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Chapter 1942: 1942

The Peach Blossom She-devil looked at Qingfeng Li, saying, "It's too dangerous in the Tomb of Sun Monarch . Even I feel the inhibition inside and my power seemed to be restrained somehow . "

Qingfeng Li nodded, saying, "Of course . It's the place where the Sun Monarch was buried . He was the Planet Ruler and conquered the entire Crimson Fire Continent, controlling the vital energy of the whole planet . Everyone will feel suppressed here . "

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Suddenly, a few more screams came from the front . Some more self-cultivators were killed and cried out eerily .

Qingfeng Li frowned for he sensed the smell of blood from the front .

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They walked into a tunnel at the beginning, but it turned very spacious after they passed through, looking like a boundless grassland .

The Sun Monarch Tomb was truly luxurious, with such a large space underground . It was like a small world, with actually an undulating grassland .

Qingfeng Li looked forward and found thousands of se @@