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Chapter 913: Sky Ghost Battle Array

It shocked everyone that Qingfeng Li killed the grandmaster realm security with merely one sword strike . The rest of the guards were staring at Qingfeng with their eyes filled with terror .  

Terrifying, this young man is so terrifying . That was their leader, who was a master in the grandmaster realm and the protector of Ghost King Palace . No one could ever expect that he would be killed by one sword strike .  

"Tell me, where is the entrance to Ghost King Palace . " Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and said with a murderous momentum .

Dozens of guards kept their mouth shut and didn't reveal anything .


Qingfeng Li took out his sword again and the head of a guard fell onto the ground with the swing of Qingfeng's sword . Then he said in a cold voice, "This is how you are going to end up if you don't tell me now . "

Looking at the dead guard, the rest of the people couldn't hide the fear on their faces, but they still remained silent .

Clang, Clang, Clang . . .

Qingfeng Li didn't bother asking any more, and started killing instead . Every sword swing killed one person, and over twenty guards were killed in a short amount of time .

As there was only one security left, this guy with short hair finally failed to refrain the fear in his heart . He kneeled down in a banging sound, trying to beg for forgiveness, "Bro, bro, b-b-brother, I don't wanna die, please don't kill me . "

"Show me the Ghost King Palace . " Pointing at the short hair security, Qingfeng Li asked in a cold voice .
The short hair security's face turned terrified . He said, "Brother, I don't know where the Ghost King Palace is, only Hell King knows . "

"What's the point of keeping you since you don't know where it is . " Qingfeng Li sneered, reaching for his sword and cutting off his head instantly .

By that moment, dozens of strong guards in the Ghost King Villa were all killed . In the air, it stank of nose-piercing gore and sanguine .

"Daoist, Bald Man, Death God, find the entrance to Ghost King Palace for me, even if you have to dig three feet under the ground . " as soon as Qingfeng Li gave his command, everyone started looking for the entrance to the Ghost King Palace .

The Wolf Fang team was used to performing missions and was excellent at searching for entrances . Daoist found a clue shortly .

In addition to Alice, Daoist was the most skilled at collecting information .  Not after a while, Daoist found a hidden block behind the bookshelf in the study room .

"Boss, there is a trick behind the bookshelf . " finding a clue, Daoist said in a hurry .

Qingfeng Li rushed from the living room to the study room . The study room took up an enormous space . Rich people usually had big study rooms that took up a hundred square meters, which could be even bigger than a normal person's entire living space .

In the enormous study room, there were eight book shelves, on which had been placed countless books .

Daoist noticed something different on the eighth book shelf, unlike the other shelves, a vase was put on the top of this shelf .

Qingfeng Li walked up to the vase and turned it slowly to the left .
Chi Chi!
With the movement of the vase, the eighth shelf started turning to the right, revealing a pitch black passage entrance inside .

Theg Ghost King Palace was under the eighth hole, Qingfeng Li had already sensed a powerful aura .
"Come on, follow me down there . " Qingfeng Li walked down first . This was a pathway with creepy black steps . On both sides there were very bright lightings .

After a ten-minute walk, Qingfeng Li led all the people to walk hundreds of meters down the ground . The first thing that came into view was an enormous empty space which took up almost ten thousand square meters .

As a super-class force, it was undeniable that Ghost King Palace was so financially strong that it could afford an over ten thousand square meters construction project built a few hundreds meters underground .

Only a super-class force like the Ghost King Palace could empty the underground area, and create such a splendid building . Normal martial forces would never be able to do that .

Qingfeng Li sensed something wrong as soon as he got underground . His instincts told him that there was great danger in the underground area .

Qingfeng Li slightly gazed and looked around, but he didn't figure out where the danger came from .

"Little brat, you are entering the Sky Ghost Battle Array now . Hold your breath right now and be careful with your surroundings . " The voice of Dark Night Emperor arose in Qingfeng Li's mind .

As a self-cultivator, Dark Night Emperor understood deeply about arrays . His psychic force had already sensed the creepiness and terror around, so he gave Qingfeng Li a warning immediately .
Qingfeng Li's look on his face changed and he instantly told Wolf Fang team and the people from the Luo Family, "Everyone hold your breath and watch out for the surroundings . "
All the people immediately held their breath after hearing Qingfeng Li's warning . They looked around cautiously . Although there was no one else around, they could still feel the gloomy atmosphere .

Hiss hiss hiss hiss … . . .
Massive black fog rose from the ground in such a high speed that it instantly covered the ten thousand square meters underground area . The entire area became a dense mass of black fog, which was extremely terrifying .

The fog didn't only terrify people, but also lowered their visibility . Surrounded by black fog, Qingfeng Li wasn't able to see anything, neither were others .  

"Tssss . . . " A weird noise went off in the black fog, and some ferocious ghosts walked towards all the people one by one .
Those ferocious ghosts weren't human beings, they were actually special evil spirits in a human-shape form, which looked extremely creepy and frightening .

"Ouch, my hand is gone . " A disciple of Luo Family gave out a miserable screaming . His palm was eaten by the weird ferocious ghost .
Followed by another scream, a second disciple of Luo Family lost his foot to the ferocious ghost .
Ferocious ghost was different from those summoned by Vampire Sect . Vampire Sect's ghosts didn't eat human bones or flesh, but only drank human blood . However, the ferocious ghost didn't only drink blood, but also eat bones and flesh, which was unbelievably terrifying .
Of course, all those ferocious ghost were controlled by human . All the blood and flesh eaten would be transformed into energy and be absorbed by Sky Ghost Elder who controlled them . All the energy would be turned into his own in the end .

"Senior, why are there ferocious ghost in the Sky Ghost Battle Array?" Apparently Qingfeng Li saw the ghosts, the look on him was extremely serious, after all he wasn't familiar with all those creatures .

"Little brat, the ferocious ghosts aren't actually ghosts, they are just evil spirits controlled by human and transformed into human shapes . "

"Senior, human shapes transformed from evil spirits, what method is that? I have never heard of that . "
"Obviously you've never heard of that . This is the method only used by self-cultivators . If my guess was correct, there must be a powerful self-cultivator, you should be really careful . " The voice of Dark Night Emperor sounded heavy, he also felt something unusual .

Qingfeng Li felt his heart tightened, as he noticed one of the ferocious ghosts was walking up to him .


Qingfeng Li threw a punch at the ferocious ghost and blew out the ferocious ghost's body . However, the next moment, the evil spirits inside the ferocious ghost started forming again and turned back into the human-shaped ghost .

What the hell, the ferocious ghost couldn't be killed . Qingfeng Li puzzled, the strength of his punch was over ten thousand kilograms . His punch could even kill a tiger, but it couldn't do any damage to the ferocious ghost . The opponent's body reformed after it collapsed .

"Hahaha, this is Sky Ghost Battle Array, your attack can't do anything to those evil spirit ghosts . You are definitely dead today . " Standing outside the Sky Ghost Battle Array and staring at Qingfeng Li, Hell King laughed out loud .

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