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Mutagen - Chapter 100

Published at 21st of July 2019 06:36:17 PM

Chapter 100

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Day 3 – 4:02 PM – Citta Italia Main Road, Citta Italia Pvt . Subd . , Molino III, Bacoor City, Cavite

While everyone in the convoy was in panic, Mark on top of the MB Sprinter was waiting for the right timing to shoot . The oversized dog was still quite a distance away . Despite the distance of the threat away from them, Mark could clearly see its features .

The three meter tall dog had a lean body structure with a broad and deep chest . Its fur was longer compared to common dog breeds but not too long either . The fur was drooped over its body and not scattered in every direction . The ears of the dog was lopped but quite small compared to its body proportions .

Its size aside, it also had several strange features . Like the golden sheen on its cream colored coat and its golden eyes that was shining despite not being shined with direct light . Furthermore, there were several golden spikes in protruded on its body . There was even a horn in the middle of its forehead .

Sad to say, Mark could not recognize the breed off this dog .

As the dog was now clearly on sight, Mark finally fired his first shot .


The first shot missed because of the distance and the speed the dog was running . However, it looked like it was alarmed about Mark's existence on the roof of the black vehicle in front of the convoy . It stared at the man that was aiming an assault rifle on with a ferocious glare .

Mark saw the dog stare and snarled at him however, it did not continue on staring at him as it ran closer and closer . It was also observing the other vehicles behind . Then, as it decided on its target, the direction it was running shifted slightly .


Five shots were fired by Mark forcing the dog to stop . Mark realized that it was wary of him, or rather, his assault rifle . He deliberately shot the area in front of it to gauge several things . He was also monitoring its overbearing emotions . When the dog forcibly stopped, Mark pulled out the two radios again .

"Vehicles without combatants increase your speed and run on the left lane . Chief, your vehicle and the other multi-cab should follow directly behind ours . The vehicles on the right lane will serve as a wall . This huge dog is wary of guns . "

Mark said in a stern voice towards the radio connected to the police while making sure that the other radio could also hear his orders .

"Odel, match the speed of the vehicles to the right . "

Following his orders, the vans and the armored Caddilac drove towards the opposite lane making the vehicles on the right lane as cover . Seven vehicles drove with full speed along the private main road in two columns . It was fortunate that it was a private subdivision and there was no vehicles abandoned on the main road . If not, this formation was impossible to pull off without facing accidents .

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The huge dog was surprised due to the sudden change . Mark could detect its emotions and overwhelming anger .

Of course, the huge dog would not stop there to capture its prey . Since its first target was hiding behind these small vehicles, it made its move, charging towards the multi-cabs . It could not wait to eat its prey .

However, that would not happen so easily .

Mark and the police started to shoot the huge dog . It was not a warning shot anymore but they were all shooting the large animal with intent to kill it .

Sensing the danger, the huge dog started to jump side to side but it did not stop its charge . It continued snarling as it came closer and closer . The policemen and the armed volunteers started to panic inside their vehicles . Their shots became more and more inaccurate and disoriented .


The huge dog was already just a dozen of meters away from the multi-cab at the end of the convoy when the dog was shot in its thigh . The three shot burst Mark made all drilled holes into its thigh forcing it to stop and wail in pain .

It was then that the situation became more severe .

The huge dog retreated and several steps and howled . The howl was ear-piercing and it even made two of the policemen to drop their pistols outside the window of the multi-cab involuntarily . Everyone who heard the howl felt dizzy and could not help but cover their ears with both hands .



All the vehicles except for the MB Sprinter forcibly stopped . It was because the Chief yelled on the radio at the last moment . His order was a good call or else, the disoriented drivers might have caused an accident and did more damage . Everyone on the convoy experienced an excruciating pain in their ear and head . The only exception was Mark's group that was inside the MB Sprinter due to the tight soundproofing of the vehicle .

Still, the vehicles stopping only gave the huge dog more time to catch up . Ignoring its wounds that were still spurting blood, the three meter tall dog charged towards the convoy once more .

On top of the MB Sprinter, Mark forcibly endured the pain in his ear and aimed his gun once more .


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Mark emptied the remaining ammunition in the clip of his assault rifle .

The huge dog did not expect that there would be someone who was able to endure its howl and was buffeted with the rain of bullets . Several holes appeared on its body spurting blood . The huge dog wailed in pain and looked angrily towards the man who shot it . It became dumbfounded . He saw the man stretching his hand towards it while his eyes were glowing red . The dog felt a bad feeling and immediately fled . It ran away and jumped over the roof of a two story house . It continued to flee until it could not be seen anymore behind the rows of houses .

Mark who was ready to launch a mental attack almost cursed . The damn dog was too sensitive and immediately ran away after feeling danger . Still, he could sigh in relief that it retreated . If it did not, they would surely incur casualties because of that dog .

"Is everyone alright?"

Mark heard Madam Lanie speak through the radio . The replies came immediately and it seemed that several people within the multi-cab targeted by the dog fainted and their eardrums were ruptured . Except for those, everyone else was fine . Everyone was relieved that the huge dog retreated .

It was good that Mark's body was not the same as before the outbreak . If it was before, he doubted that he could endure that sound wave attack . As there was no time to check for everything, Mark spoke to the radio .

"Everyone, we should hurry up and move on . The dog retreated for now but I don't think that it will stop attacking just like that . "

What he said, poured water on the relieved faces of everyone . They all hurried to get back on the way .

On the other hand, Mark was frowning while looking at the rows of houses to the north . The other people might not know but he could . The dog did not run away but was hiding behind that row of houses . Probably, it was healing its injuries . It was a pity that he would not be able to do a mental attack at this distance .


The convoy continued on the road with even faster speed than before . Everyone only hoped that they could leave this place as soon as possible .

While above the roof of their vehicle, Mark kept on staring on a certain direction while aiming his gun . The people on the other vehicles could see him but could not understand his actions . However, the police chief and the policemen who participated back then when they dealt with the escaped criminals at the Police Command Center was sweating profusely . They think that Mark had the ability to sense enemies or danger around him . With Mark behaving like that, they knew that the huge dog should be nearby .

While Mark was concentrating on monitoring the direction where he could feel the dog was, he heard Mei's voice from his radio .

"Gege, what kind of dog is that? It didn't seem attracted to you . "

It made him almost spew out blood from his mouth . Mei's wording made him feel that he was too ugly that only the infected was interested on him . Still, he did not push it . It was not the time for jokes right now .

"That dog is not a mutated infected or an evolved animal like the huge cat back there in the City Hall . "

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Everyone who knew the circumstances inside the vehicle was surprised . It was not an infected and not an evolved animal . Then what was it?

He then heard Odel speaking .

"Master, don't tell me that it's a Mutator . "

"It is . It had the same fluctuations that you have back then when I fought you . "

Melissa, Charmaine, Sundra and the other woman was surprised . Not because the dog was a Mutator but because Mark said that he fought Odelina before . However, they did not understand everything else in the conversation with those aside .

Then, Mark heard Abbygale's voice from the radio .

"Papa, I want that doggie . "

The little girl's request made everyone stare at her .

"That doggie is not for children, Gale . I'll find a dog for you later but not this one . "

Mark replied in a gentle voice but he was actually having a cold sweat . The request of his self-proclaimed daughter was getting more dangerous .

Hearing that, Abbygale was visibly displeased .

"Gale, that doggie is dangerous . Your Papa might get hurt . "

Mei followed up what Mark said . However, the little girl stared at Mei . She then spoke .

"Mama, tell Papa to get me that doggie . "

Abbygale begged and hugged Mei . Everyone was struck speechless . However, it seemed that it was effective towards Mei . As if she had just lost her mind, she spoke on the radio .

"Gege, is it possible to catch that dog?"

Mark choked and started coughing hard .

'Just what the hell?'

As Mei was holding the voice input button of the radio on her hand, Mark could hear everything they were saying . The little girl was being cunning!

"Master, is it possible to subdue that huge dog? You can do it right?"

Odelina asked making Mark even more dispirited .

'These women were surely going to kill me in the future . '

He thought in his heart .

But he could not lie to these girls and deny that it was not possible . Just as he said, the dog was in the similar situation as Odelina when she was being consumed by that consciousness that sprouted because of her mutation . That dog was also struggling mentally .

If fact, if it was not dangerous, he also wanted to catch that dog and make it his pet . However, he was not sure if he would be able to . The one who saved Odelina was not him after all but Freed . Furthermore, the emotional fluctuations of this Mutator Dog were more berserk . If he encountered this dog before he evolved, just the emotional fluctuation the dog was releasing was enough to make him lose consciousness .

The girls inside the vehicle were waiting for his answer but he was still contemplating . Nevertheless, he detected some movements this time . He looked towards the direction the convoy was going and they were about to arrive at the other entrance of the subdivision . Fortunately or unfortunately, the gates were also closed . The closed gates prevented the infected from coming in but now, it barred them from coming out safely .

He could detect that the huge dog was also starting to move . This damn cunning dog planned to attack them when they were busy opening the gates .

Like a mouse cornered by a cat, they would have no choice but to fight it . Not to help these baggage they were escorting but for them to survive themselves . Since that was the case, he might as well get the chance to subdue this ferocious animal .

For some reason, his blood started to boil with that thought . His eyes were glowing and he let out a ferocious smile similar to a madman's . He knew that the mental effects the Mutagen brought to his body was kicking up again . But this time, he just let it go without restraining it . He felt that this time, he might as well go wild .

He pressed the voice input on the radio and calmly spoke .

"You girls win . We're going to catch that dog . Gale! Odel! Both of you will help me with this! Go all out!"

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