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Published at 19th of August 2019 08:02:56 PM

Chapter 53

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"What secretary Si is also gay?" Yuerui got another shock .

'Is this office filled with gays?' she thought in her mind .

"Well people have seen them together . " Su said .

"Yes . . . what did you say? Say that again?" Kai said as in he just got a point .

"What . . . people has seen them together?" Su said since she didn't get Kai's point .

"Yes . . . You said many people seen them . But do you have any solid proof that they are gay?" Kai asked as in the Sherlock Holmes inside him has awakened .

"Many people has seen them . So of course they are the witnesses . "

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"So are you telling me if you and Yuerui are seen together in a club then you two are lesbians?" kai asked with a mischievous smile .

"Hey how dare you say such thing . We are friends . " Su shouted at him .

"I was just clearing my point . " Kai said .

"Screw your point . " Su got a little offended .

"Okay . . . forget it . My point is that even though they are seen in clubs and hotel, has anyone seen them doing PDA (public display of affection) ?" Kai finally got his point cleared .

"Well . . . " Su stopped on her motion .

She thought for a while and then continued," Now that I think about it no one actually seen them doing kissing or doing skinship . "

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Yuerui cleared her throat and said, "Hey . . stop saying these words . It makes me imagine them doing that . "

"Eh . . . What did you imagine little cat? Say us please . " Kai changed the atmosphere and started to tease Yuerui .

"Eh . . . Nothing . . . I imagined nothing . " Yuerui started to blush .

"Aiyoo . . . I didn't know our little cat is naughty too . . . You little pervert . " Kai said with a smirk and dancing his eyebrows in a mischievous way .

"No I am not . . . " Yuerui took her chair and went to her table to continue her work and totally ignored them . She was actually feeling very embarrassed . She doesn't want people to call her pervert .


After the four headaches rushed out from his office Xianwang spent some quiet time doing his works . He spent a good amount of time in messing around Yuerui and day dreaming about the blue eyed lady . So when Xianwang came back from his dreamland he realized there's a pile of workload welcoming him to reality .

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"Oh . . . why is there so much work today . If only I could see her for a moment . . . . all my exhaustion would have vanished in a ziffy . "

" . . . "

"Her! Aiyoo . . . . How can I forget about that? That Si ying . . He totally forgot to report me, didn't he?"

Si ying was doing his work peacefully but his peace didn't last long . The moment he saw Xianwang's name in his phone screen he sighed deeply .

"Now what does he want? He has been making me do weird works these days . "

"Collecting CCTV footage was still enough . But he handed me a little chapstick (lip balm) that day and told me to find it's owner . Are you kidding me? I guess he had gone mad due to the workload . He has been doing weird stuffs lately . Aiyoo my friend, I feel sorry for you . "

Si ying sighed deeply for his friend and went into his office .


. Si ying didn't bother to knock the door and casually entered the office as in it's his own office .

"Have you forgotten that it's not my home . " Said Xianwang looking at his friend .

"Chill Xian . No one dares to come near your office . So even if I break your door no one would see . " Si ying was still in his chill mood .

"Yeah . . . You are so confident about the security of this room that some unwanted people comes to my office, creates a massacre and you had no idea of that . " Even though it was Xianwang's idea that Eliza would come that day but he still gave the whole blame to his innocent friend and plays the victim instead .

Since Si ying didn't know he was being a scapegoat, cold sweat surfaced on his forehead and that relaxed expression was vanished from his face .

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