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My Good Life - Chapter 2.2

Published at 23rd of July 2019 08:55:30 PM

Chapter 2.2

You couldn’t take care of anything if you didn’t talk back . It was best to refute in a cold and calm voice . It should seem like you have a strong mind and that you weren’t afraid of his appearance . Li Wei was really upset about my beggar’s attitude, so he raised his hand up . Li Zhi slammed her elbow into my side twice, just like in the elementary school class . I wanted to remind everyone that the teacher’s (aka Li Wei’s) eyes and suspicion was on our table .

“If I remember correctly, a few days ago, your classmate who is an editor came to you . Didn’t he give you a draft fee? Still no money to pay?”

I turned around and looked at the four-person group on the roof .

Aside from me, they were as quiet as dead chickens . Because of the pending debt, no one dared to question Li Wei . I wasn’t a fowl corpse, so I tilted my head and stared at Li Wei while calmly saying”The roof was leaking . The corridor was missing . The toilet was often blocked . The water heater was broken . I fixed the roof . For the overhaul, the money spent was mine . It’s reasonable to say those expenses should be paid by the landlord . ”

I pointed out more shortcomings .  “The only bus stop nearby was at a distance of 300 meters . But because Chongqing’s terrain is mountainous, it takes fifteen minutes to reach there . Your price matches the current housing price in Chongqing . But you should know your eight-story old building’s location is in a deserted area . The building is old . The traffic is inconvenient . The property management is bad . The elevator isn’t working . It’s only a 40 square meters small room . And you’re demanding double months’ worth of rent from me? You bully me . Is it because I’m a human?”

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When I finished talking, the roof was dead quiet and the three non-humans looked at me with contempt . After releasing my temper, Li Wei with his calm cold voice said, “I’m bullying you because you are human . ” He asked in a word . “What’s wrong with that?”

This shameless vampire! I really wanted to slap his face, but… in this case, I swallowed my anger and smiled a little .

“I will give you your rent next week . ”

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He just left . Before closing the door on the roof, he waved his hand and said, “Clean up the roof . If I find another private barbecue next time, I’ll be cleaning you up . ”


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The door closed and we felt like four defeated chickens . Li Zhi came around patted my shoulder .

“Xiaoxin, work hard again next time . ”

I took a big bite from the skewer . In today’s update, I’ll draw Li Wei as a pig .

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