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Murder The Dream Guy - Chapter 100

Published at 28th of April 2019 08:02:03 PM

Chapter 100

“What’s up? What happened?”

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Xiang Wan was still in a muddled state when she was awakened . She seemed at a loss to see Fang Yuanyuan in such a rage .

“I’ve offended you?”

“Offend!? You’re so heartless . I’m so nice to you, yet you colluded with him to bully me…” Fang Yuanyuan was agitated, as if she had suffered a great wrong . Even her eyes were red due to anger, and she almost broke out in tears . “Xiang Wan, how could you do this to me?”

“?” Xiang Wan was confused . “What do you mean?”

“What do you think?”


Xiang Wan looked into her eyes and blinked . Somehow, she felt that she got an answer .

For Fang Yuanyuan to behave in such a manner, besides owing her money, it would be about fighting over the same guy .

But she didn’t owe her money, and she didn’t she steal her man either… So it could only be matters relating to men .

“Is it about Huang He?” she asked hesitantly .

“So you do know what happened to him!” Fang Yuanyuan gritted her teeth . “I told you everything, but you’re so mean to me . I treat you like my own sister, but you treat me as a cousin…”

“Well, it’s true that you’re my cousin!” Xiang Wan puffed a sigh then held her hand and grinned in attempt to coax her . “Okay, don’t be angry . I’ve kept it from you as I don’t want you to be sad and worried about him . ”

“I’m even more upset when you keep it from me!” Fang Yuanyuan shoved off Xiang Wan’s hand . “I hate people who lies to me the most . And you did it knowingly . Xiang Wan, I tell you, you need to make me dinner for at least one month before I can forgive you!”


Ain’t this request is too easy for me? Still…

“Ten days . ”

“No! That won’t appease me . ”

“Half a month?”

“No, that can only appease me around 70 percent . ”

“How about 20 days?”

“Try bargaining one more time and I’ll increase it to two months!”

“Okay, okay, one month it shall be . ”

Xiang Wan decided to surrender . “You should have said so earlier . If a month of dinner can settle this, I wouldn’t have struggled so much and forgo my sleep?”

“Cut it out!” Fang Yuanyuan finally cracked a smile . “No more next time . I’ll let you off this time!”

“I promise, there’s no more next time,” Xiang Wan said it seriously then pulled a face, “but I want to know, did Huang He call you?”

Actually, Xiang Wan seriously doubted that this conjecture of hers was the case .

Huang He had lied to Fang Yuanyuan for so long . He was still inside the detention center, so it was unlikely of him to call her .

Well then, someone must have told Yuanyuan about it . And judging from those who she could have come in contact with, who else could it be?

“I’ve asked about it from Cheng Zheng today . ” Fang Yuanyuan pouted and seemed upset again . “Fortunately, he told me about it, otherwise, I would have been kept in the stomach for who knows till when…”

“It’s kept in the dark!” Xiang Wan corrected her with a sigh .

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“Bleh!” Fang Yuanyuan glared at her . “He lied to me, you lied to me too…”

It was really Cheng Zheng .

Xiang Wan did not feel happy about it and rubbed her somewhat aching temples due to lack of sleep . “Look, Huang He did not want to lie to you at all… How should I say this? Women are from Venus, while men are from Mars, we can’t analyze them from the women’s perspective . In other words, he lied out of consideration for you as he would be sent to the detention center then, and who knows when he will be out? You’re so beautiful and cute, you can’t be waiting for him forever, right?”

“Nah, stop your lies, what beautiful and cute?”

“I’m serious . You’ve got good looks, you’re gentle, and you know how to make breakfast . ” Xiang Wan grabbed Yuanyuan’s shoulders, and was so serious that even she herself also believed that . “In principle, Huang He is considered a good guy, but he has some bad points . For the sake of the people, you’ll sacrifice yourself for the greater good, take up the responsibility, and teach him well . ”


Fang Yuanyuan bit her lower lip and glared at her, but she didn’t say a word .

However, from Xiang Wan’s perspective, there wasn’t any hatred in her eyes .

Xiang Wan gave a pat at Yuanyuan’s shoulders and asked her with a big smile . “We’re going to pick him up tomorrow, you want to go?”

Fang Yuanyuan snorted and turned to leave the room . “I’m not going! I’ll be a puppy if I bother with his matters again!”

Xiang Wan: “…”

The next day, the “puppy” got up real early in the morning .

Bathing, putting on makeup, and searching for the right clothes and shoes to wear; her bedroom was in a mess .

“This woman who say one thing but mean another!” Xiang Wan remarked as she leaned on her bedroom door frame and kept yawning away . “I think you can stop comparing . Lolita style, sexy and beautiful style, elegant style, you’ve tried them all… Even if you keep changing, isn’t it the same 120 pounds of meat?”

Fang Yuanyuan: “…”

She took another piece of clothing .

At this time, Xiang Wan received a message .

Bai Muchuan was asking them to hurry up .

Xiang Wan looked at the message, squinted her eyes slightly as she was still displeased over his “bad behavior” yesterday, and typed a reply lazily .

“A girl needs more than an hour to get ready to go out . When two girls are together, that will be two hours… You need to wait . Yuanyuan wants to give Detective Huang a surprise . Detective Bai won’t mind, right?”

Although she had put it nicely, it was a very unreasonable request .

Bai Muchuan was inside his car and waiting downstairs . Lying on the car seat, he replied the message slowly with a snort .

“I don’t mind . I’m a kind person . ”

Ding! Xiang Wan was surprised for a moment when she received the message .

“You don’t feel hurt in the face?”

“It hurts, do you want to rub it for me?”

It was a tough and unemotional question, which fit the personality of Bai Muchuan .

“Hm? Little Xiang Wan, say something . ”

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Next, he didn’t give up and sent another message .

Xiang Wan’s heart skipped a beat . Once again, she was affected .

Huff! She held her mobile phone tightly .

How did this guy suddenly had time to tease her? Was it because it was boring to wait for them so she was being treated as a diversion?

“Fine, if we have the opportunity! I’m so angry that my chest hurts . ”

She had pressed the send button too fast! Xiang Wan didn’t have the time to hesitate and only realized there was something very wrong after she had done the deed .

It’s too, too… terribly flirtatious…

She would always banter with her fans at the group chat like this . As all of them were female readers, she got used to such teasing, flirtatious style of reply . But if she replied to a guy like this…

Oww! Oww! Owwuuu!

Xiang Wan felt regretful!

Worst of all, SMS did not have a recall function!

She stared at the phone screen and wished that Bai Muchuan would jestingly rebut her as usual .

But she was disappointed .

Bai Muchuan readily replied, “Your wish is my command!”

“…” D*rn!

She was so ashamed!

It hurts! The pain of being face slapped .

Fang Yuanyuan finally completed her dress up mission .

Xiang Wan followed her out whilst thinking about that inappropriate text message earlier . When they saw Cheng Zheng outside their door, they were dumbfounded for a while .

Why was he outside the house?

At this time, he should have gone for work .

As far as she knew, Cheng Zheng was a person who strictly followed his daily routine, so it would be hard to break the rules…

How could he be late for work?

“Good morning . ” Fang Yuanyuan’s eyes were still a little red, but her expression was pleasant like the spring breeze .

She was thankful to Cheng Zheng so she greeted him . Xiang Wan, however, was not too pleased to see him, so she kept quiet with her lips pursed .

“Morning . ” Cheng Zheng looked at Xiang Wan . “Where are you both going?”

“We’re going to pick up Huang He!” Xiang Wan pouted meaningfully at him . “Luckily, Captain Cheng told Yuanyuan about this, if not, who knows when they’ll get back together? Thank you, Captain Cheng!”

Cheng Zheng understood the underlying meaning in her words .

He furrowed his eyebrows and explained hesitantly, “I’m… not good at lying . ”

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It was a perfect explanation .

Seriously, she shouldn’t blame him .

After all, nobody told him not to tell Fang Yuanyuan what actually happened to Huang He .

It was originally a very simple matter, just that it got complicated…

Xiang Wan smiled faintly to show her understanding, but that was all .

At this time, she received another message from Bai Muchuan .

“Entrance! Now! When my patience runs out, so will my kindness!”

“…” Pffft!

Xiang Wan held her mobile phone and couldn’t help sneaking a laugh .

Cheng Zheng took a glimpse at her when they went inside the lift .

“Bye, wish you luck . ”

“Thank you!”

Detention center .

This was the second time Xiang Wan came here . She was very calm while Fang Yuanyuan was very careful; each step felt like walking on knives .

Fang Yuanyuan was very nervous . She clenched her fists as she wanted to see Huang He . She was restless .

However, they waited for a long time to see Huang He .

This was because the procedures were too complicated .

Bai Muchuan had come with the legal documents of the Municipal Bureau as well as the Prosecution .

The general conclusion was that after investigations, it was proven that Sun Shangli bought life insurance policies with huge payouts before she died . In addition, she chose to jump from that particular suite where her lover’s body parts were sealed in there . From these two points, she was deemed to have the motive to commit suicide . Therefore, Huang He’s arrest of drug users did not constitute to the crime of malfeasance and should not be charged .

Although it seemed to be a simple matter of releasing a person, but there were many layers of procedures which were cumbersome . After everything was done, it was an hour later .

They did not go to the prison section but waited at the office instead .

Two prison officers led Huang He out . He seemed to have taken a bath, given himself a good shave, and wore a neatly ironed shirt . He had become slightly fairer and not as skinny as before . His hair was shorter, and he looked more energetic which was a huge improvement to his previous “bamboo” image .

“Huang He!”

Fang Yuanyuan, who said she would not bother with him, was the first to call him .

Her nervous and agitated expression… Xiang Wan was speechless!

Ten minutes earlier, she had said she would contain herself to maintain her image .

“Huang He, you’re a big jerk!”

Not sure if she should cry or laugh, Fang Yuanyuan pouted and her expression was really conflicted .

Xiang Wan wanted to laugh at that sight but she couldn’t .

There was not a sound inside the office .

Huang He was standing at the door to the office and was stunned . He took a while to react .

“Boss… why… Yuanyuan?”

“It’s me, you heartless cad!” Fang Yuanyuan dashed over without a care for her image . In front of everyone, she tiptoed on her high heel shoes and hugged Huang He so strongly by the neck as if she wanted to strangle him . “Do you know you’ve scared me to death? No more next time, understand? You think too little of me, so what if you’ve went to jail? Even if you’ll be going through mountain of swords or a sea of flames, I won’t mind… Well, I’m not the one who’s suffering . ”


So embarrassing!

As Fang Yuanyuan hugged Huang He, his face immediately turned red as tomato .


He sounded weak as he knew he was in the wrong .

While Fang Yuanyuan sized him up without a care about the surrounding .

“You’ve gained weight! You didn’t miss me? You don’t miss me, right?”

“…” Huang He held her shoulders . “We’ll talk about this after we leave this place . ”

“No, tell me, did you miss me at all?”

There were too many people here .

Besides Bai Muchuan and Xiang Wan, there were also a couple of prison officers around .

Everyone seemed to be enjoying the show before them while wearing their straight faces, as if they might laugh any moment . This realization made Huang He feel really awkward .

“… I missed you . ”

“Speak louder, I can’t hear you!”

“Okay…” Huang He puffed a sigh and hugged Fang Yuanyuan tightly by her waist and looked at her in the eye . “Fang Yuanyuan,” he raised his voice, “I miss you, I really miss you . ”

That’s more like it!

Fang Yuanyuan was satisfied now and finally let go of him . She was transformed into a shy, ladylike woman as she held onto his arm .

“Let’s go, I’ll make a nice meal for you later . ”

“Heheh!” Huang He laughed as he could finally relax and came up to Bai Muchuan to say his thanks .

“Boss, if it’s not for you, I really don’t know…”

“If it’s not for me, you wouldn’t have ended here . ” Bai Muchuan slapped on the arm rest of the chair and got up from his seat . “Don’t say thanks, we’re brothers . Tonight, we’ll go to ‘The Palace’ to celebrate your release!”


“The Palace” again!

Xiang Wan was taken aback at the mention of that place .

“You’re shocked?” Bai Muchuan raised an eyebrow as he gave her a glance . Then he said to Huang He, “We get up at where we fell down . ”

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