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My Good Life - Chapter 5.2

Published at 27th of July 2019 12:04:45 PM

Chapter 5.2

Her skin was dry and black . Blood crawled from her temples to her eyes . They looked like they would fall with a mere touch .

”Fuck!” A shiver ran through me, but at the same time adrenaline was secreted . Since I got along with non-humans especially Li Wei, I wasn’t scared of them . My first reaction was not to run, but to scold her . “You scared me to death . ”

Damn even if this person was not a human, but she was not the same as the non-human I knew . She… she had a rotten corpse smell .


In Xiangxi a few dead bodies were robbed . Li Shi’s words rang in my ears . As I stared at the zombie, the voice of the swaying streetlamp and the wind howling across the building built a dread . I got twenty RMB note, threw it to her head and ran .

If you ask me why I threw 20 note, it was because it had the color of the RMB closest to the yellow flag! I didn’t run two steps and the zombie seemed to catch up to me . I saw its shadow on the streetlight shining between the light and the dark . The zombie had rushed over me!

I was pushed by my shoulders . Stumbling on a raised brick on the ground, I feel like a full-fledged dog and on me was the weight of the woman who pressed me . My knees and my nose were hurt . My nose was broken, but I couldn’t feel any pain at this time . I wiped the blood and got on my feet . The zombie behind me did not let go . She held me tightly and climbed my body along my legs .

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She hugged my waist so I couldn’t run . I turned back and hit her head . She opened her mouth to bite my neck, let me bleed, let me suffocate, then tear and eat my meat . I was no match for her strength . Except for wasting my energy, my movements provided no resistance .

On the ground, my weak hands hit her chin . The rain last night made the stairs very muddy . My clothes were soaked in muddy water . My heart went cold, all my body from every muscle to joint went stiff . Will I be eaten by her?

“Zombie sister let’s talk” I tried to communicate with her . “I stay up all night . My liver isn’t good, my body has many toxins, don’t eat me . I will show you the way . You follow this road up the hill . There’s building there it has food!

She didn’t care about my words . It seemed that she couldn’t understand them . Communication failed I could only call for help . “Help . ”

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The zombie bit my palm . Her teeth pierced my flesh easily . Blood oozed from her teeth, I shouted for help . However, in this old demolished area . There wasn’t anyone to heed my call . Not even a single dog, could be seen . It wasn’t good to live alone…what happened to you, others would never know…

“I won’t eat barbecue anymore…” I choked . In the movies the people who were bitten by zombies will turn into a zombie .

‘Am I going to die? No,’

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I was aggrieved . “I still have a manuscript . I didn’t even finish my comic…”

“Ah . ” In the silent night the voice echoed . I thought it was an illusion, not daring to open my eyes, I lay there .

A golden light fell on me and all the weight from my back vanished . I turned back and saw a man wrapped in a big black robe . From the head to toe, he was covered by the robe . Not a hair could be seen .

At this moment, the zombie who just bit me was in his hands . She was like a toy in his hand . There was no resistance at all: “Go . ”

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