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Chapter 1585: 1585

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"Will I really never see Mengyao Xu again?" Qingfeng Li's brow furrowed, feeling a little sad .

Mengyao Xu was someone who was special to Qingfeng Li . So many things had happened between the two of them and they had experienced a lot together . She was Qingfeng Li's woman .

Qingfeng Li's feelings for this beautiful girl were complicated, but now, Mengyao Xu had gone missing . She was nowhere to be found in the entirety of Eastern Sea City .

Suddenly, a thought struck Qingfeng Li . There was one more possibility: Mengyao Fu of the Talisman-Emperor Sect .

Qingfeng Li had seen Mengyao Fu before . She looked just like Mengyao Xu, only that her surname was different . On top of that, she had protected him and provided him with a lot of assistance .

Even back then, Qingfeng Li had suspected that perhaps there was a connection between Mengyao Fu and Mengyao Xu . Looking back now, it seemed that there must be a significant connection between the two .

Without a moment's hesitation, Qingfeng Li hastened to call upon his connections within the Eastern world of self-cultivation . Getting in touch with Qixuan Zhenren, the Fate Elder, and the White-Crane Fairy, he bade them to look for Mengyao Fu at the Talisman-Emperor Sect .

The sect master of the Talisman-Emperor Sect told Qingfeng Li that she had been the one to bring Mengyao Fu into a sect from Eastern Sea City . Her original name had been Mengyao Xu, which was later changed to Mengyao Fu . But, now, Mengyao Fu was missing as well .

Qingfeng Li was the current alliance chief of the Eastern world of self-cultivation . He held a position of immense power, and with it, he mobilized the entire Eastern world of self-cultivation in an effort to find Mengyao Fu .

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However, after going over the entire Eastern world of self-cultivation from top to bottom, they were still unable to find her . It was like she had suddenly vanished into thin air .

Finally, Qingfeng Li arrived at the conclusion that, perhaps, Mengyao Fu had gone to another planet through some unknown interspatial tunnel or ancient transportation array .

The reason for this conclusion was that Mengyao Fu had left a letter for Qingfeng Li at the Talisman-Emperor Sect . In the letter, she said that she was about to go to a very distant place, perhaps never to return to Earth, and that because she had to leave on very short notice she wasn't able to say goodbye to Qingfeng Li in person .

Leaving the Talisman-Emperor Sect, Qingfeng Li then went to the Demonic-Imperial Sect . He wanted to see Linger Yao but was told that she was in seclusion .

Having been unable to see Linger Yao, Qingfeng Li felt disappointed . He had no choice but to return to Eastern Sea City . During the time he had been away, through meditation and rest, the Dark Night Emperor had awakened from his slumber .

Dark Night Emperor had absorbed a great quantity of spirit energy, elixirs, and spirit herbs . His strength had grown significantly, and it was all thanks to Qingfeng Li .

Since he had destroyed the Pope's Pagoda and defeated the Palace Lord of the Wisdom Palace in the Western world of self-cultivation, Qingfeng Li had been looting treasures and resources from the entire Western world of self-cultivation .

In the Eastern world of self-cultivation, Qingfeng Li likewise collected massive amounts of spirit herbs and vitality stones . He had given them all to Dark Night Emperor and the Fire Dragon's Soul so that they could consume them and recover their spirit energies to their peak conditions .

This was because Qingfeng Li knew that, to operate the Crimson Fire Array, he needed to rely on Dark Night Emperor and the Fire Dragon's Soul . He definitely could not do it by himself .

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With all preparations in place, Qingfeng Li held a last get-together with his friends and family in the Eastern Sea City, such as the Ten Great Demon Kings, the Wolf Fang Team, Wanqiu Xia, Xiaoyue Zhang, FeiFei Xie, Xiaoman Lu, Yanzhi Pei, Fengwu Cao, Meier Li, Red Butterfly Yip, King Kong, Tianci Zhang, Hao Luo, Yunchang Xu, and Miaochun Zhang .

Of the Ten Great Demon Kings, Qingfeng Li only met seven . Qingfeng Li was told by Master Wind-Edge Demon King that the other three Demon Kings had already gone to top-tier planets and that maybe they would meet again .

Qingfeng Li invited his Master and the Wolf Fang Team to accompany him to the Top Tier Planets . However, the Wind-Edge Demon King told him that there were still things he needed to do on Earth . When he had finished with his business on Earth, he promised, he would go meet up with Qingfeng Li on Mars, along with the rest of the Ten Great Demon Kings and the Wolf Fang Team .

Saying his goodbyes to the Ten Great Demon Kings and the Wolf Fang Team, Qingfeng Li left for the ancient transportation array in the Arctic . With him were Xue Lin, Black Puppy, and Sky-Devouring Snake .

Just as they were leaving the mansion, however, they encountered two elderly men: the Fate Elder and Qixuan Zhenren .

These two elderly individuals were the pillars and backbone of the Eastern World of Self Cultivators . They were both top masters who had reached the ninth level of the spirit emperor realm .

"Fate Elder, Qixuan Zhenren, what are you here for?" Qingfeng Li asked, his brows furrowing .

Fate Elder bowed deeply . "Lord, we wish to accompany you to the top tier planets," he said . "Please, take us with you . "

Despite being over three hundred years old, much older than Qingfeng Li, the Fate Elder still had to bend his waist in respect . This was because Qingfeng Li was the alliance chief of the Eastern world of self-cultivation and also because of his immense strength .

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In the world of self-cultivation, age was not what determines seniority, but strength . It was the strong that held power .

Qingfeng Li's brows knitted together, there was shock and uncertainty in his eyes . "Fate Elder," he asked . "Why do you and Qixuan Zhenren want to go to the Top Tier Planets? It's extremely dangerous there . "

The Fate Elder and Qixuan Zhenren both gave a bitter laugh . There was a hint of dejection in their eyes .

The Fate elder spoke, "Our lifespans are limited . We must go to the top tier planets to seek elixirs that can extend our lives . "

Hearing the Fate Elder's words, Qingfeng Li nodded . He finally understood the reason . The two elders had limited lifespans; they only had less than a year left . If they stayed on Earth, there would be no question that they would die .

Qingfeng Li nodded . He decided to bring the Fate Elder and Qixuan Zhenren with him, because they had once helped him in the Forbidden District of Kunlun Mountain, and there was no way Qingfeng Li would stand by and watch the two elders die .

As well, once he arrived on the top tier planet, Qingfeng Li could probably use a helping hand .

Of course, before Qingfeng Li left, he made all necessary arrangements to make sure everything runs smoothly in Eastern Sea City .

As for the Ice Snow Corporation, after some deliberation, Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin decided to give it to Wanqiu Xia . They made Wanqiu Xia the President of the Ice Snow Corporation, leaving her in charge of all business operations . Xiaoyue Zhang was made the Vice-President and General Manager of the Corporation .

Qingfeng Li and the others then boarded a helicopter and flew toward the Arctic's ancient transportation array .

They had arranged for a ship to wait for them on the open ocean . The helicopter would land on the ship when it ran out of fuel, and they would continue the journey by sea .

As the chopper flew over the Eastern Sea, Qingfeng Li spotted several familiar figures . Among these were the Eastern Sea Prince, the Second Princess and the Third princess . Also present were the old Eastern Sea Dragon King and Eastern Sea Queen-Mother .

These were all people Qingfeng Li had interacted with before . There had been misunderstanding between them . But out of blows, friendship grows; they were all good friends now .

The Third Princess wore a translucent white dress . She had exquisite features and snow-white skin; her large eyes were like two snow lotuses, clear and bright; her silhouette swaying over the surface of the sea like the branches of a willow . She looked absolutely enchanting .

When the Third Princess saw Qingfeng Li, the expression on her delicate face grew complicated . She couldn't express what she felt for this man in words, it was a mix of anger, hate, love, fear, respect, and unease .

Qingfeng Li bade the helicopter to land on the deck of the ship below . He exited the aircraft alone . Upon the surface of the sea, the Eastern Sea Dragon King had raised a massive hurricane, blocking the the ship's path .

Qingfeng Li gazed toward the Eastern Sea Dragon King . This was a middle-aged man, his figure broad and tall . He had a prominent nose and wore a dragon-patterned robe . His entire body radiated a powerful presence .

Qingfeng Li was startled . He could clearly sense the Eastern Sea Dragon King's power, which was a Half-Step into the Spirit Supreme Realm . This was definitely the most powerful entity within the Eastern world of self-cultivation .

"Lord Dragon King," Qingfeng Li put one hand over the other fist and raised them in greeting . "May I ask what business you have with us, that you would block the path of our ship?"