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Chapter 1943: 1943

Qingfeng Li was surprised after seeing Huozhu Chi, Linglong Xue, Jun Po, and Xie Ming, the four emperors of supreme dynasties, leading their minions to cross the Fire Essence River .

These people were so powerful that even the Fire Essence River couldn't stop them .

After the four super masters, the masters in the Eighth Level of the Spirit Monarch Realm such as the Devil Monarch, the Demon Monarch, the Ghost Monarch, and the Wicked Monarch, also took out their powerful Dharma treasures and crossed the Fire Essence River .

Other self-cultivators also strived to cross the river and feared to lag behind, for they knew they could only get the inheritance of the Sun Monarch by entering the depths of the Sun Monarch Tomb first .

If they were not able to pass the first challenge, how could they get the legacy?

Some of the following self-cultivators were powerful enough to cross the Fire Essence River, but some were weak and were devoured above the river, turning @@