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My Bothersome Life - Chapter 13

Published at 29th of December 2018 04:08:09 PM

Chapter 13

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It was really hard trying to get out of Luke's sight as he kept a eye on me after the day I overexerted myself and ended up going to the infirmary . Now that the weekend was over, we got the chance to meet at our classmates!

But strangely, there was only four people here other than Christopher, Luke and I . "I thought there were a total of twelve people in our grade?" (Rika)

"Yes, but in order to enhance the students' learning, we decided to split the class into two to make smaller classes" (Christopher)

Twelve people already seemed small enough, but maybe it was too big for a kindergarten class . While, I was thinking about the class size, the two girls who stood before us smiled as they started to introduce themselves .

"Hello, pleased to meet you! My name is said to be Michelle de Locast . " The girl with silken black hair said .

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"And my name is Helena de Nicole . " The other girl with platinum bronze bob said .

"Now that it's our turn, My name is Allan de Krista and this is Alex de Monete . " The boy with gleaming navy blue hair said while pointing towards Alex .

"And as some may already know, I am Luke de Roselia and this is my partner Rika Shanes . " Luke replied back .

When I noticed that everyone's names had 'de' before their last name, I whispered into Luke's ear, "Why does everyone have 'de' in their names?"

"Everyone from the first district has 'de' in their names if they're from a family clan that has high status and power . " Luke whispered back into my ear .

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Oh . So everyone here were elites except for me . At this rate the partnering system did not seem to be a lottery did it?

"Well now that everyone have finished introducing themselves, everyone has free time for the rest of the day today to have time to interact with the new transfer students . " Christopher yelled to the class .

Since Luke didn't seem to be willing to explain the partner system anymore, I decided to ask those two girls that were right in front of me .

"Will you be willing to drink some tea with me at our leisure time?" I asked in a polite manner to Helena and Michelle .

When they replied yes, we went to the cafeteria to order some tea .

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This was when I started to ask some questions, "Do you think the partner system is a lottery?"

"Well, it is like a lottery, but to a certain extent . We're matched with someone with a similar amount of mana and the rest is uncertain from what I know . " Helena replied .

"Why is there a partnering system in the first place?" (Rika)

"I'm not sure . But I think it's because it's easier to form relationships with other people with similar status that way?" (Michelle)

Hmm . These four year olds were more perceptive than I thought they'd be . "I'm sorry for asking . It's because Luke wouldn't tell me about these things because our relationship is strained lately . " (Rika)

"Well, it's the same with Alex as well . He just keeps on telling me to study to accumulate more points! Helena has it lucky with Allan . Allan doesn't tell her to do anything . " Michelle said while pouting .

"It's more like I have to take care of Allan so that he doesn't get make us lose more points than he already has," Helena said angrily .

"Are children from the first district usually very capable like Luke?" I asked .

"The Roselia and the Monete family are well known in the first district for their strict upbringing in their children from a young age," Michelle answered .

Ahh . So Alex and Luke was special case in the first district as well .

While we got closer to one another from talking about our partners, the day deepened into the evening and I returned to my room .

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