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Chapter 1528
Chapter 1528: The Corpse Poison Bug

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Qingfeng Li's Sonic Thunder-and-Lightning Lion Roar was extremely powerful, crashing into the depths of the corpse poison bug's mind and was about to tear its spirit energy apart .

But the corpse poison bug was no ordinary beast . It generated a black light and blocked the sonic lion at the critical moment .

Qingfeng Li looked at the corpse poison bug and felt quite depressed . He had tried many types of attacks, but they all didn't work, which made him pretty disappointed .

Qingfeng Li had made great efforts to kill the Three-Handed Demon Boss before, so he didn't expect it to be this hard to deal with the corpse poison bug too .

After the mutation of the Kunlun Mountains, evil energy and creatures kept showing up in the district . The demonic beasts and plants here had all mutated and became much more powerful .

Some poison bugs and demonic beasts of the ancient era also came out of the ground .

Qingfeng Li realized he had to kill these quickly before they managed to wander out of the Kunlun Mountain District . Otherwise, they would cause a huge disaster to the Eastern world .

Qingfeng Li wanted to use the Black-and-White Millstone one more time to destroy the spirit energy of the corpse poison bug and kill it .

But when he tried to summon the millstone, it continued hiding and resting in the depths of his mind .

The Black-and-White Millstone was still refining the spirit energy it absorbed from earlier and refused to wake up and help Qingfeng Li . Qingfeng Li was angry, but he had no other choices .

He had a complicated relationship with the Black-and-White Millstone . Though the millstone stayed with him, it was not under his control .

It would sometimes help Qingfeng Li, but it sometimes wouldn't, unless the situation was very beneficial to it . At this moment, it had devoured a lot of spirit energy before and was in no mood to deal with the corpse poison bug .

Most importantly, the corpse poison bug came from the deep underground and were mutated from corpses .

Their spirit energy was toxic, and the Black-and-White Millstone had no appetite for it . So naturally, it wouldn't help Qingfeng Li .

Qingfeng Li had no other choices but to summon the Fire Dragon's Soul . He believed it must have some solutions as a godly dragon from the ancient era .

The Fire Dragon's Soul was resting but still showed up when summoned . It said, "Qingfeng Li, I'll tell you . Even if I manage to kill the corpse poison bug, there will be no benefit for me . "

"It is a toxic bug from the ancient era that had mutated after eating the corpses of ancient self-cultivators . There is not much spirit energy inside its mind . "

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly and said," Senior Fire Dragon, I understand that . But I promise to give you some of the spirit flowers I obtain if you help me kill this corpse poison bug . "

The Fire Dragon's Soul nodded after hearing Qingfeng Li's promise .

It wanted to restore its spirit energy the most, so it would certainly be happy when Qingfeng Li promised to give it some elixirs . The Fire Dragon's soul flew out of Qingfeng Li's mind and turned into a giant Godly Dragon hundreds of meters long .

The Godly Dragon shined golden lights, with barrel-sized golden scales all over its body . With its two dragon horns pointing upward into the sky, it exuded powerful energy, suppressing the corpse poison bug and causing it to tremble on the ground .

The corpse poison bug was a well-known toxic worm from the ancient era, but it was still afraid of the Godly Dragon, one of the most powerful godly beasts in the world .

It turned around to escape, but the Fire Dragon's Soul breathed out a golden flame, directly burning the corpse poison bug into a black smoke that dissipated into the air .

Qingfeng Li was impressed by this scene .

The Fire Dragon was indeed a godly dragon! It was just way too powerful, easily burning the powerful corpse poison bug to death .

What Qingfeng Li didn't notice was the effect of its suppression when the Fire Dragon Soul killed corpse poison bug .

The corpse poison bug dared not to fight back, forced to only wait for death . That was the effect of the godly beasts' suppression on other demonic beasts .

"Kid, remember your promise . Give me some when you find the Spirit Flowers . " Fire Dragon Soul glanced at Qingfeng Li and hid in his mind-space again .

Qingfeng Li nodded . He would certainly keep his promise . Then he held Xue Lin in his arms, leading the rest into the Kunlun Mountains .

"Puppy, sniff with your nose and find the spirit herbs . We have to find them sooner and wake Xue Lin up . " Qingfeng Li scowled and asked Black Puppy for its help .

Although he had entered the Forbidden district of the Kunlun Mountains a few times, Qingfeng Li was still not familiar with this place . Only Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake knew this place well .

They were both ancient godly beasts and had come here numerous times . They knew every detail of the elixirs, treasures, and forbidden areas here .

Black Puppy smelled for a while and said," There is one Spirit Flower 25 kilometers away, in the north-east direction . "

Qingfeng Li turned delighted . It was a great choice to ask Black Puppy because it knew everything and had the keenest senses .

Qingfeng Li ran toward the direction given by puppy with the rest .

They met many other mutated demonic beasts along the way, but Qingfeng Li killed them all . He struck with his most powerful attacks every time, leaving no chance for the demonic beasts to react .

Qingfeng Li fought his way out and finally arrived at a canyon .

It was a huge valley with two skyscraping peaks on both sides .

The canyon was deep and mystical, emitting a terrifying aura .

The black ghost mist had already come out and enshrouded the entire canyon .

One could vaguely see human faces and hear screams ringing in this mist . They seemed to come from Hell, with disheveled hair and sharp teeth, which looked extremely horrifying .

Qingfeng Li looked over and found two black spirit flowers growing on the cliff .

Spirit flowers were usually white, blue, purple, or red, and there would only rarely be black ones .

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