Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 85

Published at 12th of March 2021 03:25:04 AM

Chapter 85: 85

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Chapter 85: I Have Money

As she wrote this, she actually felt a little jealous.

Song Jingwan froze in disbelief.

Song Jingwan: Are you saying that Shen Xun actually gave her money?

Xu Yue: What else? Yesterday, they were still fighting and opposing each other, yet they’ve suddenly made up today. What a joke! When has Shen Xun had such a good temper?

Song Jingwan’s pupils constricted and she put her phone away.

She sat in her seat quietly and did not flip her textbook for the rest of the class.

Song Yaoyao, what happened to you…?

Song Jingwan planned to speak to her after school, but as soon as class ended, she couldn’t hold back and ran straight over to the third class.

“Yaoyao, come out. I want to talk to you.”

She curled her finger and knocked on the window, gesturing for Song Yaoyao to come out.

Tang Xinrou lifted her head sleepily, saw the person that had arrived, and smiled in ridicule. “Oh? Isn’t that our infamous Beauty Song?

“Did you end up at the wrong classroom? This is the third class, not the first.”

When Song Jingwan saw her, her eyes darted. “I’m looking for Yaoyao. This has nothing to do with you.”

“Oh? Nothing to do with me?

“But Yaoyao is my precious gem. I can’t bear to let her out on her own.

“If you have something to say, then say it. Unless you’re planning to say something indecent…” Tang Xinrou argued without holding back.

“Song Yaoyao!”

Song Yaoyao lifted her head slowly and pointed at Tang Xinrou. “I listen to her.”

These words made Tang Xinrou smile as she pulled her into her arms and squeezed her hard. “Babe, you’re so supportive!”

Song Yaoyao backed her up well. As she looked at Song Jingwan’s displeased expression, Tang Xinrou felt extremely good.

Song Jingwan was disappointed. “I heard you were selling things in class.

“If you need money, you can speak to me. I’m your sister. Would I allow you to go broke?

“What you’re doing isn’t only embarrassing yourself, but it’s also embarrassing the Song Family.

“Yaoyao, be good and give the money back. If you need money, I can give it to you.”

Song Jingwan acted like a good sister as she tried to persuade Song Yaoyao.

But Tang Xinrou found it hilarious. “She’s making money with her own abilities. How is that embarrassing?

“Does she feel embarrassed? Or does Beauty Song find this sister of hers embarrassing?”

This was a good question, and it immediately made Song Jingwan freeze.

Song Yaoyao was curious too. “That’s right. How am I embarrassing?

“Am I forcing people to buy from me?

“Classmate Shen, what do you think…?”

“I think she’s crazy.”

Shen Xun was sleeping comfortably. To him, Song Jingwan’s voice was like a fly buzzing persistently around his ear.

He cursed under his breath and sat up unhappily. His phoenix eyes were cold. “I have plenty of money. I can give it to whomever I want. Who do you think you are?

“You talk too much.”


Han Jun trembled and glanced at Song Jingwan.

All he saw was Beauty Song standing outside the window with tears forming in her eyes.

But was Shen Xun the kind of person that would show tenderness to a girl?

Filled with hostility between his eyes, he was the perfect example of arrogance.

“Do you think you’re a saint?

“If you have money, then donate it. Did you bring your phone?”

His expression was fierce and he still had a scar on his face, so he looked extra intimidating.

Song Jingwan did not dare to even cry. Shen Xun was famous for being fierce. According to rumors, he was like a rabid dog when he lost his temper and he practically beat people to death.

“Yes, I brought it.” She clenched her fists and nodded in a panic.

“Big Bro, do you have a QR code?

“Someone’s donating. Don’t miss out.”