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My Good Life - Chapter 3.1

Published at 23rd of July 2019 08:55:37 PM

Chapter 3.1

Chapter 3

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The readers consider me a fantasy comic author, but that wasn’t true . I’m a realist author . The comic I’m currently publishing on the Internet is “The Vampire Series – The bloodsucking Prince licks intestines . ”

The protagonist was the well-deserved Li Wei . The sketches portrayed him collecting rent and the normal daily lives of everyone . The readers were very interested . Although I didn’t quite understand why they assumed Li Wei was sky-breaking handsome, but as long as readers spend money to read, and I get my wages on time, I don’t really mind .

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At present, earning to support myself is what I’m striving for . So whatever readers request, I answer them within my art . For being able to do so, I am grateful to Li Wei . His words stung, were too mean to hear, and they came at me like poisonous darts . Regardless, because of them, I obtained a story to show you all…

I am even more grateful for his arrogance and narcissism, which made him ignore my comics . My current life could only have resulted because of this . Otherwise… as far as I knew about vampires, it is easy for him to kill me . And he will once he knows . Thank you once more .

So when I got the payment, I didn’t stall . I immediately withdrew the money . I planned to throw it on his face . Well, not literally . This was the first month’s rent I paid back . I still had some cash when I entered this building by chance . Although I have earned some more or less later on, it wasn’t much…

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“AHH!” An ear-piercing scream came from the top of the building . The voice full of power was Li Zhi’s .

It was rare to see her awake during the day . I should have asked her what happened, but Li Zhi was a vampire who always shrieked for small reasons . I didn’t have to care much . I went and knocked on Li Wei’s door on the first floor . I knocked for a long time, but no response came .

Vampires sleep during the day, But Li Wei and Li Zhi acted different . The brother and sister pair were ‘day walkers’, staying awake during the day, especially Li Wei . Any hour of the day, no matter the time, as long as he smells money, he can even rise from a twenty century slumber .

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A rush of footsteps came from the upstairs .

I turned around and saw a pair of long legs in cartoonish coral velvet pajamas frantically rushing down . As for what looked like the upper body… I saw the Alaskan husky . The dog of Li Zhi . His name was Dumbo . All day, he only knew how to eat, sleep, drink, and pee . Though a dimwit, Li Zhi treasured him .

“What happened to Dumbo?” I asked Li Zhi . She pulled down the dog’s head .

His tongue hanging out of his mouth, dripping saliva . He looked no different from a dead dog .

“He swallowed the whip!”

My jaw dropped . Everyone had a weapon for self-defense . It follows the master for a lifetime .

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