Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 88

Published at 13th of March 2021 03:10:04 PM

Chapter 88: 88

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“Yes, he’s home.” Uncle Zhang nodded with a smile.

“His afternoon suddenly cleared up. He should be resting in the backyard at this time.”

“Can I see him then?” Song Yaoyao fluttered her sparkling almond eyes coquettishly.

The old man’s heart melted. He thought about the way that Huo Yunque doted on the young woman and nodded his head. “Of course. I’ll tell someone to take you. The land is big, I’m afraid you won’t be able to find him.”

“Thank you, Uncle Zhang~”

Song Yaoyao rubbed her hands together; she was about to see the man that she had been missing all day. She could barely suppress her joy.

“Uncle Zhang.”

Jiang Tao furrowed her brows and disagreed with his decision. “The Master doesn’t like to be disturbed when he’s resting.”

Song Yaoyao paused and her gaze fell upon the woman.

As usual, she was dressed neat and tidy, she was beautiful, and her body had all the right curves. Unfortunately, Song Yaoyao couldn’t get herself to like her.

She threw her backpack toward Jiang Tao and tilted her head. “Sister Jiang Tao, what an interesting thing to say. Just this morning, you said Gege didn’t like eating breakfast, but look what happened.”

Didn’t Huo Yunque eat breakfast with her in the end?

Song Yaoyao curved her eyes and smiled sweetly. “Clearly, Gege’s preferences depend on the person he’s with!

“Me, for example…”—she pointed to herself and lifted her chin narcissistically—”Gege likes me a lot!”

“Ahem…” Uncle Zhang couldn’t help but laugh when he saw her smug expression.

Meanwhile, Huo Ningxi rolled his eyes as he walked inside, leaving behind four cold words, “What a thick skin.”

An honest evaluation.

Jiang Tao agreed.

“Please take my backpack inside. I’m going to go look for Gege, bye~”

Song Yaoyao waved her hand without looking back. “Uncle Zhang~”

Uncle Zhang understood. “Someone, take Miss Song to see the Master.”

Jiang Tao watched as Song Yaoyao quickly left. She was filled with an air of arrogance.

Her eyes turned dark with hatred as she held onto the backpack and asked, “Uncle Zhang, are you letting her go like that?

“What if the Master loses his temper?”

The Master of the house barely lost his temper. Most of the time, he was calm and didn’t take anything to heart. But, whenever he did, the consequences weren’t easy to handle.

But, of course, the main reason for her disapproval came from her own personal displeasure.

Uncle Zhang placed his hands behind his back and scanned his eyes across Jiang Tao as he held back a smile. A shrewd look appeared in his eyes.

“Jiang Tao, to work for the Huos, it doesn’t matter if you’re smart or not, but you need to be observant.” He then said with deep meaning, “In the Master’s heart, how can you compare Miss Song to other people?”

The young woman was beautiful like the morning sun; lively and vibrant.

She was also clever, and most importantly, the Master liked her. This was more important than anything.

“People should understand where they stand. “When they say, ‘all men are equal’, it is a lie reserved for children.” Uncle Zhang started walking inside. His voice sounded warm on the surface, but deep down there was an icy coldness that one could not ignore. “Some people are born loveable, and they are destined to be the cream of the crop.

“While others, like you and I, we are servants. How could we expect much? Taking good care of our Master and seeing him happy should be enough to make us happy, right?” he babbled as he walked like an old man.

But the entire Huo Manor was under his control. He was the son of the previous butler, and he had dedicated his entire life to the Huos. He grew up serving the Master, and when the Master wasn’t around, he managed the manor meticulously.