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Published at 19th of August 2019 08:03:04 PM

Chapter 45

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"I know you have many many things running in your tiny mind . But I am not letting you go . Tell me . You know we are your friends, right?" Su said assuring her . She placed her hands in Yuerui's hands .

'Can I trust them? They won't push me to any trouble, right? Su has helped me earlier . And Kai also seems like a good person . Okay let me trust them once . ' Yuerui thought .

Introverted people often suffer from indecisiveness . They always think about how people are gonna react to their words or if any of their words will be used against them .

'Will I be able to convey my words properly?'

'what if I stammer?'

'Will they laugh at me?'

'Ah . . . It will be embarrassing . '

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All these thoughts result in to stop their mouth to speak . They choose to rather shut their mouth then facing any embarrassment . So to share any of their thoughts or make any decisions, they think thousands of times .


After thinking for a while Yuerui decided to share some of her incidents with Xianwang expecting that if they can help her to handle the situation .

So she told them about the meeting of her presentation and the incident of the previous day . Only these two incidents .

But only these two incidents were enough to mess up both Su and Kai's mind .

"The CEO did that!!!" Kai was the one to react first .

"All these eight months of my job, he only said two sentences to me . 'Miss Su dan' and 'you may go . ' And he said all these words to you? And he even spilled juice on the 'Zhang princess'? Are you sure little cat . " Su said after awaking from her long daze .

"Hmm . . . " Yuerui nodded like a little child complaining to it's parents .

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"Wait wait wait . . . . There must be some explanation to this . " Kai circled the whole room and tried to figure out any possible excuse for these incidents .

"Okay, first think about the spiling incident . Because even if he doesn't interact with females but he still has a gentleman like behavior in public . So let's think about that . " Kai said .

"I think I have thought of a possible excuse . "Su said .

"What!" Yuerui and Kai said in Union .

"You know he is a gay . So I think he doesn't like any physical interaction with females . I mean touching them . And since Eliza was lingering to him like a psychopath he didn't like that and think of a way to avoid her . " Su said like a teacher as if she is teaching the other two a theory .

"That sounds like a possible excuse . " The obedient student Kai nodded .

'If that's the case, then what was that in the club . He grabbed me very tightly . And even if I don't dress up in girly style but sill there is no way he would misunderstand me as a guy . ' Yuerui was thinking in daze .

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"Hey little cat . You are still lost in your thoughts . " Kai jerked her .

"Nothing . I was just thinking about what Su said . " Yuerui said .

In their talking Yuerui's eyes fell on the clock .

"Shit . It's already 9 . 27 I have you be their at 9 . 30 . I'll see you guys later . Bye . " Yuerui grabbed her bag and ran towards the main building .


Yuerui reached at her destination at 9 . 30 . She went straight to Si ying's counter which is beside Xianwang's office .

"Good morning secretary Si . " She greeted .

"Very good morning to you too, miss Mai . " He replied with a cheerful smile .

"I am here . . . . you know why . "

"Yes of course . Although boss is attending a meeting, he said to me that you can wait inside . So please go in . "

"No it's fine . I'll just wait outside . " Even if the Lions den is empty Yuerui still don't wanna go inside . It's still not safe .

"No I insist you go . " Si ying continued to tell her to go inside .

"N . . no it's fine . I'll wait here . "She is also insisting .

"Do you know, Miss Mai it's gonna be disobeying the CEO's order . " Si ying said in a creepy voice lowering his eyes .

'Okay, okay I am going don't get creepy . ' Yuerui got intimidated .

"Since you are saying it's urgent then I am going . Okay . " She said .

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