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Published at 19th of August 2019 08:02:54 PM

Chapter 55

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"You haven't given me that . "

"Give you what?"

Xianwang was trying to work but when his friend didn't understand his incomplete sentence he slowly raised his face to look straight into his eyes and shoot cold deathly glares .

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"You don't know what I am talking about?" Xianwang said gritting his teeth .

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'Omg . . . The devil Xianwang is coming out . What should I do? And what is he talking about? Think Si ying, think!' Si ying scratched his head for a couple of seconds then the light of his head finally turned on .

"O . . you were talking about this?" Si ying fished out a small chapstick from this pocket .

The cold expression that was surfaced on Xianwang's face turned bright immediately when he saw the chapstick .

'What the hell! The cold fog that was surrounding me a while ago has gone in an instant? Is this chapstick a magic wand?' Si ying thought in his mind .

"Hey dude what's with this little chapstick that changed you mood in less than a second?" He casually asked his friend .

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"You don't need to know . "

"You don't need to know?" Si ying yelled at Xianwang .

He didn't give any heed to the fake coldness of his friend, cause he knew the true nature of his friend . So instead of letting the subject go, he grabbed it to tease his friend .

"Heeyy… . There is no one here . Come on . Tell me dude . I know you are dying to tell me . " Si ying took a chair and pushed it towards his friend then started to tease his friend .

"Come on . How long are you planning to hide this from me? I know this chapstick have something to do with this . "

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" Or it's not the chapstick but the owner of the chapstick . Come on . . . . Tell me please? Please…Please…Please . . . " Si ying tried to make pitiful face .

Xianwang tried very hard to maintain his cold composure but in the end he failed . Actually he was also dying to tell his friend about the blue eyed lady but he was waiting to find her first .

In the end, Xianwang couldn't take it anymore and lost to his friend's teasing .

"Okay I am telling you . You know I can't hide things from you . " Xianwang turned towards Si ying and made a cheerful face .

"Whoa . . . You sure are pretty excited to tell me about this girl . "

"How do you know it's a girl?" Xianwang asked .

"Isn't it obvious? This little chapstick explains it all . Besides I know that you are not a gay . Or don't tell me you are actually a gay!" Si ying giggled loudly .

"My friend only you know me the best . "

"Okay end of this talking . Now Tell me . Tell me . Tell me . Tell me every single detail . " Si ying couldn't wait anymore .

"You remember when we went . . . . . " Xianwang just started to tell his friend about the incident at the club but a sudden thud sound interrupted him .

Both of them looked at the origin of the sound only to find a small piece of flesh lying on the floor .

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