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Chapter 1754: 1754

"The Emperor was killed by this young man . Who is this man and how dare he?"

"We have to get revenge for the Emperor and kill this man . "

"Let's do this together, kill him . "

The generals in the royal palace of Golden-Arrow all rushed toward Qingfeng Li holding spears, blades, and swords, trying to avenge their Emperor .

Qingfeng Li sneered with a cold look . He drew out his Fire Supreme Sword and slashed hard forward, shaping a sharp blast of sword energy .

The energy sword reached out for three thousand meters and cut all the generals and guards in half .

The rest of the self-cultivators all stepped back with fear upon seeing how powerful Qingfeng Li was .

Qingfeng Li yelled towards the depths of the royal palace, "Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch, come out and face your doom . "

Qingfeng Li yelled loudly, releasing sonic attacks from the sky propagating toward the deep underground, shattering all the buildings, trees, and meteorites along the way .

But the sonic attacks were blocked by the lights from the black coffin when they reached a thousand meters underground .

The Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch was super powerful . Though he was half dead, his aura was still shockingly strong .

Just like Fiery-Sun Emperordom Patriarch, the Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch was also heavily injured from the Qi deviation he experienced when he tried to break into the Spirit Monarch Realm a thousand years ago .

Breaking into the Spirit Monarch Realm was very difficult, which could easily lead to Qi deviation .

An old voice came from the black coffin, "Who is interrupting my sleep?"

Qingfeng Li didn't answer . Instead, he slashed his Fire Supreme Sword downward . The sharp sword energy cracked the ground and spread toward the black coffin .

A roar came from the coffin . The elder obviously was irritated by Qingfeng Li's attack and reached out his withered hand .

His hand was like a ghost claw, only bones and skin . It grabbed the sword energy and easily crushed it .

Then an elder with sparse hair flew out of the coffin . He looked bony and weak with no hair or eyebrows, but he exuded a powerful aura, even shattering the space around him .

This elder was the Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch, a well-known master from a thousand years ago . But he was badly injured and had been sleeping underground after his Qi deviation .

He didn't show up even when his descendant, the Golden-Arrow Emperor was killed . It was obvious that he was injured even worse than Fiery-Sun Kingdom Patriarch .

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Qingfeng Li stared at the Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch, saying, "A thousand years is enough for you . I'll send you to hell today . "

"How conceited are you to think of killing me . You weren't even born when I was conquering the Golden-Arrow Country a thousand years ago . "

"Two thousand times of gravity!"

Qingfeng Li yelled and directly unleashed the gravity technique, the monarch level technique he had just learned .

A strong black suction force formed in front of Qingfeng Li, turning into a whirlpool that rose up and pressed the Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch onto the ground .

The Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch had intended to fly up and beat Qingfeng Li, but then found himself tightly nailed on the ground and could hardly move .

He turned astonished for it was the first time he had encountered this situation .

The Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch was extremely powerful, who had a chance to break into the Spirit Monarch Realm a thousand years ago . Although injured by Qi deviation, he was still hard to deal with for normal self-cultivators in the Supreme Realm .

The Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch opened his mouth, creating a sonic golden-arrow that shot at Qingfeng Li .

Qingfeng Li then spat out a sonic lion, eating up the sonic golden-arrow, and then refining it into his own spirit energy .

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It was asking for death to attacking Qingfeng Li with sonic attacks .

"Wind Elemental Wings!"

Qingfeng Li operated the Wind Elemental Wings and turned himself into a whirlwind, then got to the side of the Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch instantly .

Qingfeng Li swung his right fist, exuding black tadpole-like seal scripts, hitting the Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch with golden lights .

The Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch couldn't move, only able to parry the punch with his vital essence power .

But at the next moment, he found Qingfeng Li's punch was too powerful for him, crushing his fist and arm with millions of pounds of force, revealing the white bones underneath .

The Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch screamed shrilly . He had hid and tried to recover underground, but had never expected such a powerful young man to show up .

This young man looked only over 20 but was even more powerful than he, a thousand-years-old elder, was .

The Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch then took out a powerful attacking spiritual treasure, which could form an illusion array formation . He tried to trap Qingfeng Li with it, but he was wrong .

Qingfeng Li was very familiar with array formations and broke it with a simple glance with his clairvoyance . Then he kept punching at the Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch with his Strangle Hell Fist .

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One punch, two, three… Qingfeng Li struck 20 punches in a row and broke the spiritual treasure as well as the armor of the Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch .


With a giant noise, the Golden-Arrow Country Patriarch's body was also blasted apart by Qingfeng Li's attacks, turning into pieces and disappearing .

His nascent soul flew out from his mind-space and tried to escape, but Qingfeng Li pierced through the soul with golden energy and killed him completely .

Afterward, Qingfeng Li destroyed the entire royal palace of Golden-Arrow Country with the Fire Supreme Sword and killed all the self-cultivators beyond the Supreme Realm, leaving no potential threats to Lingyun .

With the two thousand times of gravity, Qingfeng Li had no opponents anymore .

Then Qingfeng Li hurried to Soil-Border Country and Clear-Wood Country and killed the other two patriarchs in front of all the self-cultivators .

Although the patriarchs were very powerful, they were not comparable to Qingfeng Li . With the Monarch Level Gravity Technique, as well as Wind Elemental Wings, Strangle Hell Fist, Gold Dao Seed and Golden Flames, Qingfeng Li was close to being invincible in the Supreme Realm .

Qingfeng Li killed the patriarchs of these three countries in a row . Counting the Fiery-Sun Kingdom Patriarch, the ancestors of all these four countries were all dead .

Besides them, all other self-cultivators beyond the Supreme Realm in these four countries were eliminated, with no threats left for Lingyun .