kicked out for acting the way that she did!

Never did she imagine that as soon as she finished speaking, a chuckle would echo through the greenhouse.

Huo Yunque threw his pruners aside, and the mist around his eyes suddenly cleared.

“So spoiled…”

He shook his head and strode past Jiang Tao.

Not once did he take a look at her.


Jiang Tao’s legs became weak and she quickly supported herself against a shelf. “How is this possible?” she mumbled.

Not only was the Master not angry, he even had a doting expression on his face.

Where did things go wrong?

Meanwhile, Huo Ningxi couldn’t be bothered taking a single glance at Song Yaoyao. He turned his body, pulled out his phone, and started messaging.

nx: Did Song Yaoyao run away from home?

Wanwan: Huh? No… How’s that possible? Yaoyao is eating at home right now [cute].

nx: Then, am I sitting opposite a ghost?

Huo Ningxi rolled his eyes, took a photo, and sent it over.


Song Jingwan’s hand trembled and she dropped her spoon on the table, splattering her congee everywhere.

“Jingwan, what’s wrong?” Song Rui furrowed his brows. He was in a bad mood because he had heard no news about Song Yaoyao all night.

“I…” Song Jingwan took a deep breath as her hands trembled. “It’s nothing…”

Before she finished speaking, her phone was torn from her hands.

Song Wenchuan knitted his brows as he looked at the conversation that was taking place. He couldn’t help but look at Song Jingwan with disappointment. “What’s this? Are you deliberately hiding news about Song Yaoyao?”

“I…” Song Jingwan anxiously tried to grab back her phone as her eyes turned red. “Brother, how can you invade my privacy! That’s such a hateful thing to do!”

“What news? Does Jingwan know where Yaoyao is?”

Song Rui narrowed his eyes as he scanned his eyes across Song Jingwan.

“Dad…I…I didn’t know how to bring it up.” Song Jingwan almost ground her teeth into powder. In a quiet voice, she continued, “It appears as though Yaoyao is with Ningxi. I—”

“That’s great!”

Song Rui breathed a sigh of relief in joy.

“Where is she right now? Chuan, go get her.”

Song Jingwan’s expression froze. She lowered her head as her anger soared.


“Brother…” Song Jingwan quickly called Song Wenchuan back with a crazy look in her eyes. “Even if you go get her, I bet she won’t come back with you.

“She likes Ningxi so much! This opportunity didn’t come by easily. She’s not going to give up! It’s just a shame that she used Mr. Huo to get close to him. If Mr. Huo finds out that she’s with Ningxi…”—she laughed—”I wonder what will happen.”

“What did you say…?” Song Rui suddenly sat up and his eyes opened wide.

“Song Yaoyao, when are you leaving?”

“Is that any of your business?” Song Yaoyao swung her legs. “If you don’t like seeing me, then you should talk to Gege about it~”

“How shameless! My Small Uncle is so much older than you, yet you—”


Song Yaoyao turned her head and just so happened to see the person that she wanted to see. Her voice immediately became sweet and soft.

Huo Ningxi ground his teeth. What a difference!

“Sit properly.”

Huo Yunque held down her leaning chair and sat down beside her. “Eat.”

“Okay~” Song Yaoyao said obediently.

Suddenly…she spotted something red and asked excitedly, “Gege, is that flower for me?”

Huo Yunque knocked on the table casually. “No.”

But when he first saw this flower, a vibrant and beautiful face did indeed come to mind.


Song Yaoyao pouted her lips and slowly crept her hand across the table. Then, like a thief, she quickly stole the flower from the man.

“Well, it’s mine now~”