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My Good Life - Chapter 1.2

Published at 5th of July 2019 07:10:26 PM

Chapter 1.2

“Help!” I jumped down and ran in the opposite direction, climbing up the slope . After running a few steps, I stumbled on a stone on the ground and rolled back to him .  

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“Help! Monsters!” I ran again .

The monster squealed a few times but didn’t chase me . My mind had only one thought…


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After I ran ten meters, somebody held my collar . I was dragged like a chicken . Startled I looked at him . A blonde guy in a leather suit and gold rim glasses was frowning at me . He carried me, his other hand in the pocket of his trousers .  

“Hey, you scared my pet . ” he accused me .

My eyes moved over to the man and the monster beside him .


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The monster who was two meters tall had broad shoulders, narrow waist, long hair, and erected ears, was his pet? I couldn’t make sense of the situation . When this monster saw the man, his face changed? The monster grabbed the chocolate from my bag . He didn’t even tear the wrapper and threw it in his mouth .

“Oh . ” The man roared . As his hand left the pocket, I saw golden iron chains whip like lighting spewing from his fingertips .

It wrapped around the monster’s mouth, pulling his head back . He struggled to eat chocolate…

“Hey!” The tied up monster cried .

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The man pulled the chains . The monster dropped to his feet . “How many times do I have to tell you, wolves die if they eat chocolates?”

Everything I saw was so unreal . It has been the first time in my life . I felt I’m not smart enough to process a situation . And aside from everything, I got one question I asked aloud . “A dog dies eating chocolate . Would a wolf as well? Werewolves too?”

The man turned to look at me and narrowed his eyes: “As a human, you are very courageous . ”

The wolf on the ground threw temper like a child . He struggled to get up and push the blonde man . The man dragged me with him . I stumbled, missing a step on the ladder as I closed my eyes to greet the cold ground . A stone ladder would crack my head! But the expected pain did not arrive! 

A hand placed on the back of my head prevented me from falling and pulled me up . Due to momentum, I landed on him as his lips met mine… Pain!

I opened my eyes and saw with the blond man . My lip was broken as blood flowed out of my mouth, dyeing his pale lips . The red looked so bright on him…

He frowned, his eyes darkened . I don’t understand why he was angry . We fell on the ladder in an awkward posture . I was on top, and he was under me… He pressed my head with one hand, another hand… was on my chest…


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