My Ex is my Bestfriend - Chapter 16

Published at 30th of December 2018 09:25:43 PM

Chapter 16

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The days passed by . During the days, I'm with Ash and the kids . Teaching them, playing with them and all sorts to make them happy and learn a lot . With Ash, I think we're flirting . No, I didn't know how or when it started but he just blurted it out to me one day .

"Cassidy, if you continue doing that, I might fall in love with you . "

"Haven't you fallen in love with me yet?"

"You . . . You stop that right now!"

I laughed . But then turned serious, "That was a joke right? You falling in love with me?"

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"Oh I don't know Cassidy . If you keep on flirting I might . "

"I'm flirting to you?"

"Of course . With all that laughing at all my silly jokes, smiling brightly like the sun when you see me and showing off your curves with all the fancy dresses you wear . Yes you are!"

I didn't know these are flirting to him . "That's flirting to you? My god, that's just the normal me . "

"No, I don't feel it so . You are definitely flirting . " I rolled my eyes . Whatever!

And then my nights were spent to talking with Ethan . He's basically telling me he's events for the day . From the people he rides on the bus everyday, to the things he doesn't like with his workmates . Sometimes, we talk of the anime we watch or the movies we both like . And then on other nights, he tells me of how they're doing with Cara . When he tells me things about her, I sometimes feel pain . I don't know why but I just let it be . Maybe it's from the bitterness that he found someone, while I'm still finding myself . And then there's the dirty talking, which he often does every night we talk .

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"Cass please just one shot . Just one . "

"No . You ask Cara . I'm not your girl anymore . Not doing the ex with benefits . "

"No no no . Cass, I don't know but your guy here only salutes at you . "

"My guy? That's not my guy anymore . "

"Clearly, he still likes you . I've tried it but it never does respond even if I'm facing hotter girls . "

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I shut at that . "You've tried with someone?"

"Yes but it doesn't stand . My ego's dying . I'm not a man anymore . "

"Maybe you're gay . "

"Cass, remember we had sex a couple of weeks back? It had no qualms of standing with you . But with others, no such luck . "

"Is that even possible?"

"Maybe . I don't know . "

"Maybe you should try with someone you love? Try it with Cara?" Why am I encouraging him with this . Am I still an innocent girl? No clearly not .

"Eehhh . . . . "

"You don't like doing it with Cara?"

"She doesn't appeal to me . Really . "

And the topic went on . I don't know why but I look forward every night of our talks . It's comforting me that someone wants to listen to me and I could help him with his problems . It's somehow of mutual benefits .

As I was walking down the road, thinking of the things I would like to tell him, I caught sight of a familiar-looking bag . "Hmmm isn't that Ethan's?"

I squinted hard, and what I saw was yeah him . And Cara . Walking down the street, talking and smiling . They look so happy . I watch them ride together a bus . I stood there immobile, oblivious to the confused stares of passersby . I saw them happy together and it pains me . Why does it have to be painful? Why Ethan? I don't know what to think anymore . I didn't realize that my tears are beginning to fall .