My boss is my ex-lover - Chapter 108

Published at 26th of June 2019 03:38:14 PM

Chapter 108

Victoria has been following Carrie secretly .

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She's not invited , but she still went to the show .

And coincidentally, she saw Carrie and Henry again!

'So, I was right! She's hiding something from Henry!' Victoria smirked!

She saw them in the gym, and if she's not wrong, Carrie is avoiding Henry .

At first, she don't understand why, but then she slowly realized that something's up!

And tonight, it is confirmed!

She secretly observed Carrie , she saw her hiding and secretly watched Henry, earlier .

Looks like there is someone who's in love!

But for sure, she has done something!

Victoria is a clever woman!

This is like my game Carrie!

So I know how to play it!

You must have something to do, why Natalie and Jian has back together!

And now, you fell in love with your brother's love rival!

Well, Well, well, Carrie!

You ruin my plans, so I'll do the same thing to you!

Carrie walked as fast as she could!


I'm not ready to tell him everything!

"Miss!" Carrie heard Henry called her!

She headed to the car park to leave as soon as possible!

Henry can't let go of this woman!

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"Miss wait!" Henry continue to chase her, but she won't stop!

Henry run and hold the woman's hand!

Carrie froze . . . .

Someone held her hand!

"Miss, wait! I just want to see your face . " Henry said in a gentle voice .

Carrie don't know What to feel!

Her hand and feet felt cold!

Her heart beats faster!

I'm done!

She thought .

Henry hold the lady in red's shoulder and he slowly turn her to face him .

His heart is beating so fast!

"It's you!" Henry said as soon as he saw the woman's face!

"Why are you running away from me again?" He asked bitterly .

"Rie, why do you keep on running away from me?"

The cold sweat started to pop out form Carrie's forehead .

She gulped!

It hurts for her to see him this way!

There's a pain in his eyes!

"Don't you want me?" Henry asked .

Carrie was stunned!

Tears suddenly fell down to her face!

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"Henry . . . " It's the only word that came out form her mouth!

Should I tell him?

I can't runaway from him forever!

"Rie . . . If You're hiding something from me, just tell me . . . stop running away like a child!" Henry said .

"I promise, I can understand . . . " He added .

Carrie think for a moment . . .

Maybe this is the right time to tell him the to truth!

"Henry I . . . "

"Well, well, well! Looks like we have a love birds here!"

Carrie was not able to finish her word when Victoria suddenly interrupted her!

Carrie's eyes went wide opened!

"Victoria!" She blurted out!

Henry turn his head to look at the person who had just arrive .

Victoria walk closer to Carrie and Henry .

"Good evening Mr . Su!" Victoria greeted Henry .

"I'm Victoria, Carrie's friend " she introduces her self as she threw a meaningful look to Carrie .

"What are you doing here?!" Carrie asked Victoria!

She's not comfortable when this woman is around because she knew, that she's going to do something!

"Relax , Carrie! I just want to talk to Mr . Su!" Victoria revealed an evil smile, which made Carrie become anxious!

"I didn't know that you're acquainted to Mr . Su ,Carrie?" Victoria said .

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Carrie gripped her fist!

"Victoria leave now!" Carrie said coldly .

"Why do you want me to leave?" Victoria is enjoying to see the anxious Carrie!

"Are you afraid that Mr . Su might find something about you?" Victoria added .

"Victoria!" Carrie tried to stop Victoria but Victoria ignored her!

Victoria faced Henry .

"Mr . Su, do you even know who is this woman?" She asked .

"Victoira stop!"

"Let her talk . " Henry said, without an expression on his face .

"Well, this woman is your love rival's younger sister!" Victoria looked at Carrie .

"Carrie, why won't you tell Mr . Su what tricks are you hiding on your sleeves?!"

"Go to hell Victoria!" Carrie said .

"Oh! Maybe later!" Victoria said sarcastically .

"Why don't you tell him Carrie?"

"I have nothing to say Victoria!" Carrie insisted .

"C'mon Carrie! You can't fool me! This is just like my game! You hide your real identity from this man, you keep on avoiding him, because you have done something! Right?!" Victoria started to get strong! (A/N: Beast mode!) :D)

"Look, Mr . Su, you're one of the most successful man in this country, and yet, you've got tricked by this woman?!"

Carrie has finally burst into tears!

"Yes! I admit! I lied to him! I hide my real identity from him! I tried to get his attention, to make him out of my brother's way!"

"I want him to leave Sister Nana , because I see him as the biggest hindrance for sister Nana and my brother's love for each other!"

" I've done a lot of things to sabotage your plans with sister Nana . " Carrie looked at Henry .

"I've done a lot of things that caused you pain . "

"And I did it all , because I want sister Nana and my brother to get back together, because they deserve to be happy!" Carrie has finally said the truth!

"I'm sorry, I did not think about how you feel . . "

"Henry . . . " Carrie looked up to Henry with her teary eyes .

"I'm sorry . . . I'm sorry if you have to be implicated to this!"

Carrie hold Henry's hand .

She don't see any emotions on his face!

And it made her more anxious!

"Henry . . . I'm sorry . . . " Carrie said again, there's no other word that came from her mouth but sorry!

Carrie hold Henry tightly as she keep on saying sorry .

Henry did not reply to Carrie , instead, he turn his head to Victoria and ask, " Are you done?!"

Victoria was stunned!

That's it?!

That's his reaction after finding out, that the woman he's chasing has tricked him?!

Victoria was not able to reply!

He didn't even got mad?!

This is opposite from what she expected!

She was expecting for Henry to get mad to Carrie!

But she can't even see anger in his face!

Henry held Carrie's hand , " Let's go!" He said without a expression on his face .