Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 83

Published at 11th of March 2021 03:00:07 AM

Chapter 83: 83

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As Song Yaoyao ran into the mathematics building, she began to slow down. She held onto her backpack and suddenly laughed.

In a volume that no one else could hear, she mumbled, “Let’s see how you perform…”

“Big Bro, are you being a thief?

“What are you mumbling to yourself?

“Let me hear it!”

“Who is it?!”

Song Yaoyao’s heart almost stopped in surprise. She quickly turned her head and looked into a pair of amused eyes.

The young man had his hands in his pockets as he smiled at her roguishly.

Song Yaoyao rolled her eyes and lifted her hand.

“A word of warning, don’t hit my face!”

Who knew, Shen Xun would step back, close his eyes, and warn her.

Song Yaoyao’s hand fell upon her own head as she neatened the hair that Song Wenchuan had messed up. Pouting her lips speechlessly, she said, “Classmate, are you not fully awake?”

Didn’t he know that her hand would hurt?

Why would she hit him?

Were these guys all masochists?

Shen Xun was one, and so was Huo Ningxi.

Song Yaoyao carried her backpack into the classroom and Shen Xun followed her step by step with a bandage on his face, looking funny and comical.

He was completely unfazed. In fact, he didn’t care about the judgmental gazes that fell upon him.

“Stop following me.” Song Yaoyao bulged her cheeks.

“We agreed that I would be your underling if you win. Why aren’t you sticking to your words?” Shen Xun complained.

Song Yaoyao: “…”

Was this guy ill?

With a grim silence, she walked into the classroom and noticed that Tang Xinrou hadn’t arrived yet.

The class started with self-study. During this part of the class, the teacher let them study on their own without supervision.

But…self-study didn’t exist in the third class.

Song Yaoyao pulled out a red video game console from her backpack and started playing Plane Wars as she lay on her desk.

The highest score was still Elder Huo’s and it annoyed Song Yaoyao. She wanted to exceed it.

“Classmate, who knew you would play video games in class,” Shen Xun leaned on his desk and chuckled like he had discovered something new.

Song Yaoyao ignored him and focused on the game.

Shen Xun pulled out the latest gaming console and played with it a little, but quickly felt bored. When he heard the noises coming from Song Yaoyao’s old console, it piqued his interest.

Unable to resist, he poked her on the back.

“Classmate, can I play?”

Han Jun rolled his eyes. Was Shen Xun possessed? He was acting more and more out of character.


As expected, Song Yaoyao rejected him heartlessly.

“Awww, don’t be so heartless~”

Song Yaoyao’s hand slipped and her plane crashed into a wall.

A line of English text appeared on the screen.

She had failed!

She pulled a long face and turned around unhappily. “Shen Xun, do you want to die?”


Shen Xun lay on the desk lazily.

“I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to live either.”


Han Jun’s eyes twitched as he watched a book fall off Shen Xun’s face.

He thought Song Yaoyao was done for.

She had challenged Brother Xun’s patience time and time again, and he had probably reached his limit by now.

He was about to lose his temper…

“Wow, classmate, you’re so grumpy!”

Han Jun: “…”

Shen Xun rubbed his face. “If I let you hit me once, can you let me play one game?”

Song Yaoyao: “???”

“I can also pay. 100 per round.”

Song Yaoyao slapped the console in front of him and smiled sweetly.


Han Jun couldn’t bear to watch as Shen Xun handed a stack of notes to Song Yaoyao and happily picked up the console. His face was filled with confusion.

Was the latest console no fun? Or did he have too much money to burn?