Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 84

Published at 12th of March 2021 03:25:07 AM

Chapter 84

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When Tang Xinrou walked in yawning, she was met with the following scene.

The girl was lying on her desk, reading her textbook like a good student, while behind her, two boys had their heads together as they played with a red gaming console; the type that only cost a few dozen yuan.

Yet, they were completely immersed in it.

Her lips twitched. She walked past Song Yaoyao and touched her soft hair. “Good morning, precious.”

“Good morning.”

Song Yaoyao calmly neatened her hair and spoke in a soft and sweet voice.

“What’s going on with them?

“Are they so poor that they can only afford to play with a gaming console that costs a few dozen yuan?” Tang Xinrou asked curiously as she pointed to the desk behind them.

Song Yaoyao: “…”


Shen Xun threw the game aside and scoffed. “Are you looking down on my Big Bro?”

Han Jun, who had been watching in excitement, quickly picked up the console and started another round.

The mini-games in the console were old, but they were actually quite fun…

And addictive!

Song Yaoyao puffed up her cheeks and looked at her glumly, “The game is mine.”

Moreover, Elder Huo had given it to her; it was a gift from an elder!

“Errr…” Tang Xinrou touched her nose and quickly changed her tone. “Ahem, my precious has good taste. Unlike those darned rich people who only buy the most expensive things!

“I look down on people like that!”

Shen Xun looked at her like he was looking at a crazy person.

He took a breath and reminded Han Jun, “One round costs 100 yuan. Remember to pay me back.”

Han Jun’s hand twitched and the avatar on his screen was immediately beaten to death.

“Brother Xun, taking our relationship into consideration, don’t you think 100 is too much?”

“That’s true,” Shen Xun nodded. Before Han Jun got the chance to be happy, Shen Xun added, “Let’s make it 200.”

Han Jun: “???”

Suddenly, this console didn’t seem so fun anymore. In fact, it felt a little hot to touch.

Tang Xinrou burst into laughter. As she laughed, she rubbed her stomach. “Oh, I’m hungry… Yaoyao, let’s eat in the cafeteria later.”

Song Yaoyao glanced at her and quietly pulled out a big bag of snacks from her backpack. She then shoved them into Tang Xinrou’s arms.

Tang Xinrou: “…”

Shen Xun: “…”

Han Jun held onto the console in shock. “Classmate, is your backpack magical?”

It contained everything!

He thought for a moment and asked, “I want to drink Coke. Do you have any?”

He simply asked this to tease her.

But then he saw Song Yaoyao shove her hand into her backpack. After digging and scrounging around for 2 seconds, she actually pulled out a can of Coke and handed it to him.

She then stretched out her fair-skinned hand.

Meaning: pay up.

Han Jun fell silent as he looked into her dark eyes.

In the end, Song Yaoyao sold her can of Coke for an exorbitant price of 100 yuan! She then turned around in satisfaction and began to study.

Shen Xun chuckled as he watched this. As he lay on the desk in front of him, he added another note to his impression of Song Yaoyao.

Little Money Grubber…

Their entire interaction was observed by a particular person.

Xu Yue pouted her lips and tapped away on her phone.

Xu Yue: Is Song Yaoyao so poor that she’s gone crazy? She’s running a business at school!

Song Jingwan was reading a book when the phone in her handbag started vibrating.

She quietly glanced at the teacher’s desk. The teacher was reading a newspaper and wasn’t paying attention to the classroom.

She pressed her lips together and pulled out her phone.

Song Jingwan: What’s happening? [curious]

Xu Yue: She sold one can of Coke for 100 yuan. She also pulled a gaming console out of nowhere and she’s charging 100 yuan per round.

Xu Yue: I don’t know if Shen Xun is possessed, but he actually handed his money over willingly.