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My Good Life - Chapter 2.1

Published at 5th of July 2019 07:10:34 PM

Chapter 2.1

Li Wei was called Li Wei because he berated people without any reason .

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(Note: 李怼怼=Li Wei . 怼怼=hate hate . )

Li Wei was a vampire who hated everyone in the world .

“Cough… cough…” 

When he saw Li Wei coming, the little wolf who was eating corn comfortably, choked on it . It probably went down the wrong way . Mermaid Meimei rushed into the fish pond . I continued to flip meat on the barbecue . Li Zhi was the most fearless one among us . She pulled up her sleeves, prepared to fight with her brother . But he beat her with the first sentence…

“Li Zhi, where is your rent?”


Li Zhi drew her sleeves down and in a meek voice said .  

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“The school hasn’t sent me the salary yet…”

Li Zhi was a teacher at the Vampire School . Every day from 10:00 in morning to 4:00 in the afternoon, she worked as a civil servant in the non-human world . She did not make much money, living . She had to live in her brother’s broken house and pay rent to him .

She wished her brother would waive her debts .  

“Why are you standing brother?”

“Sit . ” Li Zhi pulled him to a seat . He sat down .

Li Zhi’s sly look didn’t escape his eyes . He also found Yu Meimei struggling in the fishpond with fish in her hand above water to prevent it from getting wet .  

With a cold gaze behind the gold rim glasses, he said, “Yu Meimei, the fish meat will drop in the water . Don’t throw it, give it to me . ”

Yu Meimei came out and sat up .

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“The landlord . It’s all good . I was a little bit short of breath so… water…”

“Where’s your rent for this month?”

Yu Meimei had a bitter expression on her face .

“It’s winter . The water’s cold . The fishes in the river got smarter . They aren’t easy to lie to anymore . There aren’t many big ones . So, the business isn’t good…”

Meimei sold fish in the vegetable market . In fact, she used the power of the mermaids to swindle the fishes in the river . Picking a few big ones, and then bringing them to the market to sell . From a certain point of view, she was the “human trafficker” or the “cannibal” in the fish world .

I think she was a terrible mermaid, but according to her, she was very ethical . After all, she never sold small fishes . She didn’t have a net . So, she fished only to earn her daily expenses . Li Wei stared at the grilled fish bones in her hand .

“Are you qualified to eat fish?”

Yu Meimei lost her fish meat into the fish pond with only its bones held in hand .

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“I only lick… bones…” She pointed her to the side . “The little wolf is also eating meat!”

Li Wei turned his head and stared at the little wolf . He was curled up in the corner, bullied by the corn .  

“You? Are you qualified to eat?”

The little wolf’s face changed, he sighed . His face was exposed as the hair was blown away from his face . He coughed and gagged trying to keep the spittle in his mouth . He swallowed the corn .  

“I was eating… I-I will go back to work right away!”

The little wolf owed Li Wei about half a year’s rent . He was an amateur composer and a professional drummer who couldn’t make money . Although usually, he seemed to be meek . Even in his wild form, he was a soft one . But when he hit the drums, he became a real werewolf . He formed a band . Now, he let the band sing his songs . He continued to write and submit manuscripts .  

Li Wei snorted . “No one can pay the rent on time . ” 

His tone was as if he was talking to a group of penniless people . Then…

His gaze fell on me . “Su Xiaoxin . You owe three months . A total of four thousand five . ”

In fact, in this eight-story building, my apartment was a one bedroom hall kitchen . The rent of the other rooms were one thousand . But because I live on the top floor and I have a ‘terrace garden’, Li Wei forced me to pay an extra 500 yuan . Yu Meimei’s fish pond often leaked into my living room . My neighbor Li Zhi on the same floor got a ‘family discount . ’ He charged her a thousand rent .

I knew Li Wei was targeting me . Li Wei hated everyone, especially me, because he was such a stubborn and dominating man . However, I broke into their world . So, he had to accept this ordinary human being living in the legendary building . So what do I say to the three monsters and my friends who thought he likes me? I really don’t believe in that farce .

Even if Li Wei was targeting me, I still have to live here . Even if my current life became less and less normal, I still have to live here . Even if I sometimes got threats from non-human creatures, I still have to live here!

Not because I like it here . Not because I like these non-humans . But because they took me out of the dull, boring and unpredictable life . Most importantly, they give me stories to tell . They… Give me a manuscript . My pay! Money… Although it wasn’t loads of money, I am very fortunate to have a werewolf steal my ration so I could bump into the other side of the world .

“My manuscript fee is coming next week . ” I replied indifferently to his attitude .

Li Wei, who couldn’t even bear people’s existence, what else can you expect from him? I also found out that for Li Wei, who couldn’t get used to everyone, you shouldn’t expect to win his favor by doing anything . The only thing you could do was to talk back to him .

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