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Chapter 1062
Chapter 1062: The Golden Age Aura

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The Golden Age Aura

"This herb is mine, get lost," the gloomy old man sneered and said coldly .

Qingfeng Li frowned his eyebrows in dissatisfaction, thinking, "How arrogant is this geezer, claiming the herb when I was the first one to see it?"

He narrowed his eyes and saw an old gloomy man in black . His pale face radiated a sense of death .

Qingfeng Li did not care much about his remark since he would neither leave nor give up the Golden Herb .

"I will say it one more time . As the third elder of the Sky Corpse Sect, Han Shi, I will kill you if you don't leave," the old man's eyes shined with a murderous intent as he said coldly .

"Get lost," Qingfeng Li cursed directly at him . He wouldn't even give the herb up if the sect master was here, not to mention the third elder of the Sky Corpse Sect .

Han Shi waved his right hand and, releasing the death aura from his body, conjured a giant corpse golem .

It was about three meters high and was exuding a strong sense of death . As masters in the late-stage of the Heavenly Spirit Realm, all the elders of the Sky Corpse Sect were able to summon corpse golems to fight for them .

It abruptly jumped up from the ground toward Qingfeng Li, swiping out with its sharp claws .

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Qingfeng Li held his Red Fiery Sword out in front of his chest . The corpse golem was covered in a deathly aura which forced Qingfeng to use his sword arts so that he would not come into contact with it .

"Fire Thunder Condensation," Qingfeng Li roared as his Red Fiery Sword chopped onto the golem through the air like a flash of fire .

BaliBong balibong!

The hair on the corpse golem was singed off as its body was burnt black by the flash of fire . The golem fell to the ground after a few twitches and stopped moving .

Everyone was astonished to see Qingfeng Li kill a corpse golem of the late-stage of the Heavenly Spirit Realm with one swing .

"How dare you to kill my corpse golem!?" Han Shi yelled coldly with anger .

"Get lost or I'll kill you as well," Qingfeng Li said with disdain .

Han Shi was embarrassed to be treated as a negligible ant by this arrogant young man so, of course, he wouldn't leave like that . He waved his right hand, conjuring a giant palm that slapped towards Qingfeng with a strong deadly force .

Qingfeng Li frowned at the disgusting evil smell that permeated Han Shi's techniques .

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"One Finger Splits All," Qingfeng Li used the first move of the Conqueror's Finger . Vital essence suddenly shot out of his finger and split Han Shi in half .

Poor Han Shi thought that Qingfeng Li would be easy to deal with since he was young, having no idea how many moves Qingfeng possessed that could easily kill him .

Seeing this, the disciples of the small sects were all scared far away .

Qingfeng was thus able to calmly walk to the golden herb to pick it .

The herb was so hard it felt like a piece of gold in Qingfeng Li's hands . It even stayed in its shape despite his touch .

He channeled his vital essence and finally plucked the Golden Herb after great effort .

Qingfeng Li sat down with his legs crossed and placed the herb in front of him as he started to take in its energy . Anyone with an ordinary cultivation technique would have had a hard time assimilating the energy of gold .

He activated his Mortal Purgatory Body Technique to forcefully absorb the energy of the Golden Herb, causing a ray of golden light to be sucked out of the Golden Herb and absorbed by Qingfeng's body .

The color of his body slowly turned from red into a light golden color as the energy entered his body .

Gold is one of the hardest objects, which also doesn't rot or corrode, even after thousands of years . The energy inside of the golden herb was of the essence of gold, one of the five fundamental elements . Gold was obviously the hardest amongst the five, with the other four being wood, water, fire, and earth .

Qingfeng Li was glad to find that the golden herb was helpful for the practice of the fourth level of the Mortal Purgatory Body . His body slowly turned into a faint golden color after he finished taking in all the energy from the Golden Herb .

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A hint of the golden energy was restored in his bones . It contained enormous power even though it was only the size of a pea .

Qingfeng Li kept walking ahead with Flower Fairy . Black Puppy and the Sky-Devourer Snake's eyes were filled with excitement and jealousy .

"Big bro! When can you give me a golden herb, too?" Black Puppy asked, waggling its tail .

The Golden Herb was not only helpful for Qingfeng Li but also for Black Puppy, so it started to ask him for it already .

"You can have one next time," Qingfeng Li told him . It was beneficial for Black Puppy to improve its strength since it could lend a helping hand to Qingfeng when the time arises .

Hearing Qingfeng Li's promise to Black Puppy, Sky-Devourer Snake climbed to his side and asked with its tail waggling as well, "Big brother, when can I get one as well?"


Flower Fairy finally burst into laughter as her entire body shivered and her face blushed, becoming red wine in color .

"What are you laughing about?" Qingfeng Li frowned in confusion .

Flower Fairy whispered as she tried to hide her laughter, "What do you think I am laughing about? Both Black Puppy and Sky-Devourer Snake both called you big brother just now . "

Qingfeng Li was stupefied before he realized that being called brother by a dog would make him a dog and being called brother by a snake would make him a snake .


He slapped the Sky-Devourer Snake's head and said coldly, "Do not call me big brother in the future . "

Then he walked beside Black Puppy and gave him a kick, "Same to you, don't call me big brother ever again . "

Both Black Puppy and the Sky-Devourer Snake looked at Qingfeng Li sadly, with gloomy eyes .

In fact, they were two famous celestial creatures back in the ancient times, and everyone would have killed to call them 'big brother' . Now, they were being scolded and beaten for calling a mere human 'big brother' .

Qingfeng Li kept on walking with Flower Fairy and Shark Demon King, being too busy looking for treasures on the Golden Island to care about the two beasts' feelings .

Peng, peng, peng…

It wasn't long before they heard some intense fighting sounds ahead of them .

The sound came from a grove and the intense skirmish taking place had already left many trees chopped in half and was still sending branches flying everywhere .

One of the branches flew towards Qingfeng Li and he caught it right in front of him, easily shattering it into countless pieces .