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Chapter 1529
Chapter 1529: The Mysterious Valley

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Qingfeng Li frowned and asked, "Puppy, did these two spirit flowers mutate too?"

Black Puppy shook its head and explained, "Relax, they are a special variety that only grows in ghost fog . They contain powerful spirit energy and are rare treasures . "

"Alright, if they are this precious, I have to get them . " Qingfeng Li was determined .

"Miaoyi Jiang, hold Xue Lin for me and take good care of her . I'm going to grab the spirit flowers from the cliff . " Qingfeng Li told Miaoyi Jiang while handing Xue Lin to her .

Miaoyi Jiang nodded, reaching out her snow-white hands to embrace Xue Lin and look after her for Qingfeng Li .

She paid great attention since Xue Lin was Qingfeng Li's wife .

Qingfeng Li had his plan handing over Xue Lin to Miaoyi Jiang .

She was from Planet Yue, one of the high-tier planets, and was in the Spirit Supreme Realm with even stronger combat abilities than Qingfeng Li . Xue Lin would be safe under her attention .

It would be extremely dangerous for Qingfeng Li to pick the spirit flower while bringing Xue Lin along with him .

After handing over his wife, Qingfeng Li was about to fly toward the cliff on the other side, when he was stopped by Black Puppy .

"Puppy, I need to get those spirit flowers quickly . Why are you stopping me?" Qingfeng Li asked Black Puppy with disappointment .

Black Puppy turned serious and didn't let Qingfeng Li go . Instead, it pointed at the deep valley with its paw .

Qingfeng Li looked in the direction and saw nothing other than the black ghost fog coming from deep underground .

From his confused look, Black Puppy realized Qingfeng Li didn't see anything out of the ordinary .

Black Puppy walked around and caught a rabbit, then threw it into the valley .

It was a lively rabbit . But when it entered the valley, a white claw reached out of the black fog, grabbing the rabbit and tearing it apart, scattering flesh and blood .

Qingfeng Li was shocked by the white claw .

It was not a human hand but a skeleton claw, without skin, flesh, or blood vessels, shining white light with a chilling aura .

Qingfeng Li shuddered and asked, "Puppy, are skeletons being reanimated?"

Black Puppy nodded and replied, "Qingfeng Li, I'm telling you, that is not a human or a demonic beast . It's a skeleton spirit, which is also different from phantoms . "

Qingfeng Li was surprised by Black Puppy's words . It was the first time he heard that humans could turn into skeleton spirits after death .

Qingfeng Li continued asking, "How can the remaining skeletons turn into spirits after the person dies? They don't have minds or souls . "

Black Puppy turned surly and explained, "Bones, of course, can't turn into spirits, but there are fierce ghosts under the valley . Once they find a skeleton to host them, they would become skeleton spirits . "

Qingfeng Li got it after the explanation .

He wondered how could bones have awareness and attack others . Now he understood it was because of those fierce ghosts .

They couldn't be directly exposed in sunlight or show up on the land but could attach to other creatures or skeletons .

Many self-cultivators had the experience of being possessed by fierce ghosts to attack others .

Qingfeng Li walked aside and caught two powerful demonic beasts at the spirit emperor level .

One was a huge demonic snake; the other was a giant demonic lion .

He threw both of these demonic beasts into the valley .

The white skeleton claw showed up again, ate those two spirit emperor level demonic beasts and immediately turned their flesh and bones into its energy .

Qingfeng Li was astonished by this scene .

He wouldn't be this surprised if normal demonic beasts were killed by the white skeleton claw . But these two were powerful beasts in the spirit emperor realm, so he didn't expect they also couldn't stand one strike from the skeleton claw .

Qingfeng Li realized the extreme danger under the valley . It would be utterly difficult to get through .

But he had to do this for Xue Lin .

"Puppy, Snake, you two stay here and protect Xue Lin with Miaoyi Jiang . I'll take care of the rest," Qingfeng Li told Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake .

However, they disagreed and tried to stop Qingfeng Li because they thought the valley ahead was too dangerous .

At last, they compromised under Qingfeng Li's insistence and agreed to let him go as long as he took Black Puppy to protect him .

But Qingfeng Li still refused . He knew Black Puppy was not powerful enough to help him .

Qingfeng Li stomp hard on the ground, directly cracking the earth underneath and sending him flying into the air toward the black valley .

He felt a freezing breath when flying over the valley .

The breath delivered piercing coldness inside his body, making his whole-body tremble .

Qingfeng Li frowned and looked down, just in time to see a white skeleton claw reaching out from the depths of the black valley .

That white skeleton claw was extremely sharp with a bright light shining on it, and it grabbed right at Qingfeng Li's heart .

Qingfeng Li took out the Fire Emperor Sword without a second thought .

He channeled his fire type vital essence and slashed the long sword downwards at the white skeleton claw with flame sword energy .

The flame mixed with sharp sword energy and crashed against the white skeleton claw, creating an ear-splitting noise .

The black fog in the entire valley started to boil, letting out terrifying cries from inside . The fierce ghosts obviously feared the flames and cried out painfully .

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