Published at 30th of December 2018 09:26:01 PM

Chapter 1

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*phone alarm rings*

"Hmmmm . . . . It's morning already?" *yawns then stretches*

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"Well it's another day at work . Let's go! "

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I stood up, made my bed and went to the bathroom . I have to take a bath of course . It's gross going out without having a bath . I feel dirty . Then to the vanity! I put some powder on, some lipstick and voila! Simplicity is beauty . Dress? Just this simple, flowery sundress . I prefer clothes that are comfortable to wear .

"Cass, you are pretty . You are the most beautiful! This is going to be a great day! Let's do our best!" That's my daily mantra everyday while facing the mirror . I've read somewhere that saying positive attracts positive energy . And there's no harm in trying .

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I'm Cassidy Johnson, a preschool teacher in our community school . I teach children of course, because I love cute and fluffy children . Not that I pinch them everyday, but yeah it's just they are so cute . Anyway, I go there Mondays to Fridays, in a cab, grabbing some pancake in a stall along the way before meeting my dearest children . That's my life . Oh weekends, I just sulk at home . Depressing right? But that's how I want it .

But today, I made a promise . I promised to myself that I have to smile while going to work . I have to smile while going home . Smiling genuinely . And I have to go out on my weekends! Oh I don't know, but I have to change . I have to spread my wings . I can't be cooped up at home forever . Do you hear me? I just have to pull this through and you're going to see a new Cassidy!

I hope so . . . @@
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