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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens - Volume 1 - Chapter 13

Published at 2nd of March 2016 08:11:23 PM

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Joining Mercenary Group

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“ Hey uncle…… . , what does person are doing……? “, Xing Jue asks the uncle person who was standing besides him


“ The man in the black beard is known as Austria . He is the commander of this town’s renowned Tian-Long Commission army corps . His younger brother had left the town to enter the Death Sierra with the entire commission army corps to escort a team of merchants . But till now his neither his younger brother nor the commission have returned to the town yet . The commander then decided to organise a group of few worthless mercenary soldiers and went into the sierra to search for his brother and the members of commission army . ” the uncle said it to Xing Jue as if it is a general matter .


” Recently according to rumours the death sierra has become a very dangerous place, if those people are willing to follow him, then the rewards will be pretty good………… . ? ” Xing Jue asks again , even if he have no interest in the reward . He actually wants to know that is the value of reward for which many masters are willing to follow the commander into a very dangerous place .


” As long as you ca return back alive, you will be rewarded with a gold silkworm armour, whose defensive power is same as that of Bao Jia . To many mercenary soldiers who usually risk their life through out the year in Sierra, it like a treasure for self defence . . ” The uncle replies back again .


” Oh…… . . really…? ” After hearing from the uncle Xing Jue express his admiration towards the commission army . Silkworm Golden Armour is a very valuable object, for a army to be able to give away not only one but so many to the mercenaries, then the Tian Long commission array is a very rich and powerful group .


” Tian-long Regiment Commander, it seems like nobody can pass the test, as till now we have already rejected ten peoples . ” A tall and thin man says to the black beard man .


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” Good……” The black beard man says it while looking around .


” if that’s the case i will also participate……” Suddenly Xing Jue says it when the group is preparing to move out of the town into the death sierra . The youth who seems to be so weak that it cannot handle small or weak opponent, by asking to go out with them into death sierra, he comes in the scope of many peoples .


” Child are you willing to participate… . . ? Do you even know where we are going and what to do… . ? ” A thin and tall man is disdain and says it to Xing Jue with eyes full of ridicule intended towards Xing Jue .


” I can’t join you guys………… . ? ” Xing Jue asks the tall and thin man .


” Oh… . . really you want to join us… . ? How much you are qualified… . . ? ha… . ha… . ha . . ha . ha… . . , OK fine i will let you join the group if you can get through 10 rounds of my blow . ” the thin and tall man says back again to Xing Jue .


” If you can get through one round of my attack, i will automatically withdraw, how about it…? ” Xing Jue asks back with disdain .


” what……? Is it a joke, has any body ever listened to this type of joke … . ? ” After hearing the words from Xing Jue the thin man says it while laughing . The people standing around also are laughing, as if they have heard the most funniest joke of the world . The thin and tall man standing there is a middle order martial artist . If he use his full power then he might be able to compete with Senior martial artist, but seeing a youth saying to defeat in one round, it indeed sounds like a funny matter .


” ha…ha . . ha . . ha . . ha……… . ” After hearing the laugh of the thin and tall man Xing Jue suddenly let out a huge laugh . the people standing around begin to have bewilder thought that, Is that boy is insane…?

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” If that’s the case then you will be offended…” xing Jue says it with a cold tone . At the same time his boy begins to generate a very powerful Qi energy andd pillage it towards the middle-age man at very high speed . the middle age man is outspoken by the display of a senior level martial art skill .


” This looks bad… . . ” The thin and tall man have no iedia that Xing Jue is a senior level martial artist and the force of qi energy is much stronger than the normal senior level martial artist . when he discovers the fact, it was actually very late . So from distance, he launches a unprepared attack as Xing Jue never gave any chance for counter attack .


” Bang…… . “, A dull type sound is heard as the attack hits the long and thin man, while repelling the man for more than 10 step backward . Xing Jue did this with just one attack, that to be he used just his qi energy .


” Now, I am qualified or not… . ? ” Xing Jue gently asks the long and thin man while clapping his both hand .


” Ha… . Ha…ha…ha, young one you are very strong . You are actually a senior level martial artist at such a young stage, I have never seen anyone like you for a very long time . ” The man ith black beard who is Tian-long regiment commander says it to Xing Jue with a smile while clapping from both of his hands .


” What… . . ? Senior Level Martial Artist………… . ? After hearing the words from the mouth of Tian-Long regiment commander, all the people standing around starting from strongest to weak, all of them open their mouth with surprise . At that moment in the town, it is just a trivial matter but a 16 year old youngster being a senior Martial artist, such a talent is very dangerous . If those people comes to know that Xing Jue took only one year to become a Senior martial artist then they all will become insane .


” An I qualified Now… . ? ” Xing Jue asks again, while casting his vision towards the long and thin man .


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” Ha… . ha…ha . . ha . ha… . . off course you are qualified, unexpectedly we didn’t knew that you are so powerful… . ” The long and thin man says it with admiration while changing his attitude towards Xing Jue . The people only respect those who are stronger . Xing Jue with his strength changes the attitude of the long and thin man’s attitude towards him .



” Well…… . . , by allowing you to join our group, we have increase our strength drastically . ” by saying this the team composing of 11 members set out towards the death Sierra .

The deep forest of Death Sierra is usually filled with dangerous Qi energy . Once in a while sometimes the roar of evil spirit beast are heard, which frightens the people very much .


” Tian-Long Regiment Commander, the day is coming to end as it is getting dark, I will recommend that today we will camp here and tomorrow we can explore the death sierra . ” A mercenary soldier says it to Tian-long Commander .


” OK fine…… . . , we will camp here tonight . By tomorrow early morning we will start our exploration…” Tian-Long Commander says back while casting his vision towards the sky which is gradually becoming dark .


So deep inside death Sierra, the group start preparing to camp . Some people start preparing to put tent, while some people start preparing food, while some people are putting traps, but Xing jue start searching for a place to continue his practice .


Probably practicing for about one hour, after having a feeling that he has increased his power, Xing Jue slowly open both of his eyes .


” Holy Crap…… What are you doing here ? ” Xing Jue says it while he open his eyes, because at that moment the commander was standing in front of him and was watching Xing Jue constantly, which scares the hell out of Xing Jue .


” Brother Xing Jue, your martial art is very special… . ” Tian-Long Regiment Commander says to Xing Jue with a smile . Originally the commander has came to ask him to have his dinner, but by seeing how fast Xing Jue is congealing the Qi energy to practice martial art, he comes to know the martial art Xing Jue is practicing is not very simple .


” Ha… . . Ha… . ha…ha . . ha . ha… . . what matter brought Tian-Long commander here to meet me…? ” Xing Jue says it to The Commander trying to change the topic .


” Ha…Ha . . ha . . ha, you see the dinner is being served, i have come here to call you to have dinner with me… . ” The commander says it with smile, while coming back towards the crowd after telling Xing Jue . Xing Jue immediately wipes the sweat on his forehead and starts to follow the commander .


After completing his dinner Xing Jue didn’t go into the tent to sleep, rather he lies down on the branch of a tree and starts to watch the starry sky . He did this as he had heard that the evil spirit beast usually attack any body who are passing by, Xing Jue have heard the roarings of evil spirit beast but he is not attack by anyone till now .


And those people who did not return back to the town, Xing Jue determines that they might have been killed or been stranded . The sierra is so quiet that it might make many people uneasy, because before coming of storm, usually there will be exceptional calmness . So Xing Jue knows that the culprit for so many missing people will come there tonight .


” Ha . . Ha… such a nice smell… . . ” At that moment a female voice suddenly resounds . Meanwhile a formidable enemy is approaching them with a very high speed .


” So strong……… ” Xing Jue says it with surprise, when he felt such a powerful strength .

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