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Chapter 407

On the next day at 5 am, Qingfeng Li woke up . He woke up this early because it was the day of the wedding between him and Xue Lin .

After brushing his teeth, Qingfeng Li ate a simple breakfast and headed towards Zhang Hotel .

The location for the wedding was at the Zhang Hotel, managed by Tianci Zhang . It was an upper-class 5-star hotel .

Qingfeng Li’s parents went missing so a lot of the wedding had to be planned by him himself .

When Qingfeng Li arrived at the hotel, Tianci Zhang was already waiting for him . As the little brother of Qingfeng Li, naturally he had to arrive early .

"Big brother Li, congratulation . " Tianci Zhang said with a laugh seeing the arrival of Qingfeng Li .

"Thanks a lot and the trouble today . You have to take care of the errands for me today . " Qingfeng Li thanked him .

Tianci Zhang shook his hand and said, "I feel proud that you are asking me to help you . Don’t be so modest . "

The location, hotel, drinks, sweets, cigarettes, tea, and everything else was organized by Tianci Zhang . Qingfeng Li felt assured that Tianci Zhang was the one managing everything .

In a short moment, a monk in Taoist clothing walked in . The man was Xuanji Lu . When Qingfeng Li sent the invitations, he also told the Taoist that today was their wedding .

"Boss you didn’t invite Alice and the others . . . is it really ok?" Taoist tensed his brows and asked .

The monk wanted to notify Alice and the rest of the Wolf Fang team, but Qingfeng Li didn’t want to . This was because he didn’t want to hurt Alice .

"Monk, no need to tell Alice . You represent her . " Qingfeng Li smiled .

It was simple, Alice liked him, and the two even had sex . But Qingfeng Li could not divorce Xue Lin and marry Alice . Thus why he didn’t invite Alice . This was a good decision because he didn’t want to hurt Alice .

In terms of the Wolf Fang team, he naturally he couldn’t invite them because then Alice would become aware . Qingfeng Li didn’t want Alice to come and mess up the wedding .

Monk nodded . If the boss didn’t want to, then he had nothing to say .

"Oh right boss, before I came, teacher told me to tell you something . I am not too sure if I should say it or not . " Taoist hesitated .

Seeing the expression on monk’s face, Qingfeng Li said, "We are life-death brothers, there isn’t anything that you shouldn’t tell me . What's up?"

"Boss, before I came my teacher told me that there might be blood shed at your wedding date . He told me to tell you to be careful . " Taoist said .

To be honest, today was the date of their wedding, but his teacher said something bad was going to happen . Monk felt it wasn’t the best thing to say .

What, something bad was going to happen at today’s wedding?

Qingfeng Li’s heart beat suddenly sped up . If it was any other person that told him, he would have already slapped them . But Taoist’s teacher was different .

Qingfeng Li knew that the Monk’s teacher knew how to predict the future and was extremely powerful; he wouldn’t say anything so carelessly .

In addition, Qingfeng Li’s eyelids were twitching nonstop; he felt something was going to happen, but he didn’t know what will .

Qingfeng Li was a man, not a god . He could not know what everyone was thinking .

"Monk, I felt something was going to happen as well . Come pick up Xue Lin with me later . Your job is to protect her, understood?" Qingfeng Li said seriously .

"Yes sir . I will protect her at any costs . " Taoist promised .

Time flew and became 9 o’clock in just a short while . Some relatives and friends arrived one by one .

Of course, these were all relatives of Xue Lin . Qingfeng Li’s Jing Capital’s relatives didn’t come . In terms of grandpa Chen and Meier Li, they were probably still on the way . After all, the Jing Capital was far from Eastern Sea City .

Qingfeng Li saw a lot of familiar faces between the crowds . There were Xiaoyue Zhang, Wanqiu Xia, Hao Luo, Mengyao Xu . These were all friends from the Ice Snow Corporation .

When these people came they all congratulated Qingfeng Li’s marriage . But the girls all looked at Qingfeng Li grimly .

Xiaoyue Zhang and Wanqiu Xia weren’t special so after they came, their names weren’t announced .

At the room in front, there was a huge LED screen . Every name of the person who came for the wedding appeared on the screen .

Beside the screen, Tianci Zhang stood there with a mic . If anyone important were to arrive, he would call out their names .

In a short moment, the first important guest came with wedding present .

"Eastern Sea City president of Antique Association Yunchang Xu arrived with Night Pearl . " Tianci Zhang said with a loud voice .

Being the young master of Zhang family, previously one of the top four young masters of Eastern Sea City, Tianci Zhang knew the upper classes well, so naturally it was a job for him to announce the names .

Yunchang Xu arrived dressed in a Tang suit and his granddaughter Lingxiu Xu came along as well .

What, president of the Antique Association came?

Everyone was shocked . They didn’t think that the president would come to Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin’s wedding personally .

"Qingfeng, congratulation on your marriage . This Night Pearl is one from my collection, I will give it to you as a gift for your wedding . " Yunchang Xu said with a smile .

This Night Pearl was worth millions; a piece from Yunchang Xu’s most precious collection . Today he brought it out for Qingfeng Li’s wedding .

"Thank you so much President Xu, please sit . " Qingfeng Li said with a smile and asked him to sit down .

Yunchang Xu was pretty cold usually . Qingfeng Li was extremely thankful that he came to his wedding personally .

"Qingfeng League Leader King Kong arrived with one million Yuan as a present . "Hao Luo announced with the mic .

Hearing what Hao Luo said, the guests were shocked again . They didn’t think King Kong would come to the wedding .

They all knew King Kong was the boss of the underground forces of Eastern Sea City . Not only did he come to Qingfeng Li’s wedding, he even brought one million with him .

The next moment shocked the guests even more . King Kong walked directly to Qingfeng Li and saluted, "Grand Daddy Li, I want to say congratulation for the wedding between you and sister-in-law . This is one million Yuan, please accept it . "

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