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Murder The Dream Guy - Chapter 211

Published at 27th of May 2019 12:10:07 AM

Chapter 211: 211

Come with him to the Capital?

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Xiang Wan’s heart sank heavily .

She felt as though a snowflake had suddenly slipped into her heart, cold and chilly .

The Capital was a good place, but she had some unpleasant memories there . She didn’t really want to go there .

As for Bai Muchuan… this person had too many beautiful memories with her . She was reluctant to give up on him as well .

For a while, it was as if there was a battle going on inside her heart . She hesitated so much that she was unable to reply .

Maybe Bai Muchuan got impatient from the waiting or he was feeling uneasy as well . About half a minute later, Bai Muchuan actually called her up .

“Hello!” Xiang Wan took a glance at Tang Yuanchu and two other colleagues before her cheeks felt a little hot . “What are you doing?” she cleared her throat, “I’m inside the patrol car . ”

“Hm, I know that . You’ve said so earlier . ”

The moment Bai Muchuan opened his mouth, Xiang Wan noticed that his voice was a little lower tone than usual and sounded a little muffled, as though he was a little unwell .

She gave a frown out of reflex . “What happened? You caught a cold?”

“Hm . ” Bai Muchuan didn’t seem to care much about this question and asked her about the topic just now, “Little Xiang Wan, you haven’t replied to me yet . ”

“You didn’t give me enough time to reply you . Y-You’re weird, you told me to be careful not to catch cold, but you’re the one who caught a cold instead . Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

Just by using a sentence, Xiang Wan changed to the topic to Bai Muchuan’s cold .

“Is there a need to think it over for so long?” Apparently, Bai Muchuan refused to let her off . “I’m asking you, do you want to follow me to the Capital for a career advancement?”

Career advancement… what kind of advancement would there be for her?

Her qualifications were certainly not enough to work in this type of government body . Xiang Wan knew very well with regards to this aspect . Otherwise, Bai Muchuan would not have hesitated for so long to tell her about this matter .

“I… I don’t really want to go . ” She said as a matter of factly, “I can come to see you once in a while . When you have time, you can also come to Jin City to visit me . ”

“Nonsense!” Bai Muchuan laughed but his tone sounded serious . “Didn’t we agree to grow old and eat coarse grains 1 together?”

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This fellow is still unreasonable as ever!

“If you are with me, do you think I will let you starve? Little Xiang Wan, I warn you, don’t miss this good chance . For the first time in my life, I invite a woman to come live with me in such a solemn manner . If you dare to refuse…”

Still as tsundere as ever!

When he paused, Xiang Wan asked in a slightly worried tone .

“What happens if I dare to refuse? What will you do?”

“I’ll… I’ll come back and beg you . ”

“!” Xiang Wan laughed at his remark, “You scared me . Aye, since you wanted to beg me and I’m someone who only yields to soft approach… very well, I’ll seriously consider this . ”

“No! You need to decide now so I can make the necessary arrangements . ”

Bai Muchuan behaved so differently before her—totally different when he was in front of others .

The tone of his voice, the raised eyebrows and the smile on his lips—chauffeur Dongzi could not help but sneak a few peeks at Bai Muchuan . His head was full of questions and amazement .  Who’s the one that Young Master called? Why is he so happy? More importantly, Young Master’s like a completely different person!

“Say something!” Bai Muchuan did not notice that Dongzi was quietly observing him at all . He tried to “threaten” Xiang Wan . “Don’t think that you are far away that I can’t punish you . ”

“Pffft!” Xiang Wan couldn’t help giving a laugh . “Tell me then, how are you going to punish me?”

“In a fit of anger, I might just come back and beg you!”

“Well, Young Master, I…” Xiang Wan almost said yes to him .

Halfway through her sentence, she managed to pull herself back just in time . She felt relieved she did not get “seduced” by his sexy voice . “I need to discuss with my mom on this matter,” she smiled . “This is something major after all and I’m so used to Jin City . All my relatives are here . I can’t just leave as I want . ”

“Hm, I can accept this, alright then . ” Bai Muchuan was now satisfied with her reply and his tone sounded relaxed and lively . He even started to plan for her . “If you come over, you can write your novel without distractions . Of course, I can supply you whatever materials you need for your novel . If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can ask me, too… If you don’t feel like writing anymore, you can go visit some places of interest to relax and search for inspirations…”

Xiang Wan listened quietly . Somehow, she did not know if she should be happy or worried .

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Going to the Capital with him did not sound like a bad thing . But that would also mean she had to quit her advisory role over at the Criminal Investigation Unit…

“Little Xiang Wan, wait for me to come and fetch you . Be good and get ready for the move…”

Before she hung up the phone, that was what Bai Muchuan said to her, in a gentle tone .

At the same time, it was also clear that he did not consider about her job in Jin City .

She was a contracted employee, but her employment contract did not come with a specified period of time that she had to work there . She drew a low salary, was not part of the headcount and could leave any time .

Nevertheless, for Xiang Wan, it was not just that .

During her stint with them together with Bai Muchuan, she got to know so many colleagues and began a life that was so different as well as the precious work experiences she had gained…

These were the feelings she had towards her job at the Criminal Investigation Unit . She couldn’t bear to leave .

“Teacher Xiang…” Tang Yuanchu saw her in a daze and cleared his throat lightly . “We’ve arrived at the Avenue of Stars . ”

Avenue of Stars was a pedestrian street . All vehicles were not allowed to drive onto the street . They could only park in a car park near the street .

Xiang Wan came out of her thoughts after hearing Tang Yuanchu’s reminder . “Are we going for a walk around the area?”

Tang Yuanchu took a glance at her . “We’ll be around this area . You can go for a walk . ”

“Hm . ” Xiang Wan continued to stay on her seat . “I’ll just sit here for a while . I don’t really want to just walk around aimlessly . ”

Tang Yuanchu tilted his head as he looked at her . He finally got his Emotional Intelligence to work this time . “You’re unhappy?”

“… Eh? No . ” Xiang Wan ran her fingers through her hair and gave a chuckle . “How did you tell that I’m unhappy?”

“You’re okay when you’re talking to Captain Bai just now . Why did you suddenly pull a long face?” Tang Yuanchu shook his head with a smile . “People who are in love are so strange! However…” He paused for a moment and suddenly whispered . “I overheard what you were talking about earlier . ”

“Hm?” So?

“Captain Bai’s really going to get transferred?” Tang Yuanchu made a face and looked unhappy as well . “If he really left,” he sighed, “who knows what kind of Captain we will get in future . ”

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“No matter who comes to take over his work, everyone still need to work as usual . ”

Xiang Wan actually said this against her conscience and got refuted by Tang Yuanchu the next second .

“Tch! Can it be the same? Do you dare to say that working under Captain Bai is the same as working under others?”

Of course not! Xiang Wan was left speechless .

Little Tang is too honest . Even if it’s the truth, such matters should not be said publicly!

“Anyway, I don’t want Captain Bai to leave us just like that!” Tang Yuanchu leaned against the seat, took off his police hat, and ruffled his hair before putting it back on . “I feel that when Captain Bai is around, he has our backs and we are not afraid of any case that comes our way . After all, we have a Captain who is previously from the ICPO and used to handle major international cases—what kind of cases has he not seen before? No matter where we go, we feel that we can give it our all and need not worry about the aftermath…”


Is he trying to say that if Bai Muchuan is around, they can get more respect?

Before she could tease him on that, Tang Yuanchu puffed a sigh .

“Didn’t you notice? During this period of time, our Hongjiang District is getting quite prestigious . In the whole nation, I dare to say that no other team has solved such a big case like ours . Our achievement can be included in the history of criminal investigation already…”

“Well, I beg to differ . ” Xiang Wan’s eyes darkened when she thought of the few major cases they solved . “In fact, the best scenario should be when no cases took place? That’s what I think . ”

“I’d also like that! But this is impossible, right?” Tang Yuanchu raised an eyebrow and laughed . “If there are no cases, we need not slog so hard . ”

“Then what do we need the police for?” Xiang Wan laughed at his remark .

“We can be professional online celebrities!”


The other two colleagues were amused by their funny bantering .

The two other colleagues also joined in the conversation and joked about the little incidents that Tang Yuanchu encountered as a popular online celebrity .

As the few of them joked amongst themselves, A group of people that seemed to be from the film crew walked out of the Avenue of Stars . They were heading toward the direction of the police patrol car .

There were actually quite a lot of police officers from various police stations being deployed to patrol the street due to the film shoot of “The Grey List” . Hence, there was no cause for concern when people saw police cars and officers at the area .

The moment the film crew appeared, a group of reporters who were stationed at Avenue of Stars rushed out . In just an instant, the flash lights of the cameras were directed at them, as well as a series of questions, one after another .

Xie Wanwan was also amongst the film crew, at the center .

She was good, as well as used to dealing with such things .

She passed her clutch to her assistant who was next to her . Next, she posed gracefully for the cameras and spoke elegantly to the camera as well as putting on an appropriate smile when she answered the questions .

With her around, the atmosphere with the reporters were lively and positive .

However, there was suddenly a shout toward their direction that no one had expected .

“Police! Don’t move!”

Xie Wanwan, who was being interviewed, got startled and stopped talking . Like the others, she also looked toward the direction of where that shout had come from .

She saw the young police officer who was in his police uniform today, walking quite fast toward them from the police car with an aggressive look on his face…

Nobody knew what Tang Yuanchu was up to . Even Xiang Wan was taken aback, let alone the group of reporters and film crew members .

Everyone looked at him quietly .

Yet for Xie Wanwan, her heart was starting to pound wildly .

She was thinking that although she had a little unhappiness with Tang Yuanchu, surely this young police officer would not be creating trouble for her in front of so many people?

So Xie Wanwan continued to look at him coming over with a heart that seemed to beat faster as he got closer .

“What are you doing?” Tang Yuanchu shouted again .

Xie Wanwan was shocked and wanted to say something when Tang Yuanchu quickly ran over and grabbed a shifty-eyed man with a thievish behavior on her left and pulled him out from the crowd of people .

“Hand over that thing, now!”

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