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Mutagen - Chapter 249

Published at 31st of October 2019 07:10:04 PM

Chapter 249: 249

Day 37 – 4:01 PM – Mountain Base, Mount Malabito, General Nakar, Quezon

About an hour before Mark arrived back in the base…

Nicole and Hallie who were left in charge of the settlement stood on top of the walls overseeing the situation outside .

This was the third day after Mark left and two important events happened that could not be handled carelessly by the two of them . Move over, both events happened the day that Mark left . First was the strange event with Miracle who fortunately had woken up while the second was the arrival of a group of people who gambled to traverse the mountains to escape away from the city .

When noon arrived after Mark left the base, Nicole was playing with the [BloodChildren] when she found out that Miracle was already . She did not know when she exactly woke up because she did not make any sound or movements . Nicole even freaked a little bit when she saw the supposed to be one year old baby quietly staring at her while she was talking with the mischievous little critters .

Nicole carefully approached and lifted the baby up and she did not make any movements but just stared at Nicole in a manner that should not be present in an infant . Considering that Mark already told them that even though the [BloodChildren] where newly born, their mentality was close to two year old children which was why Nicole ignored the strange behavior of the baby girl and carried her out to show her to the others with the exception of Ed and Ron that was unconscious after taking in the crystals that Mark gave them .

When everyone was happy that the sleeping cutie had already woken up, the baby in question was just staring at everyone, obviously observing them . Afterwards, the normal routine was made for the [BloodChildren] . They did not need to eat and only needed to absorb blood at least once a day with the exception of Miracle that was asleep . Miracle was not drinking the milk they prepared so they thought that she was still a [BloodChild] and brought her too at the chambers where Mark kept the Biters he captured from the barrio .

They were correct and Miracle extended several flesh tentacles towards the Biters to absorb their blood .

Unexpectedly, they lost control of the situation and Miracle totally dried up three Biters of their blood . The Biters ended up turning them into Eaters after they died of literal blood loss . Since eaters were dead and would not replenish their blood, Jollene had no choice but the kill them . Since it already happened, all that they could do was to capture other infected to replace the three that died . After that event, Miracle fell asleep for the whole night and the next day .

That night was a sleepless night and a worrisome day for the girls . A strange thing happened to Miracle and her body started growing . Her growth was witnessed by the four girls and her growth only stopped near sunset yesterday . At that time, she already looked like a three year old girl . The most surprising thing was that… She started to speak . The first words she said was a question .

"Where is father?"

It dumbfounded the four girls who lacked sleep and rest . They did not know what to do with the strange child anymore . Still, it seemed hat she still needed blood and fortunately, the incedent perviously did not repeat anymore and Miracle did not grow incredulously once more .

As for the survivors, they arrived about two and a half hours before sunset yesterday . It was really not surprising since Hallie and everyone in their group managed to get here and luckily meet Mark . If they were able to, it could be the same to other people . The surprising thing however was that four of the people in the group that arrived were among the people that they left in the hotel .

It became harder to not let them into the base because of that and one of those four was a close acquaintance of Huey . However, this was Mark's base and they had no reason to let other people in without his consent . In that case, they lent the survivors some tents they looted at the barrio . Luckily, many tourists that came there was planning to camp in the mountains . They only needed to wait a day or two . After all, Mark said that he would likely return after three days .

However, it seemed that everyone did not need to wait that long .

"What is that?"

Huey suddenly went out in the open as his sensitive hearing managed to pick up faint strange sounds . It was like sounds of huge wings in flight .

That was when everyone saw the silhouette of a large creature flying above the mountain top to the north east .

"Everyone! Prepare for battle! Warn the people outside and make them hide!"

Huey took command in preparations for a defensive battle . Everyone inside the base went up the walls and stood behind their wall mounted needle launchers and was ready to fire while the people outside the walls scrambled away in fear .

When they could finally see what the creature was, everyone knew that they would not be able to win . Who would think that the one approaching was something like a dragon? It seemed like the base would fall before Mark was even able to return .

While everyone was losing hope, a small figure jumped up the wall and ran towards the direction the dragon was coming from . Everyone was dumbfounded . It was because Miracle was waving and shouting at the dragon…


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That gave them hope . There was only one person that could be the one Miracle was calling father and that was Mark . If she was shouting at the dragon like a child welcoming her father that had gone home from work, it was likely that the dragon was an ally .

They were not mistaken with that . The dragon did not initiate any battle and landed outside the gates of the base . At the back of the dragon was three people and the one leading the three was Mark .


Mark made Chaflar land outside the gates south of the base . Although there was still enough space for the dragon to land inside the base, the wind that its wings would create as it landed would surely wreck the things inside . Another reason was to intimidate the people outside which made Chaflar rather satisfied .

The moment Mark stepped down from the back of Chaflar, he saw Miracle jump off the wall despite its height and bolted towards him like a bullet . Mark did his best to catch her but he still had to make several steps back to fully mitigate the impact . It was not just a childish tackle but more like a weakened cannonball . And there, an about three year old little girl was effortlessly hanging on his body sticking like glue .

"Father… Father . . . "

This clinginess, there was no doubt that she was a [BloodChild] . Every single one of them behaved like that towards Mark who changed their bodies using his blood .

"Your blood daughter?"

Karlene asked Mark with a surprised expression . She had never seen a small girl like this jump down a three meter wall and even managed to push Mark several steps back . Not even in the settlement .

"What are you asking Bessie? Remember the information about Mark's lover? I don't think that Mark is married already . I also think that he don't have anyone before either . "

Alana voiced her assumptions .

Mark on the other hand only stared at the two and shrugged his shoulders while he lifted Miracle on his arms and let her head on his shoulder . Although he was also confused on what was happening since Miracle was still asleep when he left . It was only three days and she had grown like this . He only thought that the consciousness and intelligence of the [BloodChildren] were one or two years more advanced than their actual age but to think that Miracle's body would follow suit .

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Soon, the gates opened . Everyone from the base came out to welcome Mark .

However, everyone aside from Hallie froze when they saw the two girls that accompanied Mark . They were even more surprised than seeing the large dragon .

"Those are Alana and Karlene Bautista right?"

Ed whispered to Ron which made the latter nod . As expected of their boss to bring two superstars back to the base .

"What's wrong with you people?"

Hallie asked which in turn made the others look at her like they were looking at a mountain girl .

In any case, it was a pleasant welcome . Together with everyone, Mark walked towards the base with Chaflar following behind him . Hallie and Nicole however were glancing at Chaflar with great interest while the males were glancing at the two actresses . A few seconds later, Huey yelped in pain after his ear was pinched by Jollene .

The people outside was obviously surprised when the dragon landed and three people went down from its back . They were more surprised when the gates that did not open for them finally opened for the people that arrived . Some people understood that these people might belong to the base . However, there were those that were looking for trouble for being idiotic .

"Wait! Huey! When can we enter? We have been waiting for a whole night and day already!"

It seemed to be one of workmates of Huey and the others from the animation studio .

"Laurence, be patient . Our boss already arrived so it won't be long . "

Huey stopped to reply . However, Mark seemed to have another idea and also stopped .

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"The others can wait but you don't have to . " Mark said as he glanced back . "I don't want a lascivious person in my base . "

He then led everyone inside and the gates closed which left the man frozen in surprise . The others outside could only stare at him incredulously while three women in the group was looking at him as if he deserved it .

After all, Mark had noticed that this guy was scanning Alana and Karlene when they arrived . Unlike the reactions of Ed and Ron which was the result of the two girls being famous before the outbreak, the looks that person was giving was he could not wait to taste the two .

Mei would also live here in the future . There was no need for a pest like that in the base .

Trisha left to prepare for dinner with an excited expression, after all, their savior and benefactor had come back from his journey bringing a legendary monster which would totally strengthen the base . On the other hand, everyone else gathered at the center of the base to for the introduction and to exchange information . The night was already setting and it was a great time to start a campfire .

Learning about the circumstances, Mark started at Miracle who was cuddling on him while he was surrounded by the other [BloodChildren] . The scene was different from usual which even made everyone smile . The other [BloodChildren] were also greeting their new brothers and sisters and the four seemed to be overwhelmed by the welcome and started hiding behind Mark's feet .

Since everyone still had things to do like keeping watch for the night and the night also got a bit late, everyone decided to continue everything . Alana and Karlene were decided to sleep at the women's quarters . Mark on the other hand brought Amihan together with the [BloodChildren] that were all clinging on his body . Right now, he looked like he was wearing some slime armor which made the others giggle every time they looked at him .

Mark was not disturbed however . It was the way that these children were showing their affection . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

After he entered his room that was kept clean however, Mark put Miracle down as he sat on his bed . He also let the other [BloodChildren] on the bed .

Miracle looked at him cutely while tilting her head .

Mark then sighed .

"Aephelia, you can come out now . "

At that command, Miracle's countenance changed . She stopped tilting her head and stood up straight . Looking at Mark, she then kneeled .

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