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My Good Life - Chapter 5.1

Published at 27th of July 2019 12:04:38 PM

Chapter 5.1

When Ouyang Yu walked into the office, Gu Yubai was standing by the window, staring at the sky .

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This morning, he received a text message from a strange number . It read: ‘Gu Yubai, sorry!’

No one owed him an apology except her .

For all the years he suffered, he received a measly apology . Sorry… so distant!

She never understood him . What he wanted from her was not remorse .

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The moment he saw the text message, he realized that there was nothing except regret between them .

Love? Not an ounce…

She gave him fake affection and that’s what he received . Fake love…

‘So, Lin Meng, we are still not done . You owe me a lot, you ought to pay back . ’

He looked out the window, his sinister eyes turned more unpredictable .

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‘Is your apology sincere?’

Lin Meng looked at the text message on the phone she sent to Gu Xiaobai yesterday .

Thereafter, Ouyang Ning never left Lin Meng alone, scared and worried Gu Yubai would come and cause trouble again . The man never cared about others .

Lin Meng decided to explain what happened that day . It was her own problem, no one else should get in trouble because of her .

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She placed the phone on the dresser and walked out of the door . In fact, she wanted to find an opportunity to meet Gu Yubai and clear things . She owed him an apology, an explanation .

However, since the last time, she had been scared of seeing him alone . After five years, he had really changed a lot . Compared to the past, he was calmer and more restrained . There was gloom in his eyes that made people wonder .

His temper was just as bad as before . He was a stubborn man…

She entered the study room . In the middle of the night, everyone was asleep . No one would bother her, and she won’t be a bother to anyone .

It had been half a year since she came back but this was her first time visiting the study . Nothing had changed . Her desk was still placed as before . She was a little surprised .

The corners of her eyes were moist . She stood at the table, poured some water on the inkstone and quietly ground the ink .

Since childhood, grandfather had made her and Zi’an learn calligraphy .

‘If you want to use a brush you must grind the ink . ’

She was too lazy to practice often, but his writing grew more beautiful with continued practice .

In the past, as he practiced calligraphy she would stand beside him, grinding ink . Those days were gone forever .

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