Mutagen - Chapter 488

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Chapter 488: 488
Day 125 - 10:22 PM - Agos River, Mount Malabito, General Nakar, Quezon

Yukine sat on the rocky riverside, playing with her foot on the water . Her white robe lay on the rock beside her, revealing her beautiful visage as a fox spirit in human form .

She was a part of the Yuki Kitsune, a group to gather intelligence and information that was directly under the Empress, the leader of the Japanese Branch of Auraboros .

Yuki Kitsune was composed of white spirit foxes who were the ones with the most alluring appearances among the spirit foxes . This quirk made it easier for them to deal with people and gather information without getting too much suspicion . Some times, their appearance made the people overlook the severity of their questions without using their abilities to charm them .

Because of that, no one forced them to act their status . The Yuki Kitsune were free to move and act in any way they wanted as long as they would get their work done fittingly .

Furthermore, as spirit foxes feed off the life force of their victims, they were sensitive to these energies, making their job easier .

But this time, Yukine, the vice leader of Yuki Kitsune, was having a hard time in her mission .

Her mission was to gather information about the several phenomenons that happened in the countries south of Japan . It was not surprising considering how many things had changed during the apocalypse . Still, nothing could cover that the ones that happened in the south-east countries of Asia were among the most earthshaking .

It was earthshaking in a literal way .

Who would have thought that a Spirit Tree would be born in the mortal world at this time? The latest one before this was already a thousand years ago . It was at the time way before someone said to have discovered America .

There was also the Moria . It was a tree born as a gift from a godly being . However, that person made it that the Moria would not be exploited aside from its fruits . Thus, it had far lesser capabilities, consciousness, and intelligence compared to the ones planted by powerful entities . It was nothing more than an ancient tree that continued to exist for religious purposes .

This time, after a long time, a Pure Spirit Tree appeared . And it was a fully grown one . Of course, everyone that was able to would try to contend for it no matter how much they sacrifice . That was what the China Branch of Auraboros was doing . Furthermore, they took an interest in the resources that the base that harbored the Pure Spirit Tree had .

As for the Japan Branch, aside from trying to take over the remains of Japan, it had a far lesser interest outside their jurisdiction . Unlike the empire of Japan, led by humans, that tried to colonize as many countries as they could, the members of the Japan Branch did not aim for that scale .

Nevertheless, endeavors like this would interest them, trading and such . That was why Yukine gave out that proposal . She was very sure that her Empress would agree with it too .

But the main reason for this was different .

It was because, unlike most humans, Yukine could not read what was going on in that person's mind . The owner of the Spirit Tree that she had observed in these past days was not something to be taken lightly . She followed him every time he came out, and he also just left her alone until now .

The reason might be because the current plan of the China Branch to involve innocent people angered him .

And thus, she finally managed to meet the entity named Mark .

For the result, however, she wished that she knew more before this . What she received was a direct threat and a declaration of war towards the Organization .

Because of the outbreak, their information gathering had been slower . Although the Japan Branch knew that some branches started to move against weaker countries, they were not able to gather their accurate plans .  

When Shin's group accepted the rescue mission, they only knew that the plans of Auraboros in Bay City had failed . They did not know what the exact plans were or who was in charge of the mission . It only came to light when The Great One had gone missing .

The Great One, he was not just some random leader or character in the Organization . Among the thirteen founders of Auraboros, he was the eight . The weakest among the thirteen was a Lower Diety while The Great One was just a few steps away from being a Higher Deity .

All the branches of Auraboros had contact with all the founders through magical means . And they all knew that they lost contact with The Great One due to an unknown reason .

It came to light that he led the mission in Bay City directly . Although he could not go physically, he was able to due to the use of small ritual portals . Not to mention that the current founders could not leave their personal spaces due to a reason unknown to everyone .

And in that mission, The Great One led, something severe might have happened . The other founders could tell that he was still alive . However, any form of contact was not possible .

Now, Yukine gained a valuable but threatening piece of information .

The cause of what happened to The Great One was the person the China Branch was currently facing .

"Hah . . . "

Yukine sighed . She remembered the sentences she spoke to Tan Sitong before she left . Those words were nothing much but a play despite having some truth in it . Now, she could not even believe that her words would not come true .

Furthermore, she tried to use this opportunity to measure his strength as the Jiangshis that Tan Sitong brought were well-known warriors . But even with that, she could tell that he was holding back . This situation made it harder for her to gauge things accurately .

"What should I report to the Empress? Incomplete reports like this were unacceptable for her . "

While she was thinking deeply while looking at her reflection on the river water, she heard a loud flap of wings .

"What could you be thinking too deeply, milady?" 

A middle-aged voice echoed from behind her .

"Kouki . "

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Yukine spoke .

"Yes, milady?"

The voice from behind replied .

"What will you do if someone gave a declaration of war to the organization?"

"Hmmm . . . " The voice hummed . "That depends, milady . "

"Just answer . "

Yukine pressed .

"The person should be a powerful one if someone was able to declare something like that . In that case, it depends on whether the person is a slaughterer or not, or if we offended him or not . At the moment, our branch is avoiding conflict as we stabilize our condition . If that person would not slaughter everyone just because they were a part of the Organization, then I will not join the battle . On the other hand, I would fight . If he stepped into our with the goal to slaughter, I would kill him . But if he was stronger, I will still fight and let you, milady, and the Empress, escape . "

"You're not going to escape?"

Yukine asked .

"I will not . "

The voice confidently replied .

"Your answers are very like you, Kouki . "

Yukine smiled as she turned her head to the side to see behind her .  

There, a tall, muscular man wearing an old Japanese attire stood . He was wearing large beads on his neck and a small hat on his head, his white long white hair and beard waved with the wind . He looked like a human . However, he had a red-colored skin, a very long nose, and the black feathered wings of a crow were present on his back .

He was a Tengu, a powerful being in Japanese Legends .

"Are you here to pick me up, Kouki?"

"Yes, Milady . An oracle came . This place will be a battlefield . That is why the Empress immediately sent me to pick milady up and return . "

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Hearing that, Yukine was a bit surprised .

"For an oracle to come at this moment . But I am confused . Isn't it just a small group from the China Branch that are here?"

Those words of Yukine made Kouki shake his head .

"We already received milady's initial report a few days ago . How was it now?"

Hearing that, Yukine told Kouki about Tan Sitong and the movements they made after the vice leader of China Branch arrived . She also told him about her speculations in the current battle .

The information Kouki received caused a frown on his already scary face .

"I could not understand it too, milady . If it is just as you said, the current forces of China Branch here were not enough to cause an oracle . "

The two felt confused as to how mysterious it was . Oracles would not easily come, especially to events unrelated to them . For an oracle to appear, it should either be a catastrophic event or something directly related to the person receiving it .

As Yukine was nothing but an observer here, a third party, she was not directly related . Then, the oracle meant that it was the former . A catastrophic event was about to happen .

Realizing this, Yukine became distraught . Her determination to cooperate had not waned at all . Maybe, she could use this as a bargaining chip?

But then, she was directly interfering with the business of the other branch then . She needed to wait after the China Branch left defeated . But then, what if the catastrophe would happen before that?

"This is the first time I saw milady having such expressions in a long while . "

Kouki smiled .

The vice leader of Yuki Kitsune, it was a big task given to Yukine . Because of that, the playful fox before decided to become a proper intelligence agent afterward .

She mostly tried to hide her expressions, as it was not a good role model for those below her . Yukine also gained merit after merit, which gave her more popularity that even surpassed the current leader of the Yuki Kitsune .

Of course, it was not like she was not admired by many before all these .

"Just give your word, milady . Maybe, I am here to pick you up, but you can always choose when you want to leave . "

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Kouki smiled .

Hearing that, Yukine took a deep breath .

"Well, then . . . " She smiled . "Can you accompany me here for a while . I want to see the battle that will happen soon . If the catastrophe really struck, it's not late to leave since you are here . "

Kouki looked at Yukine . He could not tell whether she wanted to gather more information or was just plainly interested in what will happen .

'But even if it was the latter, it was still fine . ' Kouki thought .

There was barely anything that actually made Yukine interested . That was why Kouki was quite supportive of it .

"Still, milady, the moment that I deduce that it is getting dangerous, please pardon me if I dragged you back . "

"Are you afraid? You're strong, right?"

Yukine teased .

And to that, Kouki stared at the white fox woman with a stern expression .

"Milady, I am not afraid of any enemy . What I am afraid of is you getting into danger that you can't deal on your own . This might be one of those times . Remember that the oracle of your clan never made any wrong predictions . "

Seeing that expression, even Yukine felt goosebumps . She knew that Kouki was only thinking of her well being . Thus, she could only sigh .

"Alright . You're free to take me back at that time . I will not resist it . "

"As you wish milady . . . No," Kouki said as he kneeled on one knee . "As you wish Princess . "

Seeing that, Yukine shrugged her shoulders .

"Stop that Kouki . I'm currently on Duty . I don't even dare call the Empress as my mother at times like this . Family and work in the organization is separate, remember?"

Yukine reprimanded Kouki .

"Yes, I understand, milady . "