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Chapter 827: 827

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Chapter 827: Chapter 827 He Knew All Of Her Secrets (IV)

“Keep a low profile? If I keep a low profile, your Tang family is going to marry her off.” Third Young Master Ye snorted coldly. Under such circumstances, he had to keep a low profile? Did he think he was dead?

“I say, Why are you so nervous? This matter is not yet decided by Wuyou. If Wuyou is not willing, no one can force her. So the key to this matter is how Wuyou chooses.” Feng Miaomiao could not help but laugh, she laughed out loud. This was the first time she realized that this child, Ye Lanchen, actually had such a cute side.

Eh, that’s right. It seemed that he was sincere towards Wuyou. Otherwise, he would not be like this.

Ye Lanchen’s eyes flashed slightly. Then, he quickly turned his gaze towards Chu Wuyou. “You promised me that you wouldn’t choose another man. No, you can’t look at other men, and you can’t pay attention to other men.”

“Mr. Ye, you really have a lot of requests.” The corners of Chu Wuyou’s lips twitched slightly. Did this person not think that he had too many requests? According to what he said, she did not have any freedom at all.

“It’s really enough.” Feng Miaomiao smiled and shook her head. This person currently looked like a child who had not grown up.

“If you don’t promise me, I won’t let you go. At most, I’ll get a few more hits from the old master’s crutches.” Third Young Master Ye’s attitude at this moment was incomparably resolute. He wanted her to express her attitude. He understood her, but if she agreed, she would definitely do it.

“Alright, let go first.” When Chu Wuyou heard him mention getting beaten up, her eyes flashed. Did he know not if Grandpa’s crutches were heavy? What if he got injured?

If he got beaten up a few more times?

She suddenly felt her heart ache.

“Promise me first.” Third Young Master Ye was a shrewd person. He immediately saw that her attitude had slowed down. This meant that there was room for negotiation, so he definitely had to seize the opportunity.

“Okay, okay, I got it.” Chu Wuyou felt that she had already lost her temper because of him. Why did she not know that he was actually so torturous in the past.

Third Young Master Ye was finally satisfied. The corners of his lips curled up, and he could not help but smile. Then, he since he got an inch, he tried to take a mile. “Then we’ll go get the marriage certificate tomorrow.”

“Brat, why don’t you go to heaven? Do you think that everyone in our Tang family is dead?” This time, without waiting for Chu Wuyou’s reply, a voice suddenly sounded. It was obviously a roar.

Everyone turned their eyes and looked over. They saw Madam Tang walking over. Madam Tang was already in her seventies, but the speed at which she walked over was astonishing.

Feng Miaomiao was stunned and could not help but laugh again.

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After Madam Tang walked over, she directly pulled Chu Wuyou and glared at Ye Lanchen. “Brat, with your current state, if you want to marry Wuyou, dream on.”

Now that the Ye family had a lot of problems and his problems had not been completely solved, he really wanted to marry Wuyou just like that?

He really dared to think about it?

Ye Lanchen could marry Wuyou if he wanted to, but he had to settle everything properly.

She absolutely could not let Wuyou suffer the slightest bit of injustice.

“Why aren’t you letting go?” Madam Tang shouted again when she saw that Ye Lanchen was still holding Chu Wuyou’s hand.

At this moment, Third Young Master Ye seemed to be in a daze. He was in a daze as he stared at Chu Wuyou.

Chu Wuyou gave him a helpless expression. She knew that Madam Tang was doing this for her own good. She also understood why Madam Tang was doing this. Madam Tang was concerned about her and was afraid that she would be wronged. Therefore, she could not go against Madam Tang’s wishes.

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