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Chapter 912: Billowy Killing Intent

Ghost King Palace, you deserve death . Billowy killing intent were coming out of every inch of Qingfeng Li's body .

 At this moment he had already realized that Ghost King Palace was the ones who kidnapped Ruyan Liu . This conclusion was from the number 7 left by Alice .

Ghost King Palace was a super-class force in Tianjing City, which was even greater than the top four ancient martial arts families . Qingfeng Li used to have many conflicts with Ghost King Palace, to the point where they were always planning to kill him . However, Qingfeng Li had killed many people from Ghost King Palace . Consequently, both sides had became mortal enemies .

Obviously, the biggest enemy Qingfeng Li had from Ghost King Palace was Hell King . The hatred between them was as deep as sea, and they had already put themselves into a life-or-death struggle .

Qingfeng Li swore that he would kill Hell King for sure this time and destroy Ghost King Palace .

What is so impressive about a super-class force? The billowy killing spirits in Qingfeng Li's heart was scorching hot and he felt like he was going to explode at any moment .

"Come on, go to Ghost King Palace with me . " a grim smile appeared on Qingfeng Li's downcast face . Qingfeng Li got on a helicopter and headed towards Tianjing City with all the members of the Wolf Fang team .

Qingfeng Li knew today was the day that Ruyan Liu was going to enter labour, which couldn't be put off, and what was more important was that he couldn't let anyone hurt her .

On the helicopter, Qingfeng Li called Niching Luo and Jianghe Tang in Tianjing City directly, asking them to use all of their connections in the city to find out where the headquarters of the Ghost King Palace was .
Moreover, in order to ensure the safety of Ruyan Liu, Qingfeng Li even called the Special Security Bureau and asked Fengwu Cao to block the entire Tianjiang City so that even a fly wouldn't be able to get away .

Although Fengwu Cao was still on the ship since it just arrived at the shoreside of Huaxia, she promised Qingfeng Li to arrange the staff of the Special Security Bureau immediately .

In addition to the Special Security Bureau, Flower Fairy and Xianzhi Qin were about to go to Tianjing City to help Qingfeng Li . It didn't matter if it was the Hundred Flower Palace or th eFiery Emperor Palace, both of the great forces wanted to draw Qingfeng Li over to their sides and make him work for them .

Qingfeng Li flew the helicopter from Eastern Sea City to Tianjing City with the Wolf Fang team, and landed it in the courtyard of the Luo Family .

Niching Luo was dressed in a long purple dress . She turned her charming face towards Qingfeng Li and looked at him with eagerness .

It had been long enough since the last time Niching Luo met Qingfeng Li, thus she missed him quite a lot .

"Miss Luo, I asked you to look Ghost King Palace up, how is that going?" skipping the greeting, Qingfeng Li raised his question as soon as he walked out of the helicopter .

Understanding the seriousness of the situation, Niching Luo answered immediately, "It went perfectly . The Ghost King Palace is located a few hundred meters below the Ghost King Villa on the west side of Tianjing City . "

The Luo Family was one of the top four ancient martial arts families in Tianjing City . It was a first-class family, which didn't have as much influence as supreme families did, but it still had enough worldly influence . Therefore, it only took her a short time to find out where the headquarters of the Ghost King Palace was .

Delight appeared in Qingfeng Li's eyes and he felt excited . He could save Ruyan Liu as long as he knew where the headquarter of the Ghost King Palace was .
"Miss Luo, I have to save someone, bye for now . " Qingfeng Li waved his hands and was ready to leave with the Wolf Fang team .

 "Qingfeng Li, I'll go with you with my staff . The Ghost King Palace is super-class force after all, it is extremely powerful . " opening her red lips, Niching Luo said .

Although knowing how much more formidable the Ghost King Palace was than Luo Family, Niching Luo wasn't scared at all as she wanted to help Qingfeng Li .

Qingfeng Li nodded, asking Niching Luo to bring her father and all the elite of the Luo Family to head to the Ghost King Palace together .
Other than that, Qingfeng Li called Jianghe Tang in Tianjing City and asked him to bring his fellows of the Tang Family to go to Ghost King Palace withe him .

Jianghe Tang was one of the top four ancient martial arts leaders, whose family influence was incredibly powerful . However, he had taken Qingfeng Li as his master, and thus obviously he would obey whatever Qingfeng Li asked for .

Meanwhile, Xianzhi Qin and Flower Fairy called as well to ask where Qingfeng Li was . Qingfeng Li told them the location of the headquarters of the Ghost King Palace and asked them to go there directly .

Qingfeng Li was aware of the super-class force of the Ghost King Palace and the self-cultivators it had . He planned to kill without mercy this time and wouldn't let anyone in the Ghost King Palace get away . Therefore, he asked all of his friends to join him . There was only one purpose of doing that, to kill everyone in the Ghost King Palace .

Qingfeng Li was traveling at a high speed as he was worried about Ruyan Liu . All the people arrived at Ghost King Villa in less than half an hour .
The Ghost King Palace was located in the east rural area in Tianjing City . It was a pitch-black villa as seen from the outside, as it was fully built by black marble .

However, what Niching Luo learned from her spy was that there was an enormous underground palace below the Ghost King Palace, which was exactly the Ghost King Palace .

Staring at the black Ghost King Villa, Qingfeng Li had burning killing intent shooting out of his eyes . He had been in fiery anger since the Ghost King Palace kidnapped Ruyan Liu .

Qingfeng Li swore that he would kill anyone who was in the Ghost King Palace, and no one would get out of there alive .

Qingfeng Li needed to warn everyone in the ancient martial arts world that anyone who dared to offend his friends or kidnap his women would be brutally killed no matter whether they were a first-class or super-class force .

"Stop here, this is the Ghost King Villa, no strangers are allowed in . " seeing Qingfeng Li getting closer, two security guards who stood at the gate said .

The Ghost King Palace was a super-class force in the ancient martial arts world and as a result, its security detail wasn't something normal . They were masters in the later stages of the first-order realm, who almost reached the grandmaster realm, and there were powerful momentum coming out of their body .


Qingfeng Li took out his Red Fiery sword and chopped them without any hesitation .

The sword energy overran and seared the air whereever the Red Fiery sword arrived, which was extremely terrifying .

Poosh, poosh!

The heads of those two strong security guards were instantly cut off by the Red Fiery sword, leaving them no time to react .

Niching Luo and the fellows of Luo Family followed Qingfeng Li, the looks on their faces changing dramatically and their eyes filling with astonishment . They had heard about how forceful Qingfeng Li was, as he was known as the great devil of the ancient martial arts world in Huaxia . After what they just witnessed, they realized Qingfeng Li indeed deserved the reputation he enjoyed .
It was known that those two first-order pinnacle tier masters were extremely powerful . However, they were just some weak chickens in the eyes of Qingfeng Li .

Niching Luo and the Luo Family felt lucky that they had a good relationship with Qingfeng Li, they were friends instead of enemies, or otherwise they wouldn't even know how they died .
There were a few more dozens of security guards in the Ghost King Villa who ran out after hearing the noise . The leader was a middle-aged man as well as an elite in the grandmaster realm .
All the security guard's looks changed when they saw the two guards laying dead at the gate . The middle-aged leader yelled angrily, "Who are you, how dare you kill people belonging to the Ghost King Palace, do you want to die?"

In response to the mad yelling from the grandmaster realm security, Qingfeng Li flipped his right wrist, took out his Red Fiery sword and sent it into an eerily sharp sword energy, directly cutting off the grandmaster realm security guards head .


 The head of the powerful grandmaster realm security was cut off with no surprise . Before he died, his eyes were full of fear, the only thought he had was how formidable this young man in front of him was .

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