Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 81

Published at 10th of March 2021 02:30:06 AM

Chapter 81: 81

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Loyal subordinates carried out his every command.

And Huo Ningxi understood better than anyone, that he had no right to criticize his decision just like he said.

In fact, he couldn’t show even a sliver of anger in front of the man. He was too afraid.

Once a person reached a certain level of power, other people would not have the courage to retaliate against them.

Song Yaoyao boarded the car and discovered that Huo Ningxi was abnormally quiet.

She scratched her chin and reminded him curiously, “Huo Ningxi, Gege’s not around now. You can say what you want to say.”

Huo Ningxi did not look pleased. “Shut up!”

He didn’t want to talk to the brat that had seduced his Small Uncle.

Song Yaoyao: “Huh?”

Wasn’t he opposing her anymore?


How boring.

They remained silent all the way until the school gates. Through a thin layer of fog, Song Yaoyao spotted two familiar figures.

“Huo Ningxi!”

Song Yaoyao narrowed her eyes and shook her fist. “Did you tell them?”

As he looked into her dark eyes, Huo Ningxi actually felt a rare sense of guilt. He touched his nose and mumbled, “What does this have to do with me? F*ck, hurry and get out of the car, Song Yaoyao!!”

Suddenly, a hand grabbed onto his collar and pulled him forward until he stopped in front of the girl’s face.

She looked at him with a threatening gaze. “Regardless of whether you said it or not, get out of the car right now! No matter what you need to do, help me shoo Song Jingwan away.”

She hadn’t even gotten her Gege’s contact number yet. How could she leave?

“You… Why should I?” Huo Ningxi ground his teeth.

Song Yaoyao sneered and pushed him away.

“Gege must have said something to you, right? Either you listen to me or I will tell Gege that you bullied me when we get home. Your choice.”


Huo Ningxi had a complicated gaze. “Song Yaoyao, do you have any shame?”

She was quite attractive, but why did she act so inhumanely?

Song Yaoyao crossed her arms and leaned back casually.

Her expression. Her posture.

She didn’t care who he was.

Outside, Song Jingwan had already spotted the car and had approached to knock on the window.


Huo Ningxi wiped his face, gritted his teeth, and spat out a few words, “I gotta give it to you!”

He quickly pushed open the door, climbed out, and greeted Song Jingwan casually, “Why are you so early today?”

Song Jingwan’s gaze wandered as she nodded her head inattentively. “Yes, I have a bit of an issue,” she said as she pointed at Song Wenchuan. “Ningxi, where’s Yaoyao. Have you seen her?”


For a brief moment, Huo Ningxi really wanted to answer straightforwardly: the person you’re looking for is sitting inside my car!

But did he dare? The brat was so shameless that she always turned herself into the victim.

Not only that, his Small Uncle even believed her.

“Do you think she would be sitting in my car? She must be dreaming!” Huo Ningxi shoved his hands in his pockets and revealed a look of disdain. “Let’s head inside together,” he said as he glanced sideways.

When Song Jingwan heard these words, she felt a lot better. Song Yaoyao had changed a lot recently. In the past, she never worried about Huo Ningxi liking her, but now…

Song Jingwan couldn’t be certain.

She wanted to agree, but she hesitated as she looked at Song Wenchuan.

Song Wenchuan narrowed his eyes. “Don’t be late. I’ll go look for her myself. You can go in first.”

Song Jingwan’s eyes twitched. “See you later then, Brother…”

This morning, she had been too impulsive.

The two entered the school gates and Song Wenchuan strode over to the car. He curled his finger and knocked on the window.

His voice was cold. “Song Yaoyao, do you want me to invite you out of the car?